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My Little Pony came out after My Pretty Pony (1981, Romper Room). The Pretty Ponies were made of hard plastic and each came with a hat, brush, and comb. In 1982 Hasbro introduced the My Little Pony Line beginning with the ponies known as the Original Ponies. Instead of hard plastic they were made of vinyl. Each had a flat hooves, a symbol on its rump, silky hair, and a comb. The Original Ponies were in standing pose but subsequent ponies came in various poses. As popularity grew, the My Little Pony toys came in several different groups, types, and sets. They were found in the stores and you could order special ponies throught the mail. There were also several books, puzzles, games, bags, sheets, and many other Pony items available.

In 1986 the Ponies debuted on screen in My Little Pony: The Movie. Soon after the Ponies appeared on tv inMy Little Ponies 'n Friends which lead to two specials- Firefly's Adventure (sold with Firefly the pony in stores) and Escape From Catrina. In 1992 the craze continued with My Little Pony Tales.

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Please click on a link below to find out more information about My Little Ponies.

  • Check Lists- Print out checklists to keep track of your collection. Includes years, adults, babies, books, and more.
  • Id Guide- Need help identifying your pony? Use this Id Guide just by using the color of your pony.
  • Cartoon- Get some basic info on the various MLP cartoons.
  • Links- Find other MLP pages and MLP sellers.
  • Picture Gallery- MLP pictures scanned by me.
  • My Collection- This is what is in my very little MLP collection.
  • Yahoo Groups- Get connected to other MLP collector's who may be able to help you find what you need, sell your ponies, or get help with your ponies.
  • MLP Voices- Learn a little bit about the people who provided the voices for your favorite ponies.
  • MLP Encyclopedia- This is my attempt to gather as much pony info as a resource for myself and others. It is a quick guide to find out some info on your pony and pony terms. It is in the process of being made.

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Resources/Thank Yous

I want to thank these people for allowing me to use their webpages/book to create this page:

Debra L. Birge- Author of The World of My Little Pony: An Unauthorized Guide to Pony Collectibles

Kim Shriner- creator of Dream Valley

LM- creator of My Little Pony Collectors Site

"Candy Apple" - creator of Candy Apple Ponyshop for the background