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Björn Ulvaeus Quotes

"Anyone who looks like me ought to have a successful career"

"My Grandfather and Father were lust like me. They would try any, but any musical instrument that they could find, whether it was the piano accordion they gave me or a flute or a fiddle. I guess I just inherited whatever they had. I learned a lot of the old tunes from them and my early playing had a definite folk flavor about it."

"ABBA will be together again soon, we are not sure but it will happen."

"I am flattered by everything Bjorn Again do but the accents. I hope my accent isn't as lousy as his one. And I never say Nej"

"We never deliberately added Swedish touches to our music. We've never said "Let's do somehing really Swedish with this"

"We have put out Swedish democracy to work. All of us have equal say when we plan our work and ABBA's future. Nobody is left out"

"The lyrics are usually pretty personal these days, and they are the combined experiences of the four of us, with certain changes"

"This is a friendly seperation, if such a thing exists, and there is no reason for ABBA to stop performing as a group"

"It's very difficult for us to get away from the Eurovision tag, especially in England, where people seem to expect us to produce records in the "Waterloo" vein"

"Winning Eurovision was like Sweden winning the World Cup"

"I can't understand how some groups tour for 8, 9, even 10 months it would kill me"

"Most people would say we've conquered the USA because our albums have gone platinium"

-Björn Ulvaeus Of Abba