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While Little is known about this sequel it certainly seems it exists, It is said to have both Betsy Russell returning and more bizarrely Uma Thurman is also supposed to have starred. Some Uma Thurman sites do acknowledge this movie as part of her filmography as do a handful of non-related sites .....Stranger still is the fact that I have not been able to track down a copy of this film, E-bay seems to have plenty of the first movie available for purchase as do plenty more online video dealers, search for part 2 though and nothing ever seems to come up.

There are a few possibilities:   One would assume the movie was made soon after the first, somewhere between say 1987-89 at the latest as Uma soon went off to have a successful run of larger budget movies, Thus it being doubtful that she would have taken a role in a slasher film as late as 1990 which is the date that is commonly attached to this sequel's release.

Perhaps the film was made in 87/88 and the makers where not able to secure a release on video until a later period (1990) . The only reason for the absence of the cassette on dealers lists can perhaps be explained by a possibility that it was only a short run of tapes that got the eventual release.

If one is to type this title into the Internet movie database the following plot is revealed:

The cheerleaders of West Bridge Highschool are heading for Wyoming where they are competing with other highschools in America for the best squad. When they are all murdered, Tanya Starkman the South Falls captain is the reason why the killer is killing. She must figure out who the killer is by using the letters that she finds from him/her every hour. Every hour a girl from each team gets killed until it comes down to South Falls. Then Tanya must unmask the killer and stop the insanity

Also the Following cast listing is mentioned:

Tina Anger ....  Sophia
Sarah Atkins ....  Gina McDaniels
Tim Brandis
Kev Carmody ....  John
Brent Olsen ....  Hot guy
Betsy Russell ....  Alison Wentworth
Uma Thurman ....  Courtney Daniels

Runtime: USA:97
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color (Technicolor)

So far this is the most comprehensive information i have been able to turn up, what makes this even more unusual is when a  good friend  of mine John Klyza of the definitive SLEEPAWAY CAMP WEBSITE e-mailed the person who submitted this info to IMDB  all he received were repeated death threats.....Could this be the rambling of a lunatic...but the plot seems pretty solid and certain cast members can be confirmed to have done the film....notice the character of Alison Wentworth Played by Betsy Russell returns in this feature.

Whatever the real truth is...this one will be solved!

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