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This is a list of the production companies that were in charge of most American game shows.A good deal of information comes from The Encyclopedia of TV Game Shows, third edition, by Schwartz, Ryan, and Wostbrock, a must-have for any game show fan.This page is still in its infancy, and it will always be a work in progress, so if you find something thatís either missing or inaccurate (and I know there are gaps, especially more recent shows), please donít hesitate to e-mail me.



ABC Channel 2, Sydney, Australia

Top of the World (with WPBT-TV and Thames TV)


ABC Sports

Make That Spare


ABC Television

Doctor I.Q.


Play the Game

Who Said That? (1955)


Acme Game Show, Inc.



Action Time Productions

Love at First Sight (with Paramount TV)


Adams-Davis Productions

Time Will Tell


All American Television

Beach Clash (with Taylorvision and First Media Ent.)


Almaro Productions

Celebrity Billiards (for Medallion TV)


Rick Ambrose Productions

Wordplay (with Fiedler-Berlin Prods., in association with Scotti Bros.-Syd Vinneage Prods.)


Ralph Andrews Productions

Celebrity Sweepstakes (with Burt Sugarman Prods.)

50 Grand Slam

It Takes Two (1969-70)

Itís Your Bet

Liars Club (1969-79)

Lingo (1987-88) (with Bernstein-Hovis Prods.)

Yahtzee (with Bernstein-Hovis Prods.)

You Donít Say! (1967-69)


Ralph Andrews-Art Stark Productions

Wedding Party


Ralph Andrews-Bill Yagemann Productions

Iíll Bet

You Donít Say! (1963-67)


Artel Productions

Art Linkletter Show, The


Peter Arnell Productions

High Finance (with Jade Prods.)

Iíll Buy That

Take a Guess

Whatís in a Word?

Wheel of Fortune (1952-53)



Relatively Speaking (with Kushner-Locke, Inc. and the Maltese Companies)


ATV Films

Battle of the Ages


Bud Austin Company

Whew! (with Jay Wolpert Prods.)



Bob Banner Associates

You Write the Songs


Bob Banner-Robert Stigwood Productions

Almost Anything Goes


Chuck Barris Productions

Camouflage (1980)

Dating Game, The (1965-89)

Dream Girl of Ď67

Family Game, The

Game Game, The

Howís Your Mother-in-Law?

Newlywed Game, The (1966-80)

Parent Game, The

Threeís a Crowd

Treasure Hunt (1973-82)


Barris Industries

Newlywed Game, The (1985-89)


Chuck Barris-Chris Bearde Productions

Gong Show, The


Jack Barry Productions

Blank Check

Hollywoodís Talking

Jokerís Wild, The (1972-75, 90-91) (with Kline and Friends 90-91)

Reel Game, The (with Four Star Prods.)


Jack Barry and Dan Enright Productions

All About the Opposite Sex

Break the Bank (1976-77)


Bumper Stumpers (with Wink Martindale Enterprises and Global Television Net.)

Concentration (1958)

Dough Re Mi

High Low

Hold Everything!

Hollywood Connection

Hot Potato

Jokerís Wild, The (1977-86)

Joker! Joker! Joker!

Pictionary (1989) (with Quantum Media and MCA TV)

Play the Percentages (with Colbert TV)

Tic Tac Dough

Twenty-One (1956-58)

Way Out Games (with MGM TV)

Youíre on Your Own


Barry-Enright-Friendly Productions

Back That Fact



Your Lucky Clue (with MCA)


Beau & Arrow Productions

Kwik Witz


Dave Bell Associates

Family Secrets


Bennett-Katleman Productions

Quiz Kids (1978) (with Columbia Television)


Benton and Bowles

Whoís There


Gary Bernstein-Larry Hovis Productions

Anything for Money

Lingo (1987-88) (with Ralph Andrews Prods.)

Yahtzee (with Ralph Andrews Prods.)


Bilkistar Productions

Perfect Match, The (1994)


Black Entertainment Television

Love Between the Sexes

Tell Me Something Good


Blair Entertainment

Strike It Rich (1986-87) (with Kline and Friends)


Bob-o-Links Productions

Celebrity Golf (with Jerry Fairbanks Prods.)


Bohbot Productions

Video Power (with Saban Ent.)


Lin Bolen Productions



Robert Brenner Productions

Quizzing the News


Brockway Television Productions

Great Getaway Game (with Wink Martindale Prods.)


Buena Vista Television/Buena Vista Entertainment

Debt (with Faded Denim Productions)

Make Me Laugh (1997-98) (with Dove TV and Four Point TV)

Teen Win, Lose or Draw (with Stone-Stanley Prods.)


