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Spring 2001
And One - Sometimes
Blur - Girls Boys
Boxcar - Freemason (extended mix)
Cosmicity - Alone
Dark Distant Spaces - You Move Me
De/vison - Your Hands On My Skin
7 Red 7 - Thinking of You
New Order - Dreams Never End
Rational Youth - Everything is Vapor (hybrid mix)
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Cities In Dust
Statemachine - Play With Passion
Iris - Annie, Would I Lie to You
Mesh - You Didn't Want me
Red Flag - Cliche
Radiohead - Let Down
Gene - Mayday
Cranes - Jewel
Neuroticfish - Velocity (club edit)
Lode - Don't Let It End this Way
Hubert Kah - The Picture
New Order - Round & Round (club mix)
Paul Lekakis - Boom Boom Boom
Point of View - Little Planet
Green Court - Shining
Depeche Mode - Policy of Truth (art of noise mix)
Celebrate the Nun - Maybe Tomorrow
Boytronic - You (dancefloor mix)
Armageddon Dildos - Everyday is Like Sunday
Hyperdex1 sect - Les Amants
Melotron - Die Maske (funker vogt remix)
Resistance D - You Were There
7 Red 7 - You're the Answer
Morrissey - Southpaw
Adorable - Homeboy
B-Movie - Nowhere Girl
Bananarama - Cruel Summer (hot tracks mix)
Clan of Xymox - No Words
Dream Academy - The Edge of Forever
Electronic - Dark Angel
Fischerspooner - Emerge
The Tear Garden - Romulus & Venus
The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
Visage - Fade to Grey
The Church - Under the Milky Way
Q. Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses
Pet Shop Boys - You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk (acoustic live)
James - Sit Down
Coldplay - Trouble
Camouflage - That Smiling Face
Blur - Clover over Dover
The Bangles - In Your Room
Adorable - Summerside
Fiction Factory - Dreaming of Someone
Green Court - Take My Breath Away (club trance remix)
Perfidious Words - Ruined
The Smiths - Half a Person
Wire - Madman's Honey
Wolfsheim - For You

Summer 2001
The Magnetic Fields – You and Me and the Moon
OMD – Enola Gay
Alphaville – Dance with Me
System 22 – Until You Say You Are
Clan of Xymox – Agonized by Love
Morrissey – Tomorrow (remix)
Iris – Danger is the Shame
X Marks the Pedwalk – Ten Miles
Wolfsheim – Love Song (club mix)
Adorable – Breathless
Vicious Pink – Can’t you See
The Chameleons – Don’t Fall
The B52’s – Roam
Dubstar – Stars (Motiv8 mix)
Book of Love – Boy (remix)
Anything Box – Answer Me
Celebrate the Nun – Melody
Boytronic – You (dance floor mix)
Machine in Motion – World in Fascination
Depeche Mode – Blue Dress
Kon Kan – Bite the Bullet
Madonna – Like A Prayer
The London Suede – Electricity
The Smiths – Shoplifters of the World Unite
The Cure – That Perfect Girl
NoHo – Touch
Monaco – What Do You Want From me?
