1.- JoAnne and Stu reflect on a Lifetime ( December 26, 1986)

Stu (Larry HAines) & Jo (Mary Styart)

An affirmation of 35 years of friendship, love and support was the grist for Search for tomorrow's final episode. In the last scene, Jo (Mary Stuart) and Stu ( Larry Haines), the soap's most beloved characters over 35 years, shared one last moment of friendship. And for fans all over, there wasn't a dry eye to be found.

It was only fitting that Search's final scene would be between Jo and Stu. Their friendship survived 35 years of marriages, deaths, divorces, kidnappings and plenty of joys and sorrows. After the show's stories were wrapped up, Jo and Stu stood outside and reflect on their lives togheter."What are you searching for?" Stu asked, to which she replied," Tomorrow. And I can't wait". Their final embrace was a heartfelt testament to the unbreakable lifelong bond two may share.


2.- Henderson Final Flood (1986)

Hogan, Patti and JoAnne


Perhaps the greatest soap disaster of all time waswhen all of Henderson flooded over in the last days of Search for Tomorrow. In a last ditch effort to save this 35-year-old soap, the writers opted to drown everybody out of house and home. Torrential rain caused the river to rise and no viewer will ever forget the sight of Henderson citizens as they swam through town. After all was said and done, the residence to remain standing was JoAnne Tourneur's hotel. She had been the beacon and voice of the town for over three decades, so it was quite appropriate that everyone moved into the hotel and she would take care of them. Sadly, the ratings didn't rise. Ten months later, Jo stepped out on her porch and looked at her best friend, Stu, asked her what she was searching for. Jo said 'Tomorrow'. But there were only yesterdays for this classic soap.

JoAnne and Hogan

3.- Through a Glass, Slowly (1975)

Scott (Peter Simon) & Kathy (C. Sherman)

One of daytime's most vivid images occurred on Search for Tomorrow when Jennifer Pace Phillips (Morgan Fairchild) fought with her husband Scott.

Jennifer set her sights on Scott Phillips (Peter Simon), who was in the midst of a difficult marriage to attorney Kathy Parker Phillips (Courtney Sherman). When Kathy learned of her husband's affair with Jennifer, she and Scott separated. The euthanasia death of Scott's father brought Scott and Kathy back together when she successfully defended her husband and proved Jennifer was the culprit. Jennifer went to prison, while Scott and Kathy planned to reconcile. Since Jennifer was pregnant with Scott's child, however, an unhappy Scott married her after his divorce from Kathy was final.

Theirs was an extremely unhappy union, since both parties knew his heart belonged to Kathy. Scott turned to alcohol to help him cope with their many battles. One day, during a nasty fight, Jennifer accidentally fell through a glass door. It was a ghastly scene, as her fall shown in slow motion, with muted sound effects adding to the horror.

Jennifer suffered a miscarriage, and her face was terribly scarred by the accident. Scott eventually wound up with Kathy, his true love, and viewers were left with an image that became permanently embedded in their minds.




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