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Tony's Old School Wrestling,USFL, WHA, NHL NASL, MISL, NFL, WFL, MLB & Sports Oddities DVD Trading Page!

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Tony's USFL, NASL, MISL, WHA, NHL, WFL, NFL & Sports Oddities Trading Page

Ole Skool Wrasslin' WWWF, WWF, WCW, NWA, AWA & More!

WWWF Compilation Tapes
WWWF #1 Time 85 Min G/G+ Video Quality
Bruno/Zybysko Fued. Larry challenges Bruno to scientific match and turns on him. Angle lands them eventually in sold out Shea Stadium. This is great WWWF history from ’80! Bunch of TV and MSG stuff here! Great Interviews. One of the Great Angles Ever!!!

WWWF #3 Time 2:03 G+/Vg- Video Quality
Buddy Rogers Corner (With Ray Stevens, Pat Patterson, Vince McMahon And John Studd) / Ray Stevens vs Jimmy Snuka (Piledriver On The Concrete) / Bob Backlund vs Swede Hanson (Superstar Billy Graham Tears Up Backlund's Belt) / Mr Fuji vs Curt Hennig (Very Young) / Jimmy Snuka vs Mr Saito / John Studd's “Bodyslam Challenge”/ Tiger Mask vs Mr Saito (Great TV Match!) / Superstar Billy Graham vs Curt Hennig

WWWF #2 Time 2:03 G-Vg- Video Quality Ton Of Stuff!
Ken Patera vs SD Jones (SD With A Push?) / Professor Tanaka & Mr Fuji vs Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko / Ivan Putski vs Jose Estrada / Bob Backlund vs The Golden Terror (Pre Championship Backlund / Superstar Billy Graham Comes Out And Snubs Backlund - GREAT!!!) / Classic Interviews With Superstar Billy Graham (With The WWWF Belt), Lou Albano With The Golden Terror (GREAT!) / Brief Highlights Dusty Rhodes vs Spiros Arion (Philadelphia) / Brief Highlights Bob Backlund vs Superstar Billy Graham (Cage/Philadelphia) / Classic Florida Action / Clip Of Superstar Billy Graham Defending The WWWF Belt vs Joe LeDuc (SUPER RARE) ~ Great Stuff!

Time 2:10 G+/VG- Video Quality! Great ‘83/’84 Material!
Interview - Iron Sheik (New Champion) With Blassie/ Iron Sheik vs Dennis Hill (Rare Title Defense For The Sheik) / Backlund vs Samula (Hogan Returns) / Hogan & Backlund vs Fuji & Chung Lee / Interview - Backlund Cancels MSG Rematch With The Sheik - Hogan Named #1 Challenger / Iron Sheik vs Hulk Hogan (Title Change) / Piper's Pit (First One Ever!) - Guest Is Robert DeBord / Orndorff (With Piper) vs SD Jones/ Masked Superstar vs Tony Garea (Andre Makes the Save) / Sgt Slaughter - Iron Sheik Aisleway Confrontation

August ’81: Time 100 Min G+/Vg- Spectrum Wrestling From Prism-TV With Nahem and Cal Rudman
Battle Royal to determine who faces Backlund (Mosca screws Muraco?) Hennig v Killer Khan, Slaughter v Patterson, Backlund v Mosca, Garea v Steele VERY GOOD Card

October ’83: 3:20 G/G+ Madison Square Garden Cable Original Broadcast With Commercials (2 Dvd’s)
Full Card! Tons of Great Stuff and Great Interviews! Highlighted by Snuka Vs. Murraco Cage Match!

The Lumberjacks vs SD Jones & Peter Maivia / Spiros Arion & The Lumberjacks vs Tony Garea, Dino Bravo & Chief Jay Strongbow / The Valiant Brothers vs Ted DiBiase & Domenic DeNucci / Haystacks Calhoun, Tony Garea & Larry Zbyszko vs Moose Monroe, Butcher Vachon & Baron Mikel Scicluna / Bruno Sammartino vs Ivan Koloff (Koloff Wins Belt 8 MM Film) / Haystacks Calhoun, Mil Mascaras & Larry Zbyszko vs Tank Patton, Strong Kobayashi & The Golden Terror 2 Hrs G+/Vg-

Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada Vs Dino Bravo & Johnny Rivera/Domenic DeNucci & SD Jones Vs Valiant Brothers/ Ivan Koloff Vs Pedro Morales from 2/8/71/ Pedro Morales Vs Stan ‘The Man’ Stasiak from 4/28/74/ Killer Kowalski Vs Bruno Sammatino/ Brooks Vs Haystacks/ DeNucci Vs George Rogers (B&W) Arriva Lewis Martinez & DeNucci Vs George ‘Sweet Daddy’ Monrood & The Great Kabuki/ DeNucci Vs Baron Von Krup/ George ‘The Animal’ Steele Vs Morales/ Andre The Giant Vs Ernie Ladd/ Gorilla Monsoon Vs Lou Albano/ Andre The Giant vs Ernie Ladd /Gorilla Monsoon vs Lou Albano / Gorilla Monsoon vs Baron Mikel Scicluna (Muhummad Ali gets Involved) / Larry Zbzysko vs Bruno Sammartino (TV And Cage) / Bruno Sammartino vs Superstar Billy Graham (Title Change) / Superstar Billy Graham vs Gorilla Monsoon (Title Defense)/ Bob Backlund vs Superstar Billy Graham (Title Change)/ Chief Jay Strongbow vs Johnny Rodz

WWF #9
Gorilla Monsoon Vs Superstar Billy Graham (WWF Title Defense)/Backlund Vs Graham (2/20/78, Title Change)/ Kamata & Bulldog Brower Vs Jay Youngblood & Ricky Steamboat/ Tony Altamore Vs Johnny Vallentine (B&W) Valiant Brothers Vs Dick ‘The Bruiser’ & Bruno/ Haystacks Calhoun & Cholak Vs Raschke & Han Schmidt/ DeNucci & Chief Jay Strongbow Vs. Larry Sharpe & Golden Terror/ Johnny Rodz Vs Strongbow/ Putski Vs Andrews/ George Steele (squash match)/
WWWF #10 Madison Square Garden 2/2/76 House Show From WWF 24/7 (1:56) Ex-<
Little Louie & Coco Kid defeated Billy the Kid & Little Johnny…Frank Monte defeated Pete Sanchez at 9:21…Spiros Arion defeated Kevin Sullivan at 6:44…Louis Cyr defeated Francisco Flores at 9:16…Ernie Ladd defeated Dominic DeNucci at 5:44…Bobo Brazil (sub. for Louis Cerdan) & WWWF Tag Team Champion Tony Parisi defeated Crusher Blackwell & Bugsy McGraw…Ivan Putski fought Ivan Koloff to a 20-minute time-limit draw…WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino defeated Superstar Billy Graham at 17:55 when the match was stopped due to blood…From WWF 24/7 (1:56) Ex-

WWWF #11 Madison Square Garden 8/28/78 Partial House Show 80 Min Vg-

Televised on the MSG Network - featured Vince McMahon on commentary: Haystacks Calhoun defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna at 7:12 Victor Rivera defeated SD Jones Ivan Koloff defeated WWWF World Champion Bob Backlund via referee's decision at 30:11…Peter Miavia defeated Luke Graham via disqualification at 14:02 after Graham continuously punched Miavia in the throat Dusty Rhodes defeated Superstar Billy Graham in a No DQ bullrope match at 6:28 via count-out after Rhodes hit Graham with the cowbell knocking him to the floor; Chief Jay Strongbow was the special referee for the bout and gave Graham a fast 8-count after he fell outside the ring; the stipulations for the bout said the wrestlers had an 8-count to return to the ring instead of the usual 10 or 20; prior to the match, Graham was escorted to the ring by the Grand Wizard