Pet Shop Boys – Single
OMD – Electricity
Distain! – Tears of Joy
Depeche Mode – Policy of Truth (art of noise remix)
Neuropa – Lifeline (guardian mix)
Lode – Just Another Day
Avant Garde – Pop it (hard mix)
Wolfsheim – I Don’t Love You Anymore
Shades of Grey – The Future’s Over (centrifugal rack mix)
The Cure – Why Can’t I Be you
Equatronic – Close to You
Distain! – You Mean Everything
Electronic – Some Distant Memory
And One – Sweety Sweety
OMD – Tesla Girls
The Smiths – Hand in Glove
Elastic Band – Running up that Hill
Cosmicity – Digital Delays
De/vision – To Be With You
Secession – Michael
Soft Cell – What
Kraftwerk – Home Computer
Saint Etienne – She’s the One
Troy Tait – Love Is
Clan of Xymox – Scum
Morrissey – The More You Ignore Me the Closer I Get
Equatronic – Assistant Views
Brave New World – Shake the Disease
De/vision – Melody of Your Face
The Smiths – These Things Take Time
Sinead O’Connor – Jump in the River
Distain! – Summer ’84

October Playlist (birthday theme)
The Cure – Catch
The Other Two – Selfish
Robyn Hitchcock – Balloon Man
Iris – Twilight
Chapterhouse – Pearl
Oasis – Wonderwall (acoustic)
Tears For Fears – Mad World (remix)
Origin – Set Sails Free
No Doubt – Birthday
Belouis Some – Animal Magic
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Do You Love me
The Smiths – Unhappy Birthday
Shades of Grey – Lips Like Sugar (cover)
Pet Shop Boys – For Your Own Good
Suede – Metal Mickey
Devision – Deliver Me
Erasure – Stop (art of remix)
New Order – Crystal
The Smiths – The Queen is Dead
Wild Swans – Bringing Home the Ashes
Chapterhouse – Precious One
Lime – Angel Eyes
No Decay – Nobody’s Diary (cover)
Belle & Sebastian – A Century of Elvis
Furniture – Brilliant Mind
Bauhaus – St. Vitus Dance
Koto – Japanese War Game
The Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored
And One – You Don’t Love Me Anymore
Wave in Head – No one Forget
Wild Swans – Archangel
Ministry – Everyday is Halloween
James – Laid
The Chameleons – Endlessly Falling
Men Without Hats – Pop Goes the World
The Smiths – This Charming Man
Freezepop – Plastic Stars
Echo & the Bunymen – Nothing last forever
Savage- Don’t Cry Tonight
Morrissey – Seasick, yet Still Docked
Wire – Silk Skin Paws
Damon Albarn & Matt Sharp – We have a Technical(cover)
Anything Box - Carmen
New Order – State of the Nation
My Mine - Zorro
Rialto – Monday Morning
VnV Nation – Further
The Vandals – Happy Birthday to Me
Tones on Tail – Go!
Depeche Mode- Hear is the House
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Dear Prudence
Echo Image - Never-ending story (cover)
Cibo Matto – About a Girl
Blur – Birthday
Cranes – Beautiful Friend
Oasis – Slide Away
David Bowie – Modern Love
Depeche Mode – Black Celebration
Boo Radleys – Put Your Arms Around Me
Elegant Machinery – Say Goodbye
Gary Flanagan – All We Are (Ganymede remix)
Book of Love – Boy
The Smiths – I want the one I Can’t Have
Reflected Image – Today (cover)
Radiohead – Talk Show Host
Rialto- Girl on a Train
Alphaville – Big In Japan
Billy Brag – New England
Adorable – A to Fade In
Manic Street Preachers – So Why so Sad
Magnetic Fields – When You’re old and Lonely
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Into My Arms
Duran Duran – New Moon on Monday
Vitamin Z – Burning Flame
Chapterhouse – In my arms
Adorable – Still Life
Rialto – Dream Another Dream
Suede – Trash
Flowerpot Men – Beat City
Sugarcubes – Birthday
The Replacements – Birthday Gal
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Hong Kong Garden
The Housemartins – Sitting on a Fence
The Jesus & the Mary Chain – Birthday
Martin Gore – Compulsion
Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Pet Shop Boys – Always on my mind