Burt and Bert Productions

3rd Degree (with Kline and Friends)

Win, Lose or Draw (with Kline and Friends)



Cadogan Productions

We Interrupt This Week (with WNET TV)


Stephen J. Cannell Productions

Caesars Challenge (with Rosner Television)

Personals (with Rosner Television)


Steve Carlin Productions

Made in America (with MGM Television)

Youíre in the Picture (with Solar Enterprises and Idees Grandes, Inc.)


Carr-Stark Productions

Cash and Carry


(William) Carruthers Company

Designated Hitter

Give-N-Take (1975) (with Warner Brothers Television)

(Lee Trevinoís) Golf for Swingers (for McCann-Erickson Inc.)

Neighbors, The (with Warner Bros. Television)

Press Your Luck

Second Chance (with Warner Bros. Television)


Carsey-Warner Productions

You Bet Your Life (1992-93) (in association with Bill Cosby)


Castle-Drive Productions

Generation Gap, The (for Norton Simon/Talent Associates)


Catalena Productions



Stanley Catcher Productions

Charade Quiz (with Telamuse Prods.)


Joe Cates Productions

Haggis Baggis (under the name Rainbow Productions)


CBS Cable

Quiz Kids (1981) (with Quiz Kids, Inc.)


CBS/CBS Entertainment Productions/CBS Television

Are You Kidding? (with Pye-Ross Prods.)

CBS Television Quiz

Earn Your Vacation

Follow the Leader (with Harrison-Gould Prods.)

Give and Take (1952) (with John Reed King Prods.)

Guess Again

Hold It Please

Hollywood Game, The (with Pasetta Prods. and Rastar)

Kingís Party Line

Missusí Goes-A-Shopping

Night Games (with Kushner-Locke)

Thereís One in Every Family

We Take Your Word

Your Surprise Store


CBS News

Do You Know?


Century of Progress Productions

News Hole, The


Century Towers Productions

High Rollers (1987-88) (with Merrill Heatter Prods. and Orion TV)

Hollywood Squares (1986-89) (with Orion TV)

Just Men! (Rick Rosner/Orion TV)


Chambers-Seligman Productions

Dream Girl USA (under the name Dream Girl Enterprises, with 20th Century Fox Television)


Champlain Productions

Super Pay Cards! (with Nicholson-Muir Prods.)


Chauncey Street Productions

Movie Masters, The

Nickelodeon Guts

Turn It Up!



Quiz Kids Challenge, The (with Guber-Peters Prods.)


Circle Seven Productions

Anniversary Game


Dick Clark Productions

Challengers, The (with Ron Greenberg Prods., for Buena Vista Television)

No Relation

Ultra Quiz (with 20th Century Fox TV)


Cleary-Moses-Reid Productions

Alumni Fun


C.M.C. Productions

Itís a Hit


Circle Seven Productions

Oh My Word (for Seven Arts Television)


Cinelar Associates

$128,000 Question, The (with Viacom TV)


Charles Colarusso Productions

Every Second Counts (with Group W)


Colbert Television

Play the Percentages (with Jack Barry and Dan Enright Prods.)


College Bowl Productions/College Bowl Company

Campus All-Star Challenge

College Bowl (1987)


Columbia Television/Columbia Pictures Television

Celebrity Charades (with Fein-Schwartz Prods.)

Dealerís Choice (with Fishman-Freer Prods.)

Diamond Head Game, The (with Fishman-Freer Prods.)

Fun Factory, The (with Fishman-Freer Prods.)

Quiz Kids (1978) (with Bennett-Katleman Prods.)

Ruckus (with Merv Griffin Prods.)


Columbia Tri Star Television

Dating Game, The (1996-98) (with Brian Graden Prods. 1996-97)

Jeopardy! (1994-††† )

Jep! (with Scott Sternberg Prods.)

Newlywed Game, The (1996-98)

Wheel (of Fortune) 2000 (with Scott Sternberg Prods.)


Comedia Productions



Company III Productions

Star Games (for Viacom)


Frank Cooper Productions/Frank Cooper Associates

Dotto (with Sy Fischer Associates)


Keep It in the Family

What Happened? (a.k.a. Guess What Happened?)


Louis Cowan Productions

Ask Me Another

Big Surprise, The (with Ent. Prod. Inc.)

Down You Go

Go Lucky

Itís About Time

Quiz Kids (1949-56)

Remember This Date

Stop the Music (with Mark Goodson Prods.)

Super Ghost

Whatís My Name?


Louis Cowan-Alfred Hollander-Peter Arnell Productions

Balance Your Budget


Createl, Ltd.

Sweethearts (with Richard Reid Prods. and Multimedia)

Trump Card (with Fiedler-Berlin Prods.)


Crossedwits Productions

Crosswits (1986-87)



Dames-Fraser Productions

Wipeout (with Paramount TV)


Dawson and Gingrich

Majority Rules (1949)


Delta Productions

Make a Face (1962)


Bill Derman Productions

Beat the Odds (for Bing Crosby Prods.)