WWWF #12 Madison Square Garden 12/17/79 From 24/7 2:10 Ex

Televised on the MSG Network - featured Vince McMahon on commentary Larry Zbyszko pinned Bulldog Brower at 4:43 Riki Choshu & Seji Sakaguchi defeated Bad News Allen Coage & Jo Jo Andrews via submission at 9:44…Mike Graham defeated Johnny Rodz via submission at 5:03…Hulk Hogan (w/ Freddie Blassie) defeated Ted Dibiase via KO at 11:12 with a bearhug (Dibiase's last appearance for almost 8 years) (Hogan's MSG debut) (Hulk Still Rules)…Bob Backlund defeated Bobby Duncum in a Texas Death Match to win the vacant WWF World Title at 17:18…Antonio Inoki pinned Hussein Arab at 14:59…NWA World Champion Harley Race defeated Dusty Rhodes when the referee stopped the match at 13:18 after Rhodes began bleeding from the forehead and lost his vision to the point that he fell out of the ring; after the match, the fans chanted "bullshit" before Race hit Rhodes in the head with the title belt (American Dream: The Dusty Rhodes Story)….WWF IC Champion Pat Patterson defeated Dominic DeNucci by turning a monkey flip attempt into a roll up at 6:31 (History of the Intercontinental Title)…WWF Jr. Heavyweight Champion Tatsumi Fujinami pinned Johnny Rivera at 10:17…WWF Tag Team Champions Ivan Putski & Tito Santana defeated Victor Rivera & Swede Hanson at 6:57 2:10 Ex

WWWF #13 Madison Square Garden 3/16/81 House Show MSG Original Telecast From MSG 2:19 (2 Dvd’s) Wavy Audio but still watchable G-
The Great Yatsu pinned Baron Mikel Scicluna at 8:39..SD Jones pinned Johnny Rodz at 9:41..Moondog Rex pinned Rick McGraw at 6:38…Dominic DeNucci pinned Larry Sharpe at 6:53..Stan Hansen defeated WWF World Champion Bob Backlund (w/ Arnold Skaaland) via count-out at 12:02 after the champion suffered the loaded lariat on the ring apron, knocking him to the floor; prior to Hansen's entrance, Pat Patterson entered the ring, issued a public challenge to Sgt. Slaughter over the house microphone, and shook the hands of Howard Finkel, Arnold Skaaland, and the champion; after the bout, Backlund cleared the ring of his opponent..WWF IC Champion Pedro Morales pinned Moondog King at 4:48..Andre the Giant defeated Sgt. Slaughter via disqualification at 7:58..Rick Martel pinned the Hangman at 15:37..Tony Garea pinned Bulldog Brower at 10:56..Tony Atlas pinned Hulk Hogan at 7:08 after dropping Hogan over the top rope; Hogan had his foot on the middle rope during the cover but the referee failed to notice; after the bout, Hogan attacked the referee…

WWWF #14 Madison Square Garden 5/4/81 Partial House Show MSG Original 85 Min G+

Dominic DeNucci defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna at 6:53…Peter Miavia defeated Rick McGraw at 7:08…Angelo Mosca defeated WWF World Champion Bob Backlund via disqualification at 13:51….Tony Garea, Rick Martel, & Gorilla Monsoon (sub. for Andre the Giant) defeated Stan Hansen, Moondog Rex, & Cpt. Lou Albano (sub. for Moondog King) in a Best 2 out of 3 falls match at 14:01, 2-0; fall #1: Monsoon's team won via disqualification at 11:39 when all three heels began attacking Martel; fall #2: Monsoon pinned Rex at 2:22…

WWWF #15 WWF Vintage Early 80s 100 Min G+/Vg-
Patera Vs McGraw…..Interview Slaughter….Andre…Harley Race Promo….Patterson in Cobra Clutch Challenge…Hogan Bloodies Andre during interview…Volkoff Vs Sammartino & Lots more!!!!

WWWF #16 WWWF December ’81 ‘All Star Wrestling’ From Pittsburgh TV G/G-

Saito & Fuji….Estrada Vs Atlas…Killer Kahn…Mosca…Adonis…Garea..Vallentine…Ivan Putski Vs Estrada…Great Interviews…Rodz Vs Atlas..Cheezy Bob Backlund Video with some kids in Minnesota includes his family at the pool… 90 Min G/G-

WWWF #17 1983-85 TV Compilation 2 hours Muffled Sound Vg Pic G
The Invaders sqash…Paul Orndorf squash…Masked Superstar Vs Tonga Kid…Slaughter on Victory report…WWF Tag Team Title Match Johnson & Atlas Take Titles From Samoans…Christmas Greetings From Freddie Blassie and other WWWF personalities talking through a hole in a Christmas wreath…Tito Santan squash…Lord Alfred Hayes W/ Arnold Skuland & Bob Backlund after title loss (Backlund crying)….Iron Sheik Squash…Jimmy Snuka Squash…Johnson & Atlas squash..Happy New Year Greetings from Ivan Koloff…Santana squash…Slaughter squash…Orndorff squash….Iron Sheik Squash…

WWWF #18 Madison Square Garden 3/20/83 From 24/7 80 Min Ex

Televised on the MSG Network - featured Gorilla Monsoon on commentary:…Jose Luis Rivera defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna at 8:46…Tony Garea defeated Johnny Rodz at 10:09 SD Jones defeated Jose Estrada at 4:14…Salvatore Bellomo fought Ray Stevens to a…double count-out at 9:28 when both men began fighting on the ring apron…Superstar Billy Graham (w/ the Grand Wizard) pinned Jules Strongbow following a karate thrust to the throat at 9:42…WWF World Champion Bob Backlund (w/ Arnold Skaaland) pinned WWF IC Champion Don Muraco in a Texas Death Match at 19:51 with a back suplex into a bridge..

WWWF #19 WWF TV 1983-87 TV & Arena Compilation…..4 Hours on 2 Dvd’s Good
Andre/Studd Fued….Great Macho Man Interviews!!! Patera/Heenan Debate…Snuka attacked By Muraco & X Put on the screen (classic!) ..Classic Interview W/ Snuka…Harts vs. Bulldogs; mating game featuring Hart Foundation…I love this compilation!

WWWF #20 WWF TV ‘84 ‘3 Pack’ Great TV Stuff From WOR-TV 9 ’84 Syndicated Saturday Morning ‘Championship Wrestling’
.. Featuring Bret Hart’s debut…Freebirds…Cyndi Lauper’s..Kamala gets freaked by Andre…Strongbow in Pipers Pit…Piper Cuts Snuka Open…Beefcake’s Push…Cheezy ‘WWF Review’…Jessee Ventura Pose Down Gone Bad..Andre Spooked By Kamala….Dynamite in Pipers Pit….Tonga Kid in Pit….Some Freddy Miller WWF Promos….Cheezy Alfred Hayes Updates…Tito Santana Rehab in Hospital footage….Piper Vs Tonga Kid…Barry Windam….Wendy Richter/Judy Martin…Billy Jack Haynes Awful Horse Vignettes…HillyBilly Jim’s unfortunate introduction W/ Big Fan angle…Briscoe’s in Pipers Pit….Adonis & Murdoch in Action…Briscoe’s In Action…Fuji & Morraco in Hawaii……Midget Wrestling….(5:30) 3 Dvd’s G+

WWWF #21 Georgia Championship Wrestling/ WWF June-July ’84 ‘Black Saturday’ WWF takeover of Georgia Championship Wrestling 3 Dvd’s G/G+

First 2 Discs are with Gordon Sollie announcing mostly Georgia Stuff from June - July ‘84 (Race, Flair, Garvin, Dibiase, Snake Roberts, Road Warriors, Volkoff, McDaniel, Kamala W/ Paul Jones & Kimchee, Michael PS Hayes, Rhodes & Harley Race Highlights set to ‘Midnight Special’ from CCR (Cheezy!)…Spoiler…PS Hayes…Ollie Anderson…Assassin…Kamala Vs Konga…Roberts & Terry Taylor…JYD Interview…(Best Of Georgia Championship)….7/7/84 Ollie Anderson Interview Jake Roberts over Barber….Masked Superstar…Road Warriors…Masked Assassin…Buzz Sawyer….Masked Assassins in Squash….Spoiler W/ Paul Ellering squash…Iron Mike Sharpe squash…Volkoff squash…Crusher Blackwell squash…then the third disc is McMahon being introduced by Freddie Miller. It was 7/14/84 and the result was a flooded Switchboard at Superstation WTBS in Atlanta that eventually led to WWF being dismissed after only 3 shows! Great History stuff here! The McMahon Disc is on Disc #3 with 2 shows w/spots cut. Video quality is just good. All WWF Stars of the time period are on display w/ even a midget match thrown in for good measure. Video Quality is G/G+