Elvis Costello- Tears at the Birthday Party
Gigi D’agostino – I’ll Fly with You
Rialto – Hard Candy
Manic Street Preachers – Motorcycle Emptiness
Morrissey- The Last of the International Playboys
Wolfshiem – Anybody’s Window
Fad Gadget – Plain Clothes
Information Society – Melody
Echo Image – Breath of Life cover
Fictional – Opportunities(cover)
Icehouse – Electric Blue
Pulp – Disco 2000 (remix)
Bauhaus – Telegram Sam
The Birthday Party – Happy Birthday
Savage – Only You
Billy Brag – Sexuality
Point of View – Little Planet

November Playlist
The Damned - Jet Boy Jet Girl
The Shamen - Move Any Mountain
The Epoxies - Need More Time
Adorable - Summerside
Morrissey - Whatever Happens I Love You
Soft Cell - Bedsitter (12 inch version)
Seven Red Seven - You're The Answer
Gary Numan - Down In The Park
Pulp - Live Bed Show
Images In Vogue - Call It Love
Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face
Psychedelic Furs - Heartbreak Beat
B-52s - Channel Z
The Cars - Just What I Needed
Lightning Seeds - Pure
New Order - All The Way
This Mortal Coil - Song to The Siren
The Cure - Six Different Ways
Icehouse - Crazy
The Smiths - Back To The Old House
Weezer - Hashpipe (jimmy Pop mix)
And One - You Don't Love Me Anymore
Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes (hot tracks mix)
Industry - State Of The Nation
Exotic Birds - Vogue After Vogue
Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong
The Smiths - Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before
Resistance D - You Were There
The Cure - Cut Here
Coldplay - Trouble
Joy Division - Novelty
Lotus Eaters - When You Look At Boys
A-ha - The Sun Always Shines On T.V. (extended)
Equatronic - La Isla Bonita (cover)
New Order - Temptation
The Housemartins - Anxious
Sinead O'Connor - Mandinka
Visage - We Move (remix)
The Smiths - Still Ill
Wire - Ahead
Adorable - Sunshine Smile
Big Audio Dynamite - Rush
The Damned - Love Song
EMF - Unbelieveable
Japan - Quite Life
Madonna - Spotlight
Red Rockers - China (remix)
Weezer - No One Else
Pet Shop Boys - Paninaro 95
Morrissey - I Know Very Well How I Got My Name
New Order - True Faith
Ministry - Everyday is like Halloween
Trans-X - Living On Video
The Lover Speaks - Every Lover's Sign (new york mix)
Men Without Hats - Safety Dance
Pet Shop Boys - Girls & Boys (cover, live)
The Cramps - Route 66
The Cure - Push
Midge Ure - Dear God
Alphaville - Big In Japan
The Vapors - Turning Japanese
Sainte Etienne - Kiss And Make Up
Red Flag - Broken Heart
Distain! - You Mean Everything
James - Laid
Depeche Mode - Behind the Wheel (pettibone remix)
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Christine
New Order - Someone Like You
Lotus Eaters - German Girl (dance mix)
China Crisis - Arizona Sky
Morrissey - Our Frank
Wire - Madman's Honey
Pet Shop Boys - For Your Own Good
Visage - Fade to Grey
Duran Duran - New Moon On Monday
Trach Can Sinatras - Hayfever
Radiohead - Knives Out
Pulp - Something Changed
Red Flag - Machines
Trash Can Sinatras - Only Tongue Can Tell
Rialto - Girl On A Train
Secession - Touch
Adorable - Homeboy
Exotic Birds - Dance With Me
Ride - Vapor Trail
B-Movie - Nowhere Girl (extended)
The Stone Roses - I Wanna Be Adored
Wild Swans - Bible Dreams
The Other Two - Selfish
Einsturzende Neubauten - Sand (cover)
Peter Godwin - Images In Heaven
Gary Numan - We Are Glass
Suede - Trash
Vicious Pink - Cccan't You See (razormaid mix)
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Halloween
Freezepop - Plastic Stars
The Human League - Keep Feeling Fascination
Associates - Heart of Glass (cover)

Xistenza & Ash brought some great New Wave holiday hits to everyone for the month of December.
We also threw in a bit of 80s punk, alternative, Synthpop and more.