Perfect Match, The (1967-68) (with Screen Gems TV)


Vin Di Bona Productions

Animal Crack-Ups

Storm the Castle


DIC Enterprises

Iím Telling! (with Saban Prods.)


DLT Entertainment Productions

Family Figures


Dove Television

Make Me Laugh (1997-98) (with Four Point TV and Buena Vista TV)


Dream Girl Enterprises

(see Chambers-Seligman Productions)


Dream Works Television

Majority Rules (1996)


DuMont Television

Broadway to Hollywood Headline Clues


Whatís the Story?



Ralph Edwards Productions

About Faces (1960-61)

Cross-Wits (1975-80)

Funny Boners

It Could Be You (as Capricorn Prods.)


Name That Tune (1974-81)

Place the Face (Target Productions)

Truth or Consequences


Ralph Edwards-Stu Billett Productions



Win Elliott-Peg Mayer Productions

Win with a Winner


Entertainment Planning Corporation

Love Me, Love Me Not (with MGM TV)


Entertainment Productions, Inc.

Big Surprise, The (with Louis Cowan Prods.)

Giant Step (with Harry Fleishman)

How Do You Rate? (with Harry Fleishman)

$64,000 Challenge, The

$64,000 Question, The

Top Dollar (with Harry Fleishman)

Whatís It For?



Dream League (with SPO Prods.)

NFL Trivia Game (1989)


William Esty Productions

Feather Your Nest



Faded Denim Productions

Debt (with Buena Vista Television)


Jerry Fairbanks Productions

Celebrity Golf (with Bob-o-Links Prods.)

Public Prosecutor


The Family Channel

Trivial Pursuit (with Martindale-Hillier Prods.)


Family Productions

Baby Races (with Robert Sherman Prods.)


Don Fedderson Productions

Do You Trust Your Wife

Who Do You Trust?


Fein-Schwartz Productions

Celebrity Charades (with Columbia Television)


Mildred Fenton Productions

Fun and Fortune


Fenton Group

Masters of the Maze (with Kline and Friends and Image Ent.)


Fiedler-Berlin Productions

Treasure Mall (with Saban Prods. and O.K.T. Prods.)

Trump Card (with Createl, Ltd.)

Wordplay (with Rick Ambrose Prods., is association with Scotti Bros.-Syd Vinneage Prods.)


Filmcraft Productions

You Bet Your Life (1950-61) (for John Guedel Prods.)


Filmways Television

Face Is Familiar, The (with Bob Stewart Prods.)

Personality (with Bob Stewart Prods.)


First Media Entertainment

Beach Clash (with Taylorvision and All American TV)


Sy Fisher Associates

Dotto (with Frank Cooper Prods.)


Fishman-Freer Productions

Dealerís Choice (with Columbia Television)

Diamond Head Game, The (with Columbia Television)

Fun Factory, The (with Columbia Television)


Harry Fleishman

Giant Step (with Entertainment Prods. Inc.)

How Do You Rate? (with Entertainment Prods. Inc.)

Top Dollar (with Entertainment Prods. Inc.)


George F. Foley Productions

Freedom Rings


Art Ford Productions

Art Ford Show, The


Four Cats Productions



Four Point Television/Four Point Entertainment

American Gladiators (with Trans World Intíl and Samuel Goldwyn TV)

Make Me Laugh (1997-98) (with Dove TV and Buena Vista TV)


Thatís Amore (for Group W Prods.)

Wanna Bet? (with Gary H. Grossman Prods.)

Wild West Showdown (with the Samuel Goldwyn Comp.)


Four Star Television/Four Star Productions

Celebrity Game, The (with Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Prods.)

Liars Club (1988-89) (with Golden West Prods. and Northstar Prods.)

People Will Talk (with Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Prods.)

Reel Game, The (with Jack Barry Prods.)

Showdown (with Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Prods.)


Sonny Fox Productions

On Your Mark


Foxlab in association with Giant Bowling Pin Productions



Walt Framer Productions

Big Payoff, The

Double or Nothing

For Love or Money

Greatest Man on Earth, The

Strike It Rich (1951-58)


Sandy Frank Productions

Face the Music

Name That Tune (1984-85)


Woody Fraser Productions

Family Challenge (with Maple Palm Prods.)

What Would You Do? (with Reeves Ent.)

Wild & Crazy Kids (with Reeves Ent.)

Wild Animal Games


Fremantle Media International

Card Sharks (2001-02)

Family Feud (1999-††† )

Match Game (1998-99)

Price Is Right, The (1997?-††† )

To Tell the Truth (2000-02)

Whammy!:The All-New Press Your Luck


FTS Productions




Gale-Gernannt Productions

County Fair


Game Show Network

Super Decades

Trivia Track


Games Productions, Inc.