WWWF: #22 3/1/76 House Show From 24/7 90 Min McMahon On Mic MSG Replay Vg-

Louis Cyr pinned Irish Pat Barrett at 11:05 with a backbreaker Superstar Billy Graham & Ivan Koloff Vs WWWF Tag Team Champions Tony Parisi & Louis Cerdan … WWWF World Champion Bruno Sammartino Vs. Ernie Ladd …..Susan Green Vs. Kitty Adams (sub. for Women's Champion the Fabulous Moolah)…US Champion Bobo Brazil Vs. Crusher Blackwell

WWWF # 23 10/21/78 & 10/28/78 W/Spots TV Shows From NY’s WOR-TV 9 Featuring Smash Matches & Myvia Turning on McMahon W/ Original Spots 2 Hrs G/G+
WWWF #24 11/21/78 & 12/12/78 W/Spots Featuring Bruno & McMahon on Color WOR-TV 9 120 Min
WWWF #25 11/28/78 & 12/5/78 W/ Spots WOR-TV 9 120 Min G+
WWWF #26 10/19/79 & 10/7/79 W/ Spots WOR-TV 9 Great Ole School Stuff Here W/ Original Spots 120 Min G/G+
WWWF #27 6/2/79 & 6/9/79 W/ Spots WOR-TV 9 W/ Spots 120Min G+
WWWF #28 12/79 Two Shows From WOR-TV 9 In NY W/Original Spots 120 Min G/G-

WWWF-TV (Wk & Yr Listed)
Greg Valentine v Chief Jay Strongbow (Valentine breaks Strongbow's leg), The Great Hossein wins a squash match, Valiants v DeNucci, Zbyszko & Garea…all of which happening while Strongbow lays out on the floor as they wait for medical help to arrive. Show is missing the first match and is in rough shape but still a classic! All-Time Classic! 35 Min G/G-

Tito Santana's debut. The Great Hossein v SD Jones,.Ted DiBiase defending the North American Heavyweight Championship. Valentine wrestles a scrub but just about loses when Strongbow shows up (on crutches) and scares the heck out of The Grand Wizard GREAT STUFF W/Original Commercials 60 Min G+

Brower v Putski (Rare TV loss for Putski), Pat Patterson debuts. Squash match wins for Volkoff, Haystacks, Valentine and DiBiase. Interesting interview where Gorilla Monsoon states he will win the battle royal in MSG and go after Backlund for the title. W/ Original Commercials G+

WWWF: Championship Wrestling 12/79 W/Georgia Championship Wrestling 12/79
Interview: Ken Patera W/ Grand Wizard, Tony Atlas, Samartino Interviews Patera & Wizard, Albano W/ Wild Samoans... Incredible Hulk Hogan (Heel) Freddie Blassie (Manager) Vs. Jose Estrada... Interview: Pat Patterson... Andre The Giant Squash... Wild Samoans Vs. Johnny Rivera & Dan Patrick... Pat Patterson Vs Johnny Rodz...120 Min Vg-

WWWF: Championship Wrestling 1/11/80 WOR-TV New York W/ Ga Championship Wrestling 1/11/80
Interviews: Pat Patterson, Ken Patera W/Grand Wizard, Bob Backlund, Wild Samoans W/ Lou Albano.. Incredible Hulk Hogan (Heel) Vs Angelo Gomez & Johnny Rivera (Handicap Match)… Interview: Bruno Sammartino…60 Min Vg-

WWWF 1/18/80
Interviews: Backlund, K. Patera W/ Grand Wizard, Pat Patterson… Patterson Squash, Interview Patterson… Interview W/ Bruno Regarding Challenge from Larry Zybysko. (Bruno Says No)… Backlund Vs Bobby Duncum (From Philly)& More 120 Min Vg-

WWWF 3/24/80 NYCNY Madison Square Garden From WWE 24/7 Orig on USA Network McMahon Play By Play 120 MinVG+

WWWF Wrestling: 11/24/83 PHILADELPHIA SPECTRUM Prism (Philly) Replay from WWF 24/7 On Demand 120 Min VG+

The Hangman Vs Super D (Push?) SD Jones. $5,000 Cobra Clutch Challenge W/ Pat Patterson (Really Funny), Moondogs Squash Vs McGraw and D Danucci, Killer Kahn Interview, King Kong Mosca Squash over Jose Estrada 55 Min WWF 24/7 Replay Ex-

The $5,000 Cobra Clutch Challenge (Pat Patterson) The Moondogs vs DeNucci & McGraw. Squash match wins for Mosca, Kahn and Garea & Martel. Rough Sound WOR-TV 50 Min G+


Andre The Giant vs Johnny Rodz. Mighty Joe Thunder debuts. Morales vs Scicluna. Squash wins for Ivan Putski and Fuji & Saito. Cheesy Buddy Rose promo with “The Playgirls” (Great!) SKY TV WWF Classics Vg- 50Min

Fuji & Saito vs The Strongbows. Squash wins for Putski, Swede, Orton Jr, Superstar Billy Graham, Rose, Garea & Travis SKY TV/WWF Classics 50 Min

’84 WWWF-Syndicated TV
New York & Los Angeles Feed Combined On One Disc!
Orndorff (With Piper) vs SD Jones, Johnson & Atlas vs Vachon & Fulton, Shultz (With Piper) vs Callahan, Victory Corner Wrestler Of The Year : Jimmy Snuka, Squash Wins by Santana, The Iron Sheik (With The Belt) The Samoans, Sgt Slaughter WOR (NY) TV G+/Vg-
01-21 Shultz (With Piper) Debut , Iron Sheik (Title Defense) vs John Callahan , Backlund vs Samula (Hogan Returns) Squash Wins By Tito Santana, The Masked Superstar. Historic Show LA TV 100Min Vg-/G+

WWF-Syndicated TV '85 WWF CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING Summer 1985 45 Min Vg-



WWF-TV '85 Compilation: 3 Dvd’s from WWF Television Leading Up To Wrestlemania I

TV JAN-MAR 1985 (Disc 1)
Greg Valentine* vs. Joe Mirto… Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis vs. The Briscos* (last 12 mins of a draw)… Blackjack Mulligan and Andre The Giant interview… Hulk Hogan* vs. Johnny Rodz… Bob Orton interview… Ken Patera and Bobby Heenan interview… Tito Santana and Blackjack Mulligan vs. AJ Petruzzi and Terry Gibbs… Wrestlemania Update… Greg Valentine* vs. Jim Powers… Bob Orton interview… Paul Orndorff interview… Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis vs. Salvatore Bellomo and Rick McGraw… Piper’s Pit: Albano, Windham, and Rotunda… Hulk Hogan trains Hillbilly Jim… Big John Studd and Ken Patera vs. Jim Young and Joe Mirto… Hillbilly Jim and Wendi Richter interviews… Andre The Giant and Junkyard Dog vs. Richard Cummings and Ted Grizzly… The Moondogs vs. Steve Lombardi and Jim Young… Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff vs. SD Jones and Aldo Marino… Johnny V and Brutus Beefcake interview… Piper’s Pit: Blackjack Mulligan… Hillbilly Jim vs. Terry Gibbs (Hillbilly Jim’s debut)… Blackjack Mulligan and Andre the Giant interviews… Tony Atlas and Junkyard Dog vs. Carl Fury and Terry Gibbs… Brutus Beefcake vs. Mario Mancini… SD Jones interview… Bret Hart and Ivan Putski vs. Gino Carabello and Charlie Fulton… Johnny V and Brutus Beefcake interview…
Sporadic tracking issue during the first match. The federation was building toward Wrestlemania(I) at this time. All three of these volumes are good representations of the stars of the fed at the time.
####2:07. Good+ VQ.####

WWF-TV JAN-MAR 1985 (Disc 2)
Jesse Ventura vs. Steve Lombardi… Roddy Piper interviews Mr. T… Tito Santana vs. Jeff Craney… Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff vs. Tony Garea and Aldo Marino… Roddy Piper interview… Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda* vs. Dick Murdoch and Adrian Adonis… Bob Orton interview… Jim Neidhart vs. Tony Garea… Piper’s Pit: Andre The Giant… Jimmy Snuka vs. Jeff Craney… Lou Albano with Windham & Rotunda interview… David Sammartino vs. R.T. Reynolds… Hulk Hogan interview… Don Murraco vs. Tony Garea… Piper’s Pit: Ken Patera, Big John Studd, and Bobby Heenan… Hulk Hogan* vs. Roddy Piper (MSG)… Paul Orndorff vs. Jim Young… Mr. Fuji and Don Murraco interview… Hillbilly Jim vs. AJ Petruzzi… Don Murraco vs. Swede Hanson… Blackjack Mulligan BBQ: Sheik and Volkoff… Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda* vs. Moondog Rex and Rene Goulet… Jim Neidhart vs. Jim Powers… Iron Sheik and Nikolai Volkoff interview… Brutus Beefcake vs. Paul Roma… Piper’s Pit… Wendi Richter* vs. Lelani Kai…
### 2 hrs. Good+ VQ.###