Echo & The Bunnymen - Bedbugs And Ballyhoo
The Charlatans - The Only One I Know
The Jam - Modern World
And One - Sometimes
Ultravox - Dancing With Tears In My Eyes
Barcelona - I Have The Password To Your Shell Account
The Stranglers - Always The Sun
New Order - All The Way
Real Life - God Tonight
The Cure - Cut Here
Future Bible Hereos - Hopeless (remix)
Split Enz - I Got You (remix)
Intimate Strangers - Let Go
Stray Cats - Rumble In Brighten
Iris - Twilight
Morrissey - Our Frank
Kim Wilde - Wendy Said
Expoxies - Need More Time
Aztec Camera - Good Morning Britian
Missing Persons - Walking In LA
Talk Talk - It's My Life (Hot Tracks Remix)
The Presidents of the USA - Lump
Depeche Mode - People Are Everything (hit mix)
James - Born of Frustration
Pet Shop Boys - Always On My Mind
The Strokes - Last Night
Farin Urlaub - Sumisu
Magnetic Fields - You And Me And The Moon
Ladytron - Playgirl
Mesh - You Didn't Want Me
Berlin - Dancing In Berlin (extended remix)
The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony
Naked Eyes - Promise Promises (Hot Tracks Mix)
The Cars - Just What I Needed
The Twins - Touch Of Heaven
The Psychedelic Furs - Heartbreak Beat
The Cure - Push
Avante Garde - Pop It (hard remix)
Saint Etienne - Kiss And Make Up
The Cure - Fascination Street
The Chameleons - Endlessly Falling
New Order - Temptation
The Human League - (Keep Feeling) Fascination
Lightning Seeds - You Showed Me
Adult - Hand To Phone
The Bangles - Hazy Shade Of Winter
Gary Flanagan - All We Are (Gandymede Remix)
Tuesday Weld - L'Amour Et La Morte
Suede - So Young
B-52's - Channel Z
Japan - Quiet Life
Men Without Hats
New Order - Crystal
Oasis - Slide Away
Exotic Birds - Heartbeat Like A Drum
Red Rockers - China (remix)
The Chameleons - Up the Down Escalator
Japanic - Orpheus Express
Rialto - Monday Morning
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Dear Prudence
Soft Cell - Bedsitter (12" version)
Suede - Metal Mickey
Boo Radleys - Put Your Arms Around Me
Tears for Fears - Mad World (DJ Lighthouse Mix)
James - She's a Star
The English Beat - Twist & Crawl
The Ocean Blue - Vanity Fair
The Smiths - Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before
Human League - All I Ever Wanted
Devo - Go Monkey Go
The Vapors - Turning Japanese
Figurine - IMpossible


Cause And Effect - Nothing Comes To Mind
Frazier Chorus - Cloud 8
Secession - Love Lies Bleeding
Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth
Beborn Beton - Sleeping Beauty
De/vision - Your Hands On My Skin album
Joy Division - Disorder
Pulp - Do You Remember The First Time
The Cardigans - The My Favorite Game
Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Grey Cell Green
Billy Idol - To Be A Lover
The Eurythmics - Love Is A Stranger
Falco - Vienna Calling
Icicle Works - Whisper To A Scream
The Comsat Angels - Will You Stay Tonight
Wolfsheim - Tender Days
Iris - Lose In Wanting sonar eclipse
Echo Image - Like A Child
Madonna - The Gambler
The Human League - Human
Yaz - Only You 1999 version
The The - That Was The Day
Adam Ant - Wonderful
Erasure - Chorus
David Bowie - Modern Love
Suzanne Vega - Left of Center
Adam Ant - Desperate But Not Serious
Bis - Robotic
Duran Duran - The Reflex
General Public - Tenderness Extended
INXS - Mystify
Depeche Mode - Photographic
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Peek-A-Boo
Iggy Pop - Lust For Life
Stereo Total - Love With The 3 of Us
Morrissey - Driving Your Girlfriend Home
Blur - Tracy Jacks
A-ha - The Swing Of Things
The Cure - Halo
Alphaville - Monkey In The Moon
After The Fire - Der Kommissar
Derriere Le Mirroir - Nowhere Girl (cover)
Figurine - IMpossible
Cetu Javu - Have In Mind
Robert Marlow - Calling All Destroyers
Camouflage - That Smiling Face
The Church - Reptile
Dramarama - Anything, Anything
Nene - 99 Luft Red Balloons
Felix da Housecat - Madame Hollywood
Barcelona - I Have The Password To Your Shell Account
Ladytron - He Took Her To A Movie
Blur - There's No Other Way
Jesus Jones - International Bright Young Thing
Pet Shop Boys - Home and Dry
Book of Love - You Make Me Feel So Good
The Clash - London Calling
Kajagoogoo - Too Shy
Tones on Tail - Go!