Think Fast (with MTV Networks)


GAM Productions

Hail the Champ


Gannaway-Rubinstein Productions

Guilty or Innocent


Genesis Entertainment

Grudge Match, The (with Richmel Prods.)



Sports Snapshot!


Glamour Productions

Glamour Girl


Global Television Network

Bumper Stumpers (with Jack Barry and Dan Enright Prods. and Wink Martindale Enterprises)

Jackpot (1985-88) (with Bob Stewart Prods.)


Go For Productions

Perfect Score, A


Golden Gate Productions

Take My Word for It (for Worldvision, with Omni Prods.)


Golden West Productions

Liars Club (1988-89) (with Four Star TV and Northstar Prods.)


Samuel Goldwyn Company/Samuel Goldwyn Television

American Gladiators (with Four Point Ent. and Trans World Intíl)

Wild West Showdown (with Four Point Ent.)


Goldwyn Entertainment

Secrets of the Cryptkeeperís Haunted House (with Keller Prods. and The Wohl Co.)


Dan Golenpaul Productions

Information Please


Harry S. Goodman Productions

One Minute Please


Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions (who?)

Beat the Clock

Better Sex, The


By Popular Demand

Call My Bluff

Card Sharks

Choose Up Sides

Concentration (1973-78)

Double Dare (1976-77)

Family Feud (1976-85)

Get the Message

He Said, She Said

Itís News to Me

Iíve Got a Secret

Judge for Yourself

Make the Connection

Match Game, (The) (1962-82)


Missing Links

Nameís the Same, The

Now You See It (1974-75)

Number Please


Password Plus

Play Your Hunch

Price Is Right, The (1956-85?)

Say When!!


Snap Judgment

Split Personality


To Tell the Truth (1956-81)

Two for the Money

Whatís Going On?

Whatís My Line?

Winner Take All


Mark Goodson Productions

Body Language

Childís Play

Classic Concentration

Family Feud (1988-95)

Match Game (1990-91)

Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour, The (with Orion Television)

Now You See It (1989)

Price Is Right, The (1985?-97?)

Stop the Music (1949-56)

Super Password

To Tell the Truth (1990-91)

Trivia Trap


Jonathan Goodson Productions

Illinois Instant Riches


Lester Gottlieb Productions

Sing It Again

Songs for Sale


Brian Graden Productions

Dating Game, The (1996-97) (with Columbia Tri Star Television)


Ron Greenberg Productions

Challengers, The (with Dick Clark Prods., for Buena Vista Television)

Pop Ďní Rocker Game, The (with Alan Landsburg Prods.)

Who What or Where Game, The


Ron Greenberg-Dick Clark Productions

Letís Make a Deal (1990-91)


Merv Griffin Productions

Click (Editorís Note:Please excuse my reference to this show.I felt I had to include it.)

Headline Chasers (with Wink Martindale Prods.)

Jeopardy! (1964-94)

Joe Garagiolaís Memory Game

Letís Play Post Office

Monopoly (with King World)

One in a Million

Reach for the Stars

Ruckus (with Columbia Pictures TV)

Super Jeopardy!

Wheel of Fortune (1975-††† )


Gerry Gross Productions

Sports Challenge (for CPM Programs)


Gary H. Grossman Productions

Wanna Bet? (with Four Point Entertainment)


Group W Productions

Couch Potatoes (with Saban Prods.)

Every Second Counts (with Charles Colarusso Prods.)


Reg Grundy Productions

Bruce Forsythís Hot Streak

Sale of the Century (1983-89)


Scrabble (in assn. with Exposure Unlimited)

Small Talk

Time Machine


Guber-Peters Productions

Quiz Kids Challenge, The (with Chilmark)


John Guedel Productions

Anybody Can Play

Life with Linkletter

People Are Funny (1954-61)

Tell It to Groucho

What Do You Have in Common?


Bill Gwinn-Jesse Martin Productions

Bill Gwinn Show, The



Monty Hall-Art Stark Productions

Your First Impression


Jerry Hamer Productions

Camouflage (1961-62)


Harrison-Gould Productions

Follow the Leader (with CBS-TV)


Stefan Hatos-Monty Hall Productions

Chain Letter

It Pays to Be Ignorant (1973-74)

Itís Anybodyís Guess

Letís Make a Deal (1963-86)

Masquerade Party (1974-75)

Split Second

Three for the Money


Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Productions

Amateurís Guide to Love


Bedtime Stories

Celebrity Game, The (with Four Star Television)

Double Exposure

Funny You Should Ask!!