WWF-TV JAN-MAR 1985 (Disc 3)
Big John Studd and Ken Patera vs. SD Jones and Rick McGraw… Hulk Hogan and Mr. T interview… Andre The Giant interview… Bret Hart vs. Rene Goulet (MSG)… Piper’s Pit: Mr. Fuji and Jim Neidhart… Hulk Hogan and Mr. T interview… Wrestlemania Update… Don Murraco vs. Peter Pompei… Jimmy Snuka interview… Roddy Piper interview… Piper’s Pit: Paul Orndorff… Hulk Hogan and Mr. T training video… Big John Studd and Bobby Heenan interview… Wendi Richter and Cyndi Lauper interview… Barry Windham and Mike Rotunda* vs. Rusty Brooks and Terry Gibbs… Ricky Steamboat vs. Steve Lombardi… Roddy Piper interview… King Kong Bundy vs. Mario Mancini… Andre The Giant interview… Big John Studd vs. Jim Young… Andre The Giant – Big John Studd brawl… Piper’s Pit: Johnny V and Brutus Beefcake… Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff training video… Wendi Richter vs. Peggy Lee… Junkyard Dog vs. Mr. X…
###2 hours. Good+ VQ###

WWF-TV Footage 1985/’86 Great & Funny Stuff! TV Compilation….2 Dvd’s (3:30) G+/G

WWF-TV Footage 1986 ‘2 Pack’ TV Compilation 5+ Hours on 2 Dvd’s (Heavily Pixilated) 2 Dvd’s Fair

WWF Primetime: USA Network Monday Night Show:

Monsoon & Jimmy Hart THE Rougeau Brothers Vs Moondogs…WWF MARTIAL ARTS MATCH- Ricky Steamboat VS MURACO & A lot More…

WWF Prime Time Summer ’86 #1 USA Network:
Monsoon/Heenan 120 Min Spots Cut VG+ & Rare WWF In Spanish From Summer ‘86 Pedro Morales Vs Randy Savage (from MSG)…Nick Knitski Vs Les Thornton (From MSG).. Don Morrocco Vs King Tonga ‘Haku’ (From Toronto Exhibition Stadium..70,000 People)…Tony Garrea Vs Ted Arcidi (Toronto)…Mike Sharpe Vs The Rebel Dick Slater…Pipers Pit Vs Flower Shop Challenge…Orndorf Appearance On Tuesday Night Titans…Rogeau’s Vs G. Vallentine & B. Beefcake..... Bonus Stuff…WWF in Spanish Macho Man W/ Liz Vs M Mancini…(in Spanish)…Interview W/ Dick Slater…The Gladiator & Mr X Vs. JYD & George The Animal Steele (in Spanish)…Honky Tonk Run In @ End Of Match (Funny)…Interview Corporal Kirshner…Tommy Sharpe Vs Mr Wonderful Paul Orndorff W/ Bobby Heenan. (Spanish)…Interview Beefcake & Vallentine…. Jimmy Jack Funk W/ Hoss Funk & Jimmy Hart Vs Rebel Dick Slater….Cuts Off @ Intro’s…

WWF Prime Time Summer ’86 #2 USA Network:
Monsoon/Heenan 120 Min W/ Spots Cut VG+ W/ WWF In Spanish Continued From Disc #1
Bill Dixon & Les Thornton Vs Paul Roma & Salvatore Bellomo (In Spanish)…Interview Macho Man (Funny)…Golden Boy Danny Spivey & Mike Rotundo Tag Team Squash Match…(End Spanish Stuff) WWF Prime Time Summer ’86 Begins…Kamala Vs Pat Patterson…Studio Bit W/ Monsoon & Okerlund demanding payment from Heenan for wrestlers who’ve been body John Studd…Terry Gibbs Vs Moon Dog Rex…Women’s Tag Match…Peggy Patterson & Penny Mitchell Vs Desire Peterson & Velvet McIntyre…British Bulldogs W/ Albano Vs Les Thornton & Foley…TNT Segment W/ Ivan Koloff, A Live Bear, Iron Sheik, Slick & Freddie Blassie W/ Gene Okerlund (pretty Comical)…Interview: George Steele W/ Ken Resnick (Very Funny)...Moon Dog Spot Vs Jose Luis Rivera (JIP From Boston)…Interview W/ Macho Man & Ken Resnick…Killer Bee’s Vs Vallentine & Beefcake (World Title Match From Boston)….

WWF In Spanish: See WWF Primetime USA Network '86 Discs #1 & #2

WWF Prime Time ’87 USA Network (Heenan & Monsoon) 2 Hrs W/ Spots VG Hart Foundation Vs Davey Boy Smith & Billy Jack Haynes (Danny Davis Ref Angle)…Pipers Pit W/ Andre, Hogan & Heenan setting up Wrestlemania III…Corporal Kirshner Vs Honky Tonk Man (From Sat Nights Main Even)..Black Jack Mulligan Vs Nickoli Volkoff… Hart Foundation Vs Brittish Bulldogs (Danny Davis ref angle)…Leapin Lanny Squash… Bruno Sammartino Vs Macho Man….More WWF All American Wrestling (USA Net Sunday Afternoon Show)

WWF ‘Primetime Snapshot’: June-November ’85 (3 Dvd’s) Vg-
All the Banter between Monsoon and Ventura From this time period. This three disc set features most matches cut down to next to nothing but contains interviews and other good stuff. Worth having non-the-less. Contains US Express vs. Sheik & Volkofk & US Express vs. Sheik & Volkoff Title Change later in Summer…..Vg-





WWF Superstars/WWF Challenge: First Shows of each from ’87 on one disc. 120 Min G-
TNT: 9/17/86 120 Min Vg

Mene Gene & Lord Alfred Hayes open the show…Mene Gene sings "Tutty Fruity" Jake the Snake joins the TNT set…Jake the Snake ansewers questions from the audience footage of George Steele getting shock treatments…George Steele joins the TNT set Fred Blassie & The Slicksta join the TNT set…Hercules vs. Tony Atlas…Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Shiek join the TNT set…Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Shiek vs. Killer Bees…Nikolai Volkoff brings out his pet Russian Bear…WWF LJN Bendies action figures comercial…Hulk Hogan workout set commercial
WWF Superstars: ’87 WWF Superstars Trilogy’ 3 Dvd’s Vg-/G+
6 Complete Superstars Shows From ’87 Two From February, Two from June and Two From October. Each disc in the trilogy is approximately 95 to 100 minutes. ..This is the syndicated show that aired on independent stations on Saturday Mornings. 3 Dvd’s Vg-/G+

WWF Superstars: 1/3/87 From 24/7 40 Min Vg-

2/8/87 - included a pre-emption of the Snake Pit, with the same Piper's Pit from the 2/7 Superstars airing instead; included the British Bulldogs / Hart Foundation title match from Superstars shown in full: Koko B. Ware pinned Jimmy Jack Funk with the Ghostbuster at 2:56 Jake Roberts pinned David Gold with the DDT at 1:11 Demolition (w/ Johnny V) defeated SD Jones & Don Driggers when Ax pinned Driggers with a clothesline after a slingshot from Smash at 1:58 Adrian Adonis (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Mario Mancini via submission with the sleeper at 1:13 Rick Martel & Tom Zenk defeated Steve Lombardi & Iron Mike Sharpe when Martel pined Lombardi with a slingshot splash at 4:21



WWF Saturday Nights Main Event
WWF SATURDAY NIGHTS MAIN EVENT: Show #2 (10/15/85) East Rutherford, New Jersey..Meadowlands Arena

World Heavyweight Title Match (Flag Match): Hulk Hogan Vs Nikolai Volkoff in a "flag" match....Uncle Elmer Vs Jerry Valiant...Paul Orndorff Vs Roddy Piper....King Kong Bundy and John Studd Vs Andre the Giant and Tony Atlas....Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine Vs Lanny Poffo and Tony Garea…Uncle Elmer Gets Married!

