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Lohy's Paw Page

Ruff! Ruff!
Hello! So nice you stopped by!
My name is Lohy, short for Lohengrin!
I am a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.

I was adopted by my new parents on April 21, 2001,
from the Animal Shelter...
*shudders* I glad to be outta there!!
(It's not that it was a bad shelter, but I had longed
for a home for so long! I'd been in there for quite some time...)
My mommy saw me and instantly fell in love with me...
because I was so sweet and licked hers and daddy's hands!
I also had the saddest eyes and that's no wonder,
you'd have sad eyes, too, if you'd been abandoned
and been a stray for most of your life!
My parents took me out on a walk and after
just 5 min., it was decided that I was to go home with them
and become their new 'furkid'!
*barks happily* Yippee!!

At first, my parents thought that I was a Shepherd/Lab Mix,
but then the mommy of my buddy Sammie told them that
I have some Rhodesian Ridgeback in me :-)
Apparently, my ancestors came from South Africa and hunted lions!!!
Imagine that...well, actually, that has to be it...
why else would I love to chase cats so much?? :-)

I am about two years old now and have lived
with my new parents for over a year... :-)
Ahhh...! :-) Life's good! :-)
I enjoy gettin' spoiled rotten! :-)
*big doggy grin*
You're probably wondering how I got my name Lohengrin...
pretty long for a dog name, isn't it?
That's why my parents call my Lohy for short.
I was named after the hero of the opera 'Lohengrin'
by Richard Wagner, an opera my parents love.
If you'd be interested in the adventurous tale of the knight Lohengrin,
put your paw here!

Well, that's about it for now, I've been sitting still way too long!
*gets up and stretches*
I need to run and play ball now!
Paw here to see some more pictures of me! :-)
By the way, that photo at the top of this page
was the very first one my mommy ever took of me!
Of course, I look even cuter in real life, and my fur is a lil' bit darker...
(Somethin' to do with a flash, my daddy says...
whatever that means!)

See you soon! :-)



Meet my cyber-siblings Fozzie and Lola!
Aren't they cute? :-)
I just wish I could play with them for real... :-)
Paw on their pics to adopt your own!


I received this pretty award
from Jessie and his mommy Renee!
Thanks so much to both of you!


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