High Rollers (1974-80)

Hollywood Squares, The (1966-81)

Hot Seat

Las Vegas Gambit

Magnificent Marble Machine, The

Name Droppers


People Will Talk (with Four Star TV)



Showdown (with Four Star TV)

Storybook Squares


To Say the Least

Video Village


Merrill Heatter Productions

All-Star Blitz (with Peter Marshall Enterprises)

Bargain Hunters (with Josephnson Communications)


High Rollers (1987-88) (with Century Towers Prods. and Orion TV)

Last Word, The


H-F-H Enterprises

It Pays to Be Married (with James Saphier Prods.)


Hill-Eubanks Group/Hill-Eubanks Productions

All-Star Secrets

Guinness Game, The (with David Paradine TV Prod. and 20th Century Fox TV)

You Bet Your Life (1980-81) (with MCA TV)


Home Shopping Entertainment Production

Home Shopping Game


Al Howard Productions

Supermarket Sweep (1990-††† )


Tom Howard Productions

It Pays to Be Ignorant (1949-51)


Hunt-Jaffe Productions

Slime Time (with O.K.T Prods.)


Idees Grandes, Inc.

Youíre in the Picture (with Steve Carlin Prods. and Solar Enterprises)


Ile de France International Productions

Brains and Brawn (1958)


Image Entertainment

Masters of the Maze (with Kline and Friends and Fenton Group)


Impa Productions

Face the Facts


In Productions

Grand-Prix All Star Show (for American Television Syndication)



Jade Productions

High Finance (with Peter Arnell Prods.)


Carl Jampel Productions

Rebus Game, The


Jantone Productions

Jan Murray Show, The/Charge Account

Meet Your Match

Treasure Hunt (1956-59)



Robert Jennings Productions

Chance of a Lifetime

Have a Heart

Think Fast (1949-50)

Two in Love


Robert Jennings-Herbert Moss Productions

Come Closer


JM Productions


Video Game, The


Ben Joelson-Art Baer Productions

Fractured Phrases

Itís Your Move

Picture This


Jones-Howard Productions

Sale of the Century (1969-74)


Josephnson Communications

Bargain Hunters (with Merrill Heatter Prods.)


JSC Productions

That **** Quiz Show (with Metromedia Producers Group)



Keller Productions

Secrets of the Cryptkeeperís Haunted House (with Goldwyn Ent. and The Wohl Company)


John Reed King Productions

Give and Take (1952) (with CBS Television)

Letís See



King World Television

Monopoly (with Merv Griffin Prods.)


John Kirshner-Jerome Schnur Productions

Musical Chairs (1975)


Kline and Friends

Break the Bank (1985-86) (for Blair Ent.)

Jokerís Wild (1990-91) (with Jack Barry Prods.)

Masters of the Maze (with Image Ent. and Fenton Group)

Pictionary (1997-98) (with Worldvision)

Strike It Rich (1986-87) (with Blair Ent.)

3rd Degree (with Burt and Bert Prods.)

Win, Lose or Draw (with Burt and Bert Prods.)


Kushner-Locke Company

Krypton Factor, The (1990) (for Western International)

Night Games (with CBS Ent. Prods.)

Relatively Speaking (with Atlantic and the Maltese Companies)



Alan Landsburg Productions

Krypton Factor, The (1981) (with MCA Television)

Pop Ďní Rocker Game, The (with Ron Greenberg Prods.)


Larry-Thomas Productions

100 Grand


Eric Lieber Productions

Love Connection


Letís Scramble, Inc.



Lester Lewis Productions

Movieland Quiz

Who Pays?

Whoís the Boss?

Whoís Whose


Lester Lewis-Allan Lawrence Productions

Are You Positive


Marlo Lewis Productions

Messing Prize Party


Lighthearted Entertainment

Big Date, The


Don Lipp-Daphne Productions

Moneymaze, The


Don Lipp-Ron Greenberg Productions

Big Showdown, The



College Mad House (with Stone Television Prods.)

Fun House (with Stone Television Prods.)

$1,000,000 Chance of a Lifetime, The

Perfect Match (1986)


Lukehill Productions

Make Me Laugh (1979) (with Paramount TV)



John MacArthur-Paul Alter Productions

Treasure Isle


Make Me Laugh Productions

Make Me Laugh (1958) (with Program Service, Inc.)


The Maltese Companies

Relatively Speaking (with Atlantic and Kushner-Locke, Inc.)


Irving Mansfield-Peter Arnell Productions

Chance for Romance

Take a Good Look


Maple Palm Productions

Family Challenge (with Woody Fraser Prods.)


Marble Arch Productions



Peter Marshall Enterprises

All-Star Blitz (with Merrill Heatter Prods.)


Wink Martindale Enterprises/Wink Martindale Productions

Bumper Stumpers (with Jack Barry and Dan Enright Prods. and Global Television Net.)

Great Getaway Game (with Brockway Television Prods.)

