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Welcome to  Hotel Treasures
tips and hints  Page!
Click on the pictures for an enlarged view!
Here is the room sizes and requiresments for all rooms! Types are color coded!
0-29 room satisfaction
At least 6.25 square meters
single bed or more!
30-49 room satisfaction
at least 25.00 square meters
single bed or more!
Deluxe 1
50-69 room satisfaction
At least 50.00 square meters
More then one single bed or more!
Deluxe 11
70-100 room satisfaction
At least 62-50 square meters
More then one single bed!
50-89 room satisfaction
at least 50.00 square meters
More then  one queen size bed and a
sub bedroom required!
90-100 room satisfaction
at least 156.25 square meters
more then king sized bed and a sub bedroom required!
Here are some more game tips  I found!
First I make the size of the room! Then I found that the nicer (more costly items) bring up the room rating higher!
So when I first build a room for a presidental suite it sometimes is not that until I place the nicer items in it!
Like a expensive tv in the bedroom! Plus a wall television in the livingroom! I also make like a kitchen and fix it to look like a very expensive house with nice works of art etc...
I found that also putting radio by there beds the sims seem to like it!
I also put a vcr on one tv and a dvd player on another!
Plus make sure you click on the tv to turn on all the items!
After you click on it you will see a list of stuff like movies on demand you need to click on those!  There are many items in the game you need to click on to make the stuff usefull for the sims! Like televisions, computers, lights, reception desks, and elevator door!
You need to place four recepation desks in order to have all the services I found! When you place all four each one will do something different, Reception, cashier, Information, and concierge!
You also need to know in the business and health club there are many subrooms avaible
also it is nice to have a male and female restrooms in the resturant!
The game room is always poplular in my game! which is cool to watch!
there is also a library! where sims can relax!
A bar will attract the same type of sims as the restaurants and the sims will hang out there!
Plus I found putting up restrooms there helps the sims to stay longer and spend more money!
How to use market research
click on the f10 key
then you will see a screen with sims on the right side
on the left it will say what type of place they are looking to stay at where they stayed! I found it helps to see how many beds they want and what size rooms! I put the rooms up to there needs that way!
you can pick single double or group size to look at!
Hope these tips help!
I will place more as I find them!
If you get complaints of rude or poor staff hear is the answer!
If you press --F8 or F7 there is a staff list
You can also select it from the bottom left menu!
and find the wash up.!
Make sure he/she has a good amount of stars, and if not double click on it, so it shows him/her in the same way. You can also select the customers and click the pic of the boot to fire him/her.
A replacement will automatically be hired. Give the new staff member a few days to see if he/she does a better job.
If not keep hiring new ones until you find one you like!