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The quest of a single man begins.... Welcome!
 Class of '89
Hello There! Welcome to my page dedicated to alumni's of Liceo De San Pedro (LDSP). Please be advice that even though the site's intended as an online archive for class 89's yearbook, all other batch are most welcome to drop by. Got some comments? news? or info on anyone from LDSP? Please send them in and I'll post them here.

Note: The LDSP logo here are trademarks of LDSP. I have acquired permission to post it here. I personally scanned and retouch this logo so if you want to copy this and put it on your own site, please let me know in advance and most specially, get permission first from LDSP.


Monday, October 18, 2004 I uploaded the meeting photo's that Yan forwarded (thanks to whoever took all of those) :-) Please check it out and see if you can still recognize them. I'm still having a hard time recognizing most of them myself (sorry guys/gals). Yeah, yeah... I'm getting old, eyes are blurry, memory is fading, etc. :-(
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Monday, October 18, 2004 Comments: Post a Comment
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