OMD - Dreaming
Peter Schilling - major tom (german version)
DNA - Suzanne Vega - Toms Diner
Secession - Touch (Part 3)
New Order - Round & Round (remix)
The Smiths - Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
Siouxsie And The Banshees - The Killing Jar
Wave In Head - Trails - Time To Speak


Berlin - Masquerade
Secession - Love Lies Bleeding
The Suburbs - Credit In Heaven
General Public - Tenderness Extended
Elegant Machinery - Say Goodbye
New Order - All The Way
Soft Cell - Where Did Our Love Go
The Creatures - Miss the Girl
Duran Duran - The Reflex
Blur - Girls & Boys
The Smiths - Ask
Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes
Language - Goodbye Indian Summer
Camouflage - That Smiling Face
De/Vision - Heart-Shaped Tumor (remix)
Book of Love - Boy (dance Mix)
Joy Division - Disorder
Alphaville - Big in Japan
Dead or Alive - Brand New Lover (Hot Tracks Mix)
Celebrate the Nun - Will you be there
The Ocean Blue - Drifting, Falling
Rational Youth - In your eyes
Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Passenger (cover)
Opus III - It's a Fine Day-Opus III
Adam and the Ants - Ant Music
Naked Raygun - Treason
Nena - 99 Luft Red Balloons
the human league - seconds
The 6ths - Just Like a Movie Star
Kajagoogoo - Too Shy
Red Flag - I remember
Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth
The Lightning Seeds - The Life Of Riley
Blur - There's No Other Way
Q. Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses
Berlin - Tell Me Why
Gary Numan - Cars
Electronic - Some Distant Memory
Anything Box - Answer Me
Ladytron - Playgirl
Figurine - IMpossible
ministry - Revenge Extended Mix
Suzanne Vega - Left of Center
Arcadia - Election Day
Missing Persons - Destination Unknown
Falco - Vienna Calling
Chapterhouse - Mesmerise
Re-flex - The Politics Of Dancing
Echo Image - Like A Child
My Mine - Hypnotic Tango
INXS - Mystifiy
Morrissey - Hairdresser On Fire
Joy Division - Love will Tear us Apart
Cure songs - Cut Here
Psychadelic Furs - Love_My_Way
The Beloved - Time After Time
The B-52's - Song for a Future Generation
Duran Duran - Rio
Felix da Housecat - Madame Hollywood
Echo And The Bunnymen - Do It Clean
Pet Shop Boys - Home and Dry
Robert Marlow - Claudette
Catherine Wheel - Crank
Trans-X - Living On Video
Wolfsheim - It's Not Too Late live
Bis - Robotic
After The Fire - Der Kommissar
Aztec Camera - Good Morning Britain
Madonna - Angel - Like A Virgin
Icicle Works - Whisper To A Scream
Depeche mode - People are Everything hitmix
Miss Kitten & The Hacker - 1982
Modern English - Someone's Calling
Strawberry Switchblade - Since Yesterday
Johnny Hates Jazz - Shattered Dreams
Iris - Endless - Annie, Would I Lie To You
ABC - Poison Arrow
Faith Assembly - Denial
Heaven 17 - Let Me Go
China Crisis - King In Catholic Style
Combo Audio - Romanticide
New Order - Ceremony
Yaz - Only You 1999 version - Yaz
Celebrate the nun - Maybe Tomorrow
Lips Like Sugar Cover - Shades - Undercover
Boytronic - You (dance floor remix)
Adult - Nite Life
The Smiths - Frankly, Mr. Shankly

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