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My best friends

Here is some information of my best friends and a link to their own homepages...

Salla She is my best friend at the moment... She was born 1st of february in Tampere in 1989. She loves to dance hip-hop. She is about 10 cm shorter than I and she is very nice, happy and "crazy". She have a littlesister named Outi and a littlebrother named Panu. She lives with the whole family just outside Tampere in Pirkkala. Her hobbies are to dance hip-hop, to be in a thetre-club, reading and cycling.

Viivi She is a very happy girl... She was born 10th of june in Helsinki in 1989. Her hair is blond and her eyes are some kind of blue and grey. Her hobbies are to play the piano and the "blockflöjt" or the "nokkahuilu". I don't know what it is in english, but never mind... :) She is so long as I am. She likes too to surf in the Internet and she likes to work with her homepage and help me and Salla with it. *hah*...

Nina She was born 25th of august in Tampere in 1989. Her hair is a kind of brown, and her eyes are like Viivis, grey and blue.


Anna Her hair is kind of blond and short, and her eyes are blue-grey. She's playing the piano. She have two littlesisters, Lise-Lotta and Emilia, and one littlebrother, Anton.

And here's the picture of us.