Headline Chasers (with Merv Griffin Prods.)


Wink Martindale-Jerry Gilden Productions

Second Honeymoon


Martindale-Hillier Enterprises

Trivial Pursuit (with The Family Channel)


Masterson-Reddy-Nelson Productions


Bank on the Stars

Live Like a Millionaire



(Kay Kyserís) College of Musical Knowledge (1949-50)

Grill Me (with RPA Programming and Telescene)

Krypton Factor, The (1981) (with Alan Landsburg Prods.)

Pictionary (1989) (with Jack Barry and Dan Enright Prods. and Quantum Media)

You Bet Your Life (1980-81) (with Hill-Eubanks Productions)

Your Lucky Clue (with BBD&O)


Media Masters-Renshar Productions



Merritt Enterprises

Everythingís Relative (for NBC Films)


Metromedia Producers Group

That **** Quiz Show (with JSC Prods.)


MGM Television

Love Me, Love Me Not (with Entertainment Planning Corp.)

Made in America (with Steve Carlin Prods.)

Way Out Games (with Jack Barry and Dan Enright Prods.)


MGM-UA Television

Straight to the Heart (with Jim Rich and Associates)


Milbarn Productions

Word for Word (Merv Griffin)


Tom Moore Productions

Ladies Be Seated


Raymond R. Morgan Company

Queen for a Day (1956-58)


Moses-Reid-Cleary Productions

(G.E.) College Bowl (1959-84)



Remember This? (with Sande Stewart Prods.)



It Takes Two (1997) (with Mark Phillips Philms and Telephission)

Shopping Spree (with Jay Wolpert Enterprises)

Wait ĎTil You Have Kids!! (with Jay Wolpert Enterprises)


MTV Networks/MTV Productions

Double Dare (1986-1991)

Family Double Dare

Finders Keepers

Get the Picture

Idiot Savants

Lip Service

Make the Grade

Nickelodeon Arcade

Remote Control

Singled Out

Think Fast (with Games Prods. Inc.)




Sweethearts (with Richard Reid Prods. and Createl Ltd.)


Mutual Broadcasting

Twenty Questions (with Fred Van De Venter Prods.)



W.T. Naud Productions

Rhyme and Reason


NBC/NBC Television/NBC Productions

(Ben Grauerís) Americana (Quiz) (with Martin Stone Prods.)

Brains & Brawn (1993)

College of Musical Knowledge (1954)

Concentration (1958-73)

Double Up (with Slam Dunk Prods.)

Eyes Have It, The

Jackpot Bowling (1959-60)

Tele Pun

Who Said That? (1948-54)


New World Entertainment

Big Deal! (with Stone-Stanley Prods.)


NFL Films

NFL Trivia Game (1988)


Nicholson-Muir Productions

Matches ĎN Mates (for 20th Century Fox TV)

Pay Cards!


Super Pay Cards! (with Champlain Prods.)


Nickelodeon Productions

Figure It Out


Northstar Productions

Liars Club (1988-89) (with Four Star TV and Golden West Prods.)


North Star Entertainment Group

Thatís My Dog! (with Albert Wallace Enterprises)



The Object Is, Inc.

The Object Is


Ohlmeyer Communications

Boardwalk and Baseballís Super Bowl of Sports Trivia


OíKeefe-OíBrien Productions

Draw to Win


O.K.T. Productions

Slime Time (with Hunt-Jaffe Prods.)

Treasure Mall (with Saban Prods. and Fiedler-Berlin Prods.)


Omni Productions

Take My Word for It (with Golden Gate Productions for Worldvision)


Orion Television

High Rollers (1987-88) (with Merrill Heatter Prods. and Century Towers Prods.)

Hollywood Squares (1986-89) (with Century Towers Prods.)

Just Men! (under Century Towers Prods.)

Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour, The (with Mark Goodson Prods.)



Package Shows, Inc.

Itís in the Bag


David Paradine Television Production

Guinness Game, The (with Hill-Eubanks Group and 20th Century Fox TV)


Paramount Television

Love at First Sight (with Action Time Prods.)

Make Me Laugh (1979) (with Lukehill Prods.)

Wipeout (with Dames-Fraser Prods.)


Marty Pasetta Productions

Catch Phrase

Hollywood Game, The (with Rastar and CBS Ent. Prods.)


Payson-Odin Productions

Cheap Show, The (with 20th Century Fox TV)


Persons Productions

Ad-Libbers, The


Stuart Phelps-Jesse Martin

Win With the Stars


Stuart Phelps-Jack Reeves-Jesse Martin Productions

Whatís This Song?