Saturday Night's Main Event: from a couple of shows (Spring 88)
Savage vs Million Dollar Man…Beefcake vs Ron Bass…Beefcake vs Valentine…Hogan vs Harley Race (ended Race's career)…Hogan vs Akeem…Killer Bees vs Islanders…Hacksaw vs Hercules…Warrior vs Honky… Beefcake vs Danny Davis…Savage vs One Man Gang…Bulldogs vs Demolition…Perfect vs Koko… Mega Powers vs Twin Towers…Beefcake vs Rude… Hogan vs Bad News Brown…Million Dollar Man vs Blue Blazer…Rockers vs Brain Busters…Rooster vs Lombardi …Hogan vs Honky…Valentine vs Snuka…Savage vs Beefcake… 120 Min Good/G-

WWF ’90 Saturday Nights Main Event Live In Hershey, PA 90 Min Complete W/ Spots VG

Interview Heenan W/ Ravishing Rick Rude…Interview W/ Beefcake Rude Vs. Beefcake…Interview Bad News Brown W/ Jessee Ventura…Interview Hulk Hogan…Hogan Vs Bad News Brown…Macho Man Hunts For Elizabeth…Interview Million Dollar Man…Million Dollar Man Vs Blue Blazer…Interview Miss Elizabeth Who Will She Choose, Hogan or Savage?...Rockers Vs Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard…Video Of Heenan Attacking Terry Taylor…Brooklyn Brawler Vs Terry Taylor…Interview W/ Terry Taylor…End Show…

WWF MSG Classics

WWF MSG Classics # : 11/81 & 1/31/92 Murraco Vs Morales, Backlund Vs Vallentine & more Spots Cut 100 Min Ex
WWF MSG Classics # : 7/12/86 22Man Battle Royal + Savage Vs Adonis 55Min Spots Cut Ex
WWF MSG Classics # :3/18/85 & 11/25/89 Hogan/Piper/Lauper & Roberts Vs Dibiase Spots Cut 100 Min Ex

WWF Home Video

THE WWF WRESTLING CLASSIC 85: Coliseum Video Recorded 10/7/85 @ Rosemont Horizon In Chicago. (A really great idea!) VG

Adrian Adonis vs. Cpl. Kirschner …Dynamite Kid vs. Nikolai Volkoff …Randy Savage vs. Ivan Putski…Ricky Steamboat vs. Davey Smith …Junkyard Dog vs. Iron Sheik…Moondog Spot vs. Terry Funk …Tito Santana vs. Don Muraco ..Paul Orndorff vs. Bob Orton …Dynamite Kid vs. Adrian Adonis ..Randy Savage vs. Ricky Steamboat ..Junkyard Dog vs. Moondog Spot …Tito Santana vs. Paul Orndorff ..Randy Savage vs. Dynamite Kid ..Hulk Hogan vs. Roddy Piper …Junkyard Dog vs. Randy Savage (JYD wins Wrestling Classic Tournament)

WWF THE BIG EVENT 8/28/86..Toronto, Ontario, Canada…CNE Stadium…74,000 VG+
The Killer Bees (B. Brian Blair and Jim Brunzell) defeated Jimmy Jack and Dory Funk when Brunzell pinned Jimmy Jack....Don Muraco drew with Haku....Ted Arcidi defeated Tony Garea via submission....Junkyard Dog defeated Adrian Adonis by Count Out....Dick Slater pinned Mike Sharpe....King Kong Bundy, John Studd, and Bobby Heenan defeated Lou Albano, Big and Super Machine by Disqualification....Snake Pit Match: Ricky Steamboat pinned Jake Roberts in a "snake pit" match....Billy Jack Haynes pinned Hercules....Jacques and Raymond Rougeau defeated Greg Valentine and Brutus Beefcake when Raymond pinned Valentine....Harley Race pinned Pedro Morales....World Heavyweight Title Match: Hulk Hogan defeated Paul Orndorff by Disqualification to retain the title.

Tito Santana vs. The Executioner…King Kong Bundy vs. SD Jones…Ricky Steamboat vs. Matt Borne…Brutus Beefcake vs. David Sammartino…Junkyard Dog vs. Greg Valentine…Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik vs. Barry Windham & Mike Rotunda (Volkoff & Sheik win WWF Tag Team Title)...Andre the Giant vs. John Studd (bodyslam)…Wendi Richter vs. Lelani Kai (Richter wins WWF Women's Title)..Hulk Hogan & Mr. T vs. Paul Orndorff & Roddy Piper…
01/19/87 Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine vs. Rick Martel & Tito Santana …11/24/86 Kamala vs. George Steele ..11/24/86 "Piper's Pit" with Bobby Heenan & Paul Orndorff …11/24/86 Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper vs. Harley Race & Paul Orndorff …2/23/87 Randy Savage, Harley Race, & Adrian Adonis vs. Roddy Piper, Junkyard Dog, & Rick Steamboat (elimination match) ..03/14/87 Roddy Piper video ..11/24/86 Little Tokyo & Lord Littlebrook vs. Karate Kid & Pepe Gomez …11/24/86 Don Muraco vs. Hillbilly Jim…12/26/86 Hillbilly Jim vs. Mr. Fuji (tuxedo match)

A WWE documentary on Graham's career as well as the following matches: *WWWF champion Bruno Sammartino vs. Superstar Billy Graham (Baltimore, Maryland 4/30/77, Graham's title win)…*WWWF champion Superstar Billy Graham vs. Ivan Putski (Madison Square Garden, 8/29/77) …*WWWF champion Superstar Billy Graham vs. Dusty Rhodes - Texas Death Match (Madison Square Garden, 10/24/77)

"WWF Wrestling Superheroes" 60 Min EX
Randy Savage vs. Ultimate Warrior (world champion vs. IC champion)...Hulk Hogan vs. Hercules (world title match...Roddy Piper vs. Rick Rude (steel cage match from MSG...Jimmy Snuka vs. Greg Valentine (special guest ref Ronnie Garvin...Demolition vs. Powers of Pain & Mr. Fuji (3-on-2 handi-cap match for tag-team championship)

WWF: Villains of the Squared Circle Home Video From ’86. Features all the great heels of the time! 100 Min Ex

Razor Ramon: From WWF Home Video (Very Beginning Is Cut) Funny Stuff 120 Min G+
5/23/94 Razor Ramon vs. Bam Bam Bigelow …9/27/93 Razor Ramon vs. Rick Martel (Ramon wins WWF I-C Title) ..12/15/93 Razor Ramon vs. Crush ..3/22/94 Razor Ramon vs. Adam Bomb ..3/20/94 Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels (ladder match) ..1/22/94 Razor Ramon vs. Irwin R. Schyster ..04/11/94 Razor Ramon vs. Jeff Jarrett …5/24/94 Razor Ramon vs. Yokozuna

WWF 24/7 & Rebroadcasts & Arena Shows

WWF MSG 12/28/82 FROM WWE/24 7 VG
Wendi Richter & the Fabulous Moolah Vs Cindy Chase & Princess Victoria..Tony Garea Vs. Johnny Rodz…Salvatore Bellomo Vs Jose Estrada …Buddy Rose Vs Ivan Putski…Rocky Johnson Vs The Black Demon …SD Jones Vs Eddie Gilbert…WWF Tag Team Champions Chief Jay & Jules Strongbow Vs. Mr. Fuji & Mr. Saito (Texas Death Match) …WWF IC Champion Pedro Morales Vs. Don Muraco…Jimmy Snuka Vs Ray Stevens..(Best of Confidential Vol. 1)…WWF World Champion Bob Backlund VS Superstar Billy Graham (Swede Hansen Guest Referee)…

WWF: ’83 & ’86 Rebroadcasts of shows from MSG ’83 Main Event Backlund vs Iron Sheik ’86 Main Even Hogan Vs Macho Man Other great matches as well! MSG Classics 120 Min Ex+

WWF TNT 11/13/84 Rebroadcast From 24/7 (94 Min) Ex-
First TNT Talk show ever! W/ Mcmahon & Lord Alfred Hayes…W/ Albano…Windham…Rotundo…Volkoff…World’s Oldest Wrestling Fan…David Sammartino…Blackjack Mulligan…Love Advice From Captain Lou…’85 WWF Calendar Commercial…Ex-

