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*Midge Thy Name is God*

In this first paragraph, I should introduce myself, i am an insane, (well sane depending who you compare me with) MIDGE URE fan. So thats why i built this page....(no groening in amazment!) I cant really explain why he is sooo perfect he just is! so sit back and enjoy! This site WILL be updated as much as possible though i must warn some of the stuff on this page is not mine. It is taken from various places and wesites without permission for various reasons. im sorry for this but without i would not be able to make this website i am sorry but thats the fact if you would like me to remove the item(S) please go to contact me page. i have however tried to be as independant as poss and linked to anything that i have used. Everything on this site is free to use BUT all i ask is that you link me to your websites or at least leave a message and tell me who you are as there is many ways to contact me through the site. cheers! !