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Well... My name is Jenny and I'm almost 14 years old... My birthday is 7th of December. My best friend is Sallü. My hobbies are to play floorball and football, dance hip-hop and to play the piano, and I like to surf in the Internet... My other friends are Viivi, Anna, Madde and Nina. My greatest idols are Maija Vilkkumaa , The Rasmus and Leonardo Di Caprio at this point. My favourite films are American Pie 1 and 2, Spiderman, Ice Age and Romeo & Julia.

Leonrdo Di Caprio

Maija Vilkkumaa

Christina Aguilera

The Rasmus

I just LOVE to go on discos and partys!!! I'm usually going to the disco named "Line"... Here's a picture on me and my best friend Salla from Line 22when we were dancing. I'm on the left on the picture.