WWF Philadelphia 12/13/86 2 Dvd’s Good Video/Awful Audio Fair

WWF @ Philadelphia, PA - Spectrum - December 13, 1986 (14,132) Televised on the PRISM Network - included Gorilla Monsoon & Dick Graham on commentary: Steve Lombardi Vs Tony Garea …Butch Reed Vs, Sivi Afi …Brutus Beefcake (w/ Johnny V) Vs. Mike Rotundo …The Honkytonk Man Vs. SD Jones…Dan Spivey Vs. Greg Valentine Blackjack Mulligan Vs. Jimmy Jack Funk …Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart Vs Pedro Morales & Tito Santana The Junkyard Dog Vs. King Harley Race (w/ Bobby Heenan) Kamala (w/ the Wizard & Kimchee) Vs Cpl. Kirchner…WWF World Champion Hulk Hogan Vs. Paul Orndorff (w/ Bobby Heenan) in a steel cage match….Fair

WWF 12/6/86 Boston Garden From 24/7 (2:10) VG+

Rogeaus Vs Spivey and Rotundo…King Harley Race Vs Morales…Dick Slater Vs Lombardi…Adonis Vs JYD…Mulligan Vs Jimmy Jack Funk…Tonga Kid & Haku Vs Vallentine & Beefcake…Kamala Vs Hulk Hogan…
WWF: Wrestlemania II 1:52 Recorded From Pay Per View Vg-

"Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff vs. "Magnificent" Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji went to a double countout Intercontinental Championship..Randy "Macho Man" Savage w/ Elizabeth def. George “The Animal” Steele to retain his title…Jake “The Snake” Roberts def. George Wells..Boxing Match Mr. T w/ Joe Frazier and the Haiti Kid def. “Rowdy” Roddy Piper w/ Cowboy Bob Orton by DQ…Women’s Championship…Fabulous Moolah def. Velvet McIntyre to become new champion Flag Match…Corporal Kirchner def. Nikolai Volkoff w/ Classy Freddie Blassie..WWE and NFL Battle Royal…Andre the Giant def. Jimbo Covert (Chicago Bears), Pedro Morales, Tony Atlas, Ted Arcidi, Harvey Martin (Dallas Cowboys), Dan Spivey, Hillbilly Jim, King Tonga, Iron Sheik, Ernie Holmes (Pittsburgh Steelers), Big John Studd, B. Brian Blair, Jumpin’ Jim Brunzell, Bill Fralic (Atlanta Falcons), Bret “Hit Man” Hart, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, Russ Francis (San Francisco 49ers), Bruno Sammartino and William “Refrigerator” Perry (Chicago Bears)…World Tag Team Championship The British Bulldogs w/ Captain Lou Albano and Ozzy Osbourne def. The Dream Team, Brutus Beefcake & Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, w/ Luscious Johnny Valiant to become new champions..Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat def. Hercules…"Adorable" Adrian Adonis w/ Jimmy Hart def. Uncle Elmer..Terry & Hoss Funk w/ Jimmy Hart def. Tito Santana & Junkyard Dog…Main Event: WWE Championship Steel Cage Match…Hulk Hogan def. King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby “The Brain” Heenan to retain

WWF WRESTLEMANIA III Wrestlemania III 3/29/87 Silverdome Pontiac, Mich (24/7 Version) Rick Martel & Tom Zenk vs. Bob Orton & Don Muraco …Billy Jack Haynes vs. Hercules …Hillbilly Jim, Little Beaver, & Haiti Kid vs. King Kong Bundy, Lord Littlebrook, & Little Tokyo …Harley Race vs. Junkyard Dog (loser must bow and kneel match)…Brutus Beefcake & Greg Valentine vs. Jacques & Raymond Rougeau …Roddy Piper vs. Adrian Adonis (hair vs. hair match) …The Hart Foundation & Danny Davis vs. The British Bulldogs & Tito Santana …Butch Reed vs. Koko B. Ware…Ricky Steamboat vs. Randy Savage (Steamboat wins WWF I-C Title)…Honkytonk Man vs. Jake Roberts…Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff vs. The Killer Bees…Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant

WWF BOSTON GARDEN 2/8/86 House Show
Lanny Poffo def. Paul Christy…Sivi Afi def. Barry O…George Steele def. Tiger Chung Lee..Hillbilly Jim def. Big John Studd via CO…WWF IC TITLE MATCH:…Randy Savage def. Tito Santana to win the title..The Hart Foundation def. The Killer Bees..HAWAIIAN DEATH MATCH:…Ricky Steamboat def. Don Muraco..STEEL CAGE MATCH:Bruno Sammartino def. Roddy Piper..Great Show!

SummerSlam ’89 Recorded Telecast 2 Dvd’s VG/VG-

WWF Tag Team Champions The Brain Busters (Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard) (w/Bobby Heenan) Vs. The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart) in a non-title match….Dusty Rhodes defeated The Honky Tonk Man (w/Jimmy Hart) (9:36)…Mr. Perfect defeated The Red Rooster (3:21) Rick Martel and The Fabulous Rougeaus (Jacques and Raymond) (w/Jimmy Hart and Slick) defeated Tito Santana and The Rockers (Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty) (14:58) ..The Ultimate Warrior defeated Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan) to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship (16:02)...Jim Duggan and Demolition (Smash and Ax) defeated André the Giant and The Twin Towers (The Big Boss Man and Akeem) (w/Bobby Heenan and Slick) (7:23) …Hercules defeated Greg Valentine (w/Jimmy Hart) (3:08) Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil) defeated Jimmy Snuka (6:27)…WWF Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake (w/Miss Elizabeth) defeated Randy Savage and Zeus (w/Sensational Sherri) (15:04)

WWF Wrestling: 4/89 New York Madison Square Garden Rebroadcast Post Wrestlemania IV! 60 Min EX

Wrestlemania XIV: 2:50 2 Dvd’s Original Pay Per View Telecast VG+

LOD won the 15 team battle royal …Taka Michanoku retains his Light Heavyweight Title over Aguila, known as Essa Rios. …HHH retain his European Title over Owen Hart with Chyna's help. …Marc Mero & Sable beat Goldust & Luna VaChon with Sable doing the STO? …The Rock retained his IC Title over Ken Shamrock cause of Shamrock's refusing to let go of the Ankle Lock…Cactus Jack & Chainsaw Charlie beat The Outlaws in a "Dumster Match" for the Tag Titles, with having another dumster backstage of the arena. …Undertaker beat his brother Kane by delivering 3 Tombstones to Kane. After the match Kane Tombstoned Undertaker on a chair.

Georgia Championship Wrestling WTBS

Georgia Championship Wrestling 12/79
Bill Brazil Vs Abdullah The Butcher.. Bruiser Brody (Texas Footage).. Interview: Tony Atlas, Mr Wrestling II, Masked Superstar, Bob Backlund, Tommy Rich.. Koloff & Smirnoff Squash... Killer Kahn Squash... Interview: Masked Superstar, Koloff & Smirnoff... Womens Match... Interview: Mr. Wrestling... Steve Candy Squash... Tommy Rich Squash 120 Min Vg-

Survivor Series ’97……2 Dvd’s ….From 24/7….EX+

Huge Tag Team Tourney & ‘Montreal ScrewJob’!Steve Austin defeated Owen Hart to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship (4:04) Austin pinned Owen after a Stone Cold Stunner. ..Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart to win the WWF Championship (12:11)…Michaels beat Hart when Michaels locked Bret in Bret's signature Sharpshooter and Vince McMahon had referee Earl Hebner call for the the bell.

