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Welcome To The New Cinderella Fans Page

Before Enterin The Site, Please Read This, This Was Written On January 30/2005, I DonŽt Have A Busy Life Or Anything, Like Other Webmasters Do Everytime They Close Their Site, Im Still A Young Man With Nothin To Do. I Got Time And Stuff, I Guess Not Much People Will Get To Read This, But If You Do, And YouŽll Like Me To Revive My Site, Email, My New Mail Is, And If I Get 10 Requestt, IŽll Do It ^_^, I Swear To God IŽll Do It ^_^, I Love Cinderella So Much, But My Problem Was It Didnt Had Any Visits, It Had Like 10 Per Month, So If You Get To Read This, Give A Try Allright, Later ^_^