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Welcome to Pathe Sambe Consulting !

Dr. Pathe Sambe has an excellent medical/homoeopathic background as well as in management and leadership. He is a certified Rehabilitation Director and Executive Director (1976), Expert-Consultant and Researcher, who is committed to the enhancement of lives of several millions of persons with disabilities for their inclusive education and rehabilitation, worldwide.

During the International Year for Disabled Persons 1981, he was been designed by the United Nations one his leading Expert-Consultant. In this quality, he was been one of Experts and authors of the World Program concerning Disabled Persons , A/37/51 adopted in December 1982 by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 37/52.

As Expert-Consultant, Dr. Sambe has undertake several consultancy assignments under the United Nations Development Program and the Center for Social Development and Humanitarians Affairs in all the West, Central and East Africa countries, in Europe, Middle–East and North America.

Dr. Sambe’s expertise and initiatives, has helped the design and implement of many regional programs or institutions such as the Pan-African Institute for Research and Training on Deafness concerning all African countries; The African Rehabilitation Institute of the African Union based in Harare, Zimbabwe; The World Foundation for Deaf Children; The International Institute for Research and Training on Deafness; The European University for Deaf Persons, and more…

Dr. Sambe practices everyday what has taught and advised to leaders and managers about Management Development Training Program.

Dr. Sambe’s Natural Fitness System is effective, because you will be happy and healthy, you will be able to perform at your best.