Georgia Championship Wrestling: 1/18/80
Interviews: Austin Idol, Lars Anderson, Steve Travis… Bruiser Brody Squash… Super Destroyer Squash Match… Travis & Matta Vs. Stan Lane & Brian St. John… Int Austin Idol… Kevin Sullivan’s Father W/Shoot On Idol (Injured Brother Angle)… Stand Up With Methesto, Sheik, buying contracts of Butcher and Kahn from Gorgeous George Jr…. Abdulah The Butcher Squash 120 Min Vg-

Georgia Championship Wrestling 1/28 & 2/2 80
Charlie Fulton Vs Mr Wrestling #2 W/ Masked Superstar Managing… Interviews: Kevin Sullivan, Steve Travis, Terry Funk… The Collector Vs Tommy Rich… Rich Interview… Austin Idol Vs Masked Superstar… Idol Interview… Sullivan Vs Mr. Wrestling #2… Int Sullivan, Mr Wrestling#2, Steve Travis… Travis Squash Match… Interview: Steve Candy and Tony Atlas, Ivan Koloff & Alexis Smirnoff… Lots More...120 Min Vg-

Georgia Championship Wrestling 1/11/80
Interviews: Tony Atlas, Great Mathesto W/Abdula The Butcher, Dusty Rhodes, Masked Superstar, Mr Wrestling #2… Mr Wrestling #2 Squash Match… Masked Superstar attacks Mr Wrestling #2… Interview: Tommy Rich, Mr Wrestling #2…, Gorgeous George Jr. W/Taru Tanaka (Karate Demonstration) (Very Funny)… Killer Kahn Vs Gerald Finley… Kevin Sullivan Squash Match… Austin Idol Vs Steve Travis (TV Title Match 120 Min Vg-/G+

Mid-South Wrestling
From Cowboy Bill Watt’s Collection: Commercials Cut In All Shows..All Volumes Below Contain 2 Episodes and run Approx 90 Min Total

Mid South Wrestling Vol 1 12/3 & 12/10/81 90 Min Total
12/3/81 Boyd Pierce & Bob Roop Host
Bob Roop Vs Buddy Landell…Paul Orndorff Vs Tony Charles…Ed Wiskowski Vs Ted Dibiase…Jimmy Garvin Vs B ob Orton Jr…..Challenge Match Terry Orndorff Vs JYD….Iron Shiek Vs King Cobra…Jerry Novak & The Monk Vs Brian Blair & Frank Monte…12/10/81 Boyd Pierce & Ernie ‘Big Cat’ Ladd The Monk Vs Bryan Blair…Tom Renesto Jr. Vs King Cobra…Jimmy Garvin Vs. Ed Wiskowski…JYD & Mike George Vs Jerry Novak & Aaron Holt…The Iron Sheik Vs Buddy Ryan…Diamond Lil & Rick Ferrara Vs B arbie Doll & Tony Charles..Ted Dibiase Vs Paul Orndorff.....

Mid South Wrestling: Vol 14 6/10 & 6/17/82 (90 Min Total) VG
Mid-South Wrestling Show # 148 Boyd Pierce and Masked Assasin
Precious Paul Ellering Chin-Up Demonstration…Precioius Paul squash..Ted Dibiase Vs Jesse Barr..The Grappler and Billy Ash Vs Junk Yard Dog & Mr Olympia…Hacksaw Jim Duggan Vs Vinnie Romeo…Buddy Landell Vs Killer Kahn (Louisiania Heavyweight Champ) W/ Skandar Akbar…One Man Gang W/ Skandar Akbar Vs. Coco Samoa…Bob Roop & Hangman Harris Vs Ernie Ladd & Col Buck Robley….Mid South Wrestling Show # 149 Boyd Pierce & Cowboy Bill Watts The Grappler Vs Col. Buck Robley….Ted Dibiase Vs Buddy Landell…Billy Ash Vs Iron Mike Sharpe…Killer Kahn & One Man Gang Vs Vinnie Romeo & Coco Samoa….Rob Roop Vs Mr. Olympia…Hacksaw Jim Duggan Vs Mike Bond…..Assassin & Rick ‘Hangman’ Harris Vs Ernie Big Cat Ladd & Junk Yard Dog…

Mid South Wrestling Vol 15 Episodes 6/25 & 7/1/82 90 Minutes Total VG
Show #151 WBoyd Pierce & Bill Watts..Billy Starr Vs Mr. Olympia…Dr Death Steve Williams Vs Mike Bond… The One Man Gang Vs Joe Stark & David Price (handicap match)…Killer Kahn Vs Iron Mike Sharpe…Hangman Harris Vs Rick McCord…Ted Dibiase & Jim Duggan Vs Jesse Barr & Vinnie Romeo.. The Assassin Vs Col Buck Robley..Show #152…Ted Dibiase Vs Tommy Saxon…Col Buck Robley Vs Billy Starr…Hacksaw Duggan Vs Tony Torres…Iron Mike Sharpe Vs One Man Gang…Killer Kahn Vs Iron Mike Sharpe (title match)..Mr Olympia & JYD Vs Killer Kahn & One Man Gang…Interview Dick Murdoch (from Osaka Japan)…Dick Murdoch Vs Fujiama (From Japan)…

Mid South Wrestling Vol #23: 10/28 & 11/3/82...90 Minutes Total VG
#168 Boyd Pierce & Cowboy Bill Watts…Atlas Bench Exhibition…Dibiase Vs Tiger Conway Jr. (Recorded in Houston) (Dibiase Narrates over footage)….Kamala Vs El Silencio….Interview W/ Slamdor Akbar…Mr. Olympia & Mike Sharp Vs Rick & John Davidson…Mr. Wrestling II Vs Marty Lunde (Arn Anderson)…Bob Roop Vs Mike Bond…Hiro Matsuda & Yoshi Yatsu Vs King Cobra & Tim Horner…#169 Boyd Pierce & Bob Roop… Bill Watts @ Shreveport W/ American Legion donating money….Mary Lunde (Arn Anderson) Vs Stagger Lee (JYD In A Hood)…Kamala Vs King Cobra…Mr. Wrestling II Vs Yoshi Yatsu (Kamala & Stagger Lee Run in)….Ted Dibiase & Matt Borne Vs Mr. Olympia & Mike Sharp…Chavo Guerro Vs Bobby Jaggers (Arena Footage From Houston)…Princess Victoria Vs Lelani Kai…Hacksaw Duggan Vs Mike Bond…

Mid South Wrestling Volume 37 Episodes 5/12 & 5/19/83 (90 Minutes Total) VG
Show #196 Boyd Pierce & Buddy Nichols Rip Rogers Vs Tim Horner…Tony Zane Vs. Magnum TA…Mike Vachon Vs Tito Santana…Super Destroyer & King Kong Bundy Vs Denny Alberts and Craig Carson…Interview W/ Hacksaw Butch Reed…JYD Enters Ring…Dibiase and Reed shoot on JYD (funny)….Charlie Cook & Ted Dibiase (from Houston, TX)….Boris Zirkoff & Mr. Olympia Vs Hacksaw Duggan & Johnny Rich…Show #197 Boyd Pierce & Cowboy Bill WattsDenny Alberts Vs Mr Wrestling II…Tito Santana Vs King Kong Bundy…Butch Reed Challenges JYD…The Junkyard Dog Video (comical stuff)…Hacksaw Butch Reed Vs Tim Horner…Mr Olympia & Boris Zurkhov Vs Art Crews & George Weingroff…Rip Rogers Vs Magnum TA…Mil Mascaras Vs Black Ninja Kendo Nagasaki…

Mid-South Wrestling Volume 99 11/1 & 11/8/85 Episodes 321 & 322
~ Interviews w/Duggan/Ricky Gibson/Dibiase/Reed/Eddie Gilbert …RnR Express (RnR All Night) Video …Richard Dye vs. Buzz Sawyer….Tag Champs Wendell Cooley & Al Perez vs. Ted Dibiase & "Dr. Death" Steve Williams…North American Champ Butch Reed vs. Dutch Mantell…Steve Doll vs. Dick Slater Match: Bruise Brothers (Porkchop Cash & Mad Dog Boyd) vs. El Corsario (TNT) & Jerry Grey….Jimmy Backland vs. Eddie Gilbert …Mid-South Wrestling 11/8/85 (VG - 45mins)…Interviews w/Slater & Buzz/Flair/Jake Roberts/Reed…Bruise Brothers (Porkchop Cash & Mad Dog Boyd) vs. Steve Constance & Shawn O'Reilly …Eddie Gilbert & The Nightmare vs. Nick Patrick & Tommy Wright …North American Champ Butch Reed vs. Ricky Starr…Perry Jackson vs. Humongous…Jake Roberts vs. El Corsario (TNT, Jake wears a Humongous mask)…NWA World Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair vs. Butch Reed (Non Title, Reed wins)

Florida Championship Wrestling Compilations
Florida Ultimate 70’s: 3 Dvd’s 5 Hours 40 Minutes 43 Matches Total Quality Varies
The 70s in Florida was one of the true Golden Ages of professional wrestling. See all the great matches and great stars featured in the amazing Florida Tape 3, Jack Brisco vs. Dory Funk Jr., and Legend of Buddy Colt tapes. You?ll see Lou Thesz collide with Johnny Valentine, three classic clashes between Jack Brisco and Dory Funk Jr., a hated Dusty Rhodes creating havoc in Florida, Jack Brisco against Johnny Valentine in a tag match, Danny Hodge defending the World junior title against Jerry Brisco, three heated battles for the North American heavyweight championship between Buddy Colt and Cowboy Bill Watts, the brutal Buddy Colt breaking Johnny Walker's (Mr. Wrestling II) arm and so much more.

