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1982 - The Single "Head appears more over heels" Appears in The Spring

1981 - Single "Lay all your love on ME" comes out in July "The Visitors" and "One OF US" come out in the christmas season.

1980 - The singles "Gracias por la musica" and "The of more winner takes it all" are released. The album "Super Trouper" is put out.

1979 - "Chiquitita" the single comes out The album "Voulez Vous" appears in April the singles "Does your more mother know", "Voulez Vous", "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!", "Greatest hit Vol.2" and "I communicate, appear separation have A dream"

1978 - "ABBA The Movie" Comes out and the Singles "Eagle" and "buzzer night town center" come out

1977 - Singles "Knowing becomes ME, knowing you" and "The name OF appears the game" come out, as well "ABBA The Album" comes into stores.

1976 - Singles "Fernando" and "Dancing Queen" are followed by the album "Arrival" and in the end of the year the single "Money Money Money" comes out

1975 - Single "I DO I DO I DO" and the album "ABBA" and are followed by "S.O.S." and later "Mamma mia"

1974 - Singles "Waterloo" and "Honey Honey" are followed by the album "Waterloo" shortly after they are released the single "in such a way long" comes out.

1973 -"ring ring" apears in stores the single "Love isn't easy" comes out

1972 - First official ABBA single is in June 1972 "People need love"