Phillip Productions

Can Do


Mark Phillips Philms & Telephission

It Takes Two (1997) (with MTM)


Phoenix Communications Group, The



Alan Pottash Productions

Personality Puzzle


Premium Productions

Take a Chance


Bernard Prockter Productions

Anyone Can Win

Quick as a Flash


Proctor and Gamble Productions

Love Story

On Your Account


Program Service, Inc.

Make Me Laugh (1958) (with Make Me Laugh Prods.)


Providence Productions



Pye-Jaffe Productions

Pure Insanity!


Pye-Ross Productions

Are You Kidding? (with CBS Ent. Prods.)



Quantum Media

Pictionary (1989) (with Jack Barry and Dan Enright Prods. and MCA TV)


Queen for a Day, Inc.

Queen for a Day (1958-64)


Jack Quigley-Winter Rosen Productions

Words and Music


Quiz Kids, Inc.

Quiz Kids (1981) (with CBS Cable)



Rainbow Productions

(see Joe Cates Productions)



Hollywood Game, The (with Pasetta Prods. and CBS Ent. Prods.)


Ray-Eye Productions

Take Two


Reeves Entertainment Group

What Would You Do? (with Woody Fraser Prods.)

Wild & Crazy Kids (with Woody Fraser Prods.)


Don Reid Productions

Anything You Can Do

Dream House


Richard Reid Productions

College Bowl (1987) (with College Bowl Company)

Sweethearts (with Createl Ltd. And Multimedia)


Reid-Land Productions


10 Seconds

Top Card


Jim Rich and Associates

Straight to the Heart (with MGM-UA TV)


Richmel Productions

Grudge Match, The (with Genesis Ent.)


Roadblock Productions

People Are Funny (1984) (Ohlmeyer Communications)


Rockhill Productions

Gamble on Love


Rosner Television

Caesars Challenge (with Stephen J. Cannell Prods.)

Just Men! (under Century Tower Prods.)

Personals (with Stephen J. Cannel Prods.)


Ross-Danzig Productions

Musical Chairs (1955)


RPA Programming

Grill Me (with Telescene and MCA-TV)


RPM Productions

Maximum Drive


Robert R. Russell Productions

Yours for a Song



Saban Productions

Couch Potatoes (with Group W)

Iím Telling! (with DIC Enterprises)

Treasure Mall (with Fiedler-Berlin Prods. and O.K.T. Prods)

Video Power (with Bohbot Prods.)


Sagebrush Productions

Jackpot Bowling (1960-61)


Harry Salter Productions

Name That Tune (1953-59) (with Tel-O-Tune Prods.)


James L. Saphier Productions

Fun for the Money

It Pays to Be Married (with H-F-H Enterprises)


Kermit Schafer Productions

Quick on the Draw


Schlatter-Friendly-Romart Productions

Letters to Laugh-In


Jerome Schnur Productions

Everybodyís Talking!


Scottie Brothers-Syd Vinneage Productions

Wordplay (in association with Fiedler-Berlin Prods. and Rick Ambrose Prods.)


Screen Gems Television

All About Faces (1971-72)

Perfect Match, The (1967-68) (with Bill Derman Prods.)


Seven-Ten Productions/7-10 Productions

Celebrity Bowling

Celebrity Tennis


Shamrock Productions

Motherís Day


Robert Sherman Productions

Baby Races (with Family Prods.)


Bernard Shubert Productions

Blind Date

Your Big Moment


Singer Productions

Your Surprise Package


Slam Dunk Productions

Double Up (with NBC Prods.)


Solar Enterprises

Youíre in the Picture (with Steve Carlin Prods. and Idees Grandes, Inc.)


SPO Productions

Dream League (with ESPN)


SRO Productions

Laugh Line


Stacey Productions

Don Adamsí Screen Test (for Universal Television)


Jackson Stanley Productions

Big Game, The


Wilbur Stark Productions

Tag the Gag


Wilbur Stark-Jerry Layton Productions

Spin the Picture (a.k.a. Cut)


Scott Sternberg Productions

Jep! (with Columbia Tri Star Television)

Letís Go Back

Wheel (of Fortune) 2000 (with Columbia Tri Star TV)


Bob Stewart Productions

Blankety Blanks

Chain Reaction (1980)

Double Talk

Eye Guess

Face Is Familiar, The (with Filmways Television)

Jackpot (1974-75, 85-88) (with Global Television Network 85-88)

Love Experts, The

Pass the Buck

Personality (with Filmways Television)

Shoot for the Stars

$10,000 Pyramid, The (and subsequent values)

Three on a Match

Winning Streak

Youíre Putting Me On


Bob Stewart-Sande Stewart Productions

Chain Reaction (1986-91)


Jackpot (1989-90)


Sande Stewart Productions/Sande Stewart Television

Remember This? (with MSNBC)

Sports on Tap

Your Numberís Up


Bob Stivers Productions

Across the Board

Baby Game, The


Stivers-Atkins Productions

Bid Ďní Buy


Mike Stokey Productions

Pantomime Quiz

Stump the Stars


Martin Stone Productions

(Ben Grauerís) Americana (Quiz) (with NBC television)


Stone Television Productions

College Mad House (with Lorimar)

Fun House (with Lorimar-Telepictures)


Martin and Allen Stone Productions

Lucky Partners


Stone-Stanley Productions

Big Deal! (with New World Ent.)

Born Lucky

Free 4 All (with USA Cable)


Legends of the Hidden Temple


Shop Ďtil you Drop

Teen Win, Lose or Draw (with Buena Vista Ent.)

USA Gonzo Games


Burt Sugarman Productions

Celebrity Sweepstakes (with Ralph Andrews Prods.)

Whew! (with Jay Wolpert Prods.)

Wizard of Odds, The


Marc Summers Productions

Pick Your Brain (with Summit Media Group)


Summit Media Group

Pick Your Brain (with Marc Summers Prods.)


Sunn Classic Pictures Productions

Skedaddle (with Jay Wolpert Prods.)



Taft Entertainment

Blackout (with Jay Wolpert Prods.)


Talent Associates

Honeymoon Race, The

Supermarket Sweep (1965-67)



Beach Clash (with First Media Ent. and All American TV)


Telamuse Productions

Charade Quiz (with Stanley Catcher Prods.)


Tele-Column Productions

Fast Draw (with Warner Brothers-7 Arts TV)

Money Makers



Grill Me (with RPA Programming and MCA-TV)

Teletunes Productions

Music Bingo


Television Program Enterprises

Triple Threat


Tel-O-Tune Productions

Name That Tune (1953-59) (with Harry Salter Prods.)



Texaco Star National Academic Championship


Thames Television

Top of the World (with WPBT-TV and ABC Ch. 2 Sydney)


Cal Tinney Productions

Stop Me if Youíve Heard This One


Trans World International

American Gladiators (with Four Point Ent. and Samuel Goldwyn TV)


Tribune Entertainment



Trinity Productions

Inspiration, Please!


Trinity Teleproductions

Dollar a Second


TV Food Network



TV Games, Inc.

Make a Face (1961)


20th Century Fox TV

Cheap Show, The (with Payson-Odin Prods.)

Dream Girl USA (with Chambers-Seligman Productions)

Guinness Game, The (with David Paradine TV Prods. and Hill-Eubanks Group)

Ultra Quiz (with Dick Clark Prods.)



USA Cable

Free 4 All (with Stone-Stanley Prods.)



Valleycrest Productions

Win Ben Steinís Money


Charles Vanda Productions

What in the World? (with WCAU-TV)


Fred Van De Venter Productions

Twenty Questions (with Mutual Broadcasting)



My Generation

Rumor Has It


Viacom Television

$128,000 Question, The (with Cinelar Associates)



Albert Wallace Enterprises

Thatís My Dog! (with North Star Ent. Group)


Warner Brothers Television

Give-N-Take (1975) (with the Carruthers Company)

Neighbors, The (with the Carruthers Company)

Second Chance (with the Carruthers Company)


Warner Brothers-7 Arts TV

Fast Draw (with Tele-Column Productions)



What in the World?


Wellington Productions

Seven Keys


West Hooker Productions

Answer Yes or No

Hold That Camera

Say It with Acting


WGBH Television Boston

Think Twice

Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (with WQED Pittsburgh)

Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? (with WQED Pittsburgh)


Wheeler-Sussman Productions

Peer Pressure


Larry White Productions

On Your Way


Larry White-Manny Rosenberg Productions

Guess What?

Where Was I?


WNET Television

We Interrupt This Week (with Cadogan Prods.)


The Wohl Company

Secrets of the Cryptkeeperís Haunted House (with Goldwyn Ent. and Keller Prods.)


Wolf Productions

Break the Bank (1948-57)

Hold That Note

Keep Talking

Masquerade Party (1952-60)

Penny to a Million

Window Shopping


Jay Wolpert Productions/Jay Wolpert Enterprises

Blackout (with Taft Ent.)

Hit Man

Rodeo Drive

Shopping Spree (with MTM)

Skedaddle (with Sunn Classic Pictures Prods.)

Wait ĎTil You Have Kids!! (with MTM)

Whew! (with the Bud Austin Comp. and/or Burt Sugarman Prods.)


World Video

Celebrity Time

Riddle Me This



Pictionary (1997-98) (with Kline & Friends)


WPBT-TV South Florida

Top of the World (with Thames TV and ABC Ch. 2 Sydney)


WQED Pittsburgh

Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? (with WGBH Boston)

Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? (with WGBH Boston)



Young and Rubicam

Letís Celebrate



Zooventure Entertainment, Inc.

Animal Planet Zooventure