Georgia/Florida 70’s Clips: 120 Min TV Clips from 70’s & 80’s featuring Gordon Sollie Quality Varies

NWA TV 80's
NWA Disc #1
1/10/86 & 1/3/87 NWA On WTBS Tony Shiavane 120 Min Old School Studio Stuff VG First Generation Brad Armstrong Vs The Angel…Interview Windham & R. Garvin…Superstar Bill Dundee Vs Randy Barber…Interview Jim Cornette & Big Bubba Rogers…Interview Dusty Rhodes…Nikita Koloff Vs Larry Stephens…Tully Blanchard Squash…Interview Rick Flair…Interview Blanchard…Rock N Roll Express Squash…Interview Dick Murdoch…Road Warriors Squash..Road Warriors Interview (End Jan ’86)…Jan ’87 Shavane W/ David Crockett Stuff Windham & Garvin Tag Team Squash…Interview Cornette W/ Big Bubba…Ivan Kolloff W/ Nikita Squash…Interview Nikita….Rock N Roll Express Squash…Interview Garvin & Windham..Tully Blanchard Vs Tim Horner…Vladamir Pietroff Squash…Interview Nikita Koloff…Arn Anderson & Ole Anderson Squash…Road Warriors Squash…Interview Ivan Koloff…

NWA Disc #2
NWA On WTBS ’87 (Sunday Edition) 60 Min W/ ‘NWA Pro Wrestling’ (Syndicated) From WKCH-TV 43 Knoxville ’87 VG-
Interview Bill Dundee…Ivan Koloff & Dick Murdoch Squash Tag Team Match…Ravishing Rick Rude & Ragin Bull W/ Paul Jones Squash Tag Team…Interview Lex Lugar.. Interview Rick Flair..Arn & Ole Anderson Squash…Interview Ronnie Garvin & Jimmy Garvin W/ Precious…Interview Ole Anderson & James J. Dillon…Barry Windham Squash…Interview Baron Von Raschke (Narrating Highlights Of tag match with Murock when he turns on Von Rashke (End NWA Pro) …Road Warriors interview…Windham & Garvin Squash…Interview Ivan Koloff W/Vladamir Pietroff…Interview Rick Flair…Tully Blanchard Squash…Brad Armstron & Tim Horner Squash…Interview Dick Murdoch…Interview Nikita Koloff…Ole Anderson Squash W/ Arn Anderson Narrating and calling out Nikita…Rock N Roll Express Squash…Interview Rock N Roll Express…Georgeous Jimmy Garvin Squash W/ Precious..Interview Superstar Bill Dundee.. Brad Armstrong Vs Angel… VG

NWA Disc #3
NWA All Star Wrestling W/CWA (MEMPHIS ’87) 45 Min (Spots Cut) 3/16/87 Interview Downtown Bruno w/ Bubba & Goliath Vs John Paul & Jim Jamison…Interview Jeff Jarrett & Billy Travis…Interview Jonathan Boyd (Head Sheephearder)…Interview W/Fabulous Ones (Stan & Steve)..The Hunter W/ Bambi Vs David Johnson…Memphis Vice Vs Rough And Ready….Interview W/ Jerry Lawler (narrates film of Austin Idol & Tommy Rich working him over)…Interview Downtown Bruno W/Bubba & Goliath…Interview Downtown Bruno W/ Boy Tony.. Boy Tony & Goto Vs Pat Tanaka & Alan West…(2 of 3 Falls)…NWA All Star Wrestling March 87 Syndicated TV Show W/Rick Stewart (60 Min W/ SpotsInterview Barry Windam…Arn Anderson Vs Nakita Koloff…Interview Bill Dundee…Interview Rick Flair..Dick Murdoch & Baron Von Rascke Vs Ravishing Rick Rude & Ragin’ Bull…Interview Rude & Bull…Rhodes Vs Blanchard (TV Title Match)…

NWA Disc #4
’85 & ’87 NWA Sunday Night Edition First Ever Episode SuperStation WTBS-TV + Later Telecast from Clash Of Champions ’87 120 Min Vg-
Interview Magnum TA & Dusty Rhodes…Dick Murdoch Squash…Road Warriors Squash…Jimmy Garvin W/Precious Squash… Clash Of Champions IV From Chattanooga TN WTBS @ UTC Arena Jim Ross On The Mic!…The Fantastics (Tommy Rogers & Bobby Fulton) Vs Eddie Gilbert & Ron Simmons (Introduced By Jason Hervey of Wonder Years)…Interview W/ Guest Host Lex Luger…Dr. Death Steve Williams Vs Italian Stallion…Ivan Kolloff Vs Paul Jones (Koloff W/ One Hand Tied Behind His Back)…Sting Interview…Interview Rick Steiner…Rhodes Vs Road Warrior Animal…Midnight Express Beautiful Bobby & Sweet Stan Lee W/Jim Cornette Vs Rick Flair & Barry Windham..120 Min Total….

NWA Disc #5
June ‘87 NWA ‘Pro Wrestling’ Two Shows 120 Min From WKCH-TV Knoxville Bob Caudill & Johnny Weaver…Shows leading to First Great American Bash…Vg/G+
Handsome Jimmy Garvin & Ronnie Garvin W/ Baby Doll squash...Southern Boys Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong Squash…Pietroff & Koloff & Ragin’ Bull Squash…Barry Switzer Bash Ad (Funny)….Interview Flair…Nikita Koloff Squash…Interview Dusty Rhodes & Magnum TA.. Squash Tully Blanchard…Midnight Express W/ Jim Cornette Squash…End First Show… Second Show…Rock N Roll Express Squash...Interview Rock N Roll Express…Barry Windham Squash..Tully Blanchard & Arn Anderson Squash…Midnight Express W/ Jim Cornette Squash…Ragin Bull Manny Fernandez W/ Manny Fernandez Squashes Italian Stallion..Interview The Mod Squad (Spike And Basher)…Rick Flair Interview…Garvins W/Prescious Squash + Interview…Interview W/ Luger Run In Nikita Koloff..Multi Wrestler Run-In as time expired…Approx 120 Min

Clash of The Champions XV ‘Knocksville, USA’ 6/14/91 Knoxville, TN 1 Dvd (1:52) Vg-

Tracey Smothers, Steve Armstrong and Tom Zenk def. The Freebirds…Oz def. Johnny Rich Danny Spivey def. Big Josh …Dustin Rhodes def. Terrance Taylor Sting def. Nikita Koloff ….Barry Windham and Arn Anderson def. Brian Pillman and El Gigante …IWGP World Tag Team Champions Steiner Brothers def. Masahiro Chono and Hiroshi Hase …The Diamond Studd def. Tommy Rich …Steve Austin def. Joey Maggs WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Lex Luger def. The Great Muta …WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair def. Bobby Eaton
WCW Home Video
"Best Of Bash At The Beach" 60 Min Hosted By Okerland From ’95 WCW

NWA: 2/31/83 ‘Final Conflict’ 93 Min VG

Gerry Brisco vs. Ken Timbs …Mike Rotundo vs. Rick Harris …Johnny Weaver & Private Nelson vs. Gene Anderson & Red Dog Lane…Roddy Piper vs. Dick Slater (TV title)…Rick Steamboat & Jay Youngblood vs. Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle (cage-NWA tag titles) bonus matches: The Briscos heel turn Ric Flair vs. Private Nelson…

WCW JAPAN SUPERSHOW 1991: Hosted By Jim Ross (March 21, 1991) from the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan.

Shiro Koshinaka, Kuniaki Kobayashi and Takayuki Iizuka Vs. Tim Horner, Brian Pillman and Tom Zenk .. Jushin Liger defeated Akira Nogami to retain the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship… Arn Anderson and Barry Windham defeated Masa Saito and Masa Chono… The Steiner Brothers (Rick and Scott) Vs Hiro Hase and Kensuke Sasaki (IWGP Championship) El Gigante Vs Curtis Hughes…The Great Muta Vs. Sting…Tatsumi Fujinami Vs Ric Flair…

WCW: 1/23/93 ‘Saturday Night’ From WTBS 120 Min G+

"Best Of Great American Bash" 60 Min Hosted By Okerland From ’95 WCW

WCW: 1983-’90 "Best of Starcade Volume 1" 60 Min

Misc Home Video & Documentaries

The best documