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Hello and Welcome


Here you can see my "My Little Pony" Collection :-)
It's still quite small compared to others, I have 85 ponies altogether at the moment,
but I'm still proud of it! :-)

I also have some ponies in my collection which are quite rare,
like Baby Hopscotch! :-)

I don't collect all ponies, only the ones that I like :-)
My ponies also live happily together with the 'fakie ponies', (non-Hasbro ponies,)
I own, since I think these poor guys deserve a loving home, too! :-)
I also have some accessories/buildings displayed that are not Hasbro, like my castle,
but which I thought fit well into my pony world! :-)

Please note that none of the ponies displayed here are for sale or trade! :-)

Enjoy your look around! :-)




My pony village and castle!



The nursery and stable...
notice Baby Mischief on the top floor of the nursery?


...see my MIB flutter pony Honeysuckle? :-)




Me with Stockings, Mimic and with Heart of Ice,
a custom made by the talented IceFeather!




TAF Baby Sugarberry and Baby Stockings with Newborn Baby Cherries Jubilee,
another custom made by IceFeather!



Me with the star of my collection, Baby Hopscotch! :-)
(Ahem... I had just woken up from a nap... :-)



Baby Hopscotch with her mommy...



The '3 Musketeers' on a road trip, :-)
(Baby Sugarberry, Baby Hopscotch & Baby Stockings)




Venki with Baby Sugarberry & Newborn CJ and Venki and Mimic, reading :-)




Baby Stockings usually sits in my purse,
wherever I go! :-)
She even was present at my wedding ! :-) I just love her :-)



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