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Benny Anderson Quotes

"Fans had better make the most out of Björn Again because that's the closest they are going to get to seeing ABBA. ABBA will never reform!!"

"We just thought we would give ABBA a rest The girls just released solo albums.. I am sure we will have a new album soon"

"I really believe that Swedish music and artists can make it abroad.. It hastn't happened before because no one has really tried.. I am convinced it can be done and that I can do it"

"It is quite possible that "Chiquitita" sounds like other songs and you think "I've heard this before"

"We simply write the kind of music we enjoy most and hope that our audience will enjoy it too"

"The situation in America is when it starts moving there, all the bands from England move over to America and work from there, so that they're available all the time for everyone that wants them in person. We talked about that and I don't think any of us were prepared to do that"

"We neither read nor write music. If we knew how, we still wouldn't use the skill. What you make up in your heads sticks if it's good, falls out if it's bad. If we still remember something a day after we made it up, it might be worth building on"

"Our secret if we have one is to be completely ruthles about the material we write"

"It's much pleasenter for me to create music in the studio than to just reproduce it on stage"

"If we thought it would improve our relationship, we would get married tomorrow, but as it is, nearly 7 years after we got engaged, we are content to wait"

"I've no idea how long we can continue. I wouldn't dare to make a guess. It' a matter of will and potential, wanting to do something, but I really enjoy what I do -without work, life would be meaningless"

-Benny Andersson Of Abba