Here at Cheerleader Camp the website i vowed to solve the mystery of the elusive CHEERLEADER CAMP 2
So far though the search has been fruitless, many people mention the movie on their respective sites but when it comes to obtaining a copy of the movie itself things don't seem to ever develop, I am still sure this movie  exists as there is much information that points to this...except the real payoff....the tape!.

A new piece of evidence was presented to me recently, an actual review of the film from a well known movie guide, below is the scan:

Thanks to Luigi for this vital piece of info:

Now despite the rather deadpan review the following is revealed

RELEASE DATE : 1990 (remember may not be actual year of production)

DISTRIBUTION : Prism films (a once high profile film co. now since defunct)

Prism also handled the first CHEERLEADER CAMP and copies of this film are very widely available...but not so for part 2    WHY? :

A) The film was never made
B) The film was made but very poorly distributed
C) The film was made but was perhaps a victim of Prisms folding but short run bootleg copies may have surfaced since, thus explaining the sheer impossibility of locating a copy.

Whatever the truth all the above are valid scenarios.

Even more bizarre is that the film is listed in some places to also be known under 2 other titles

A) Summerhouse Slaughter
B) Gory Graduation

Now do a search for either of these titles and expect the same kind of frustration...films that are mentioned but never backed up with solid fact when one actress who was said to have been cast in Gory Graduation was asked about this film her reply was "I don't remember that one maybe i was in a coma of something"... Gory Graduation also has a 1982 date attached to it so it would seem impossible that this would be the film we are looking for.
But all together this is fascinating ..a trilogy of seemingly phantom films that ae all linked by
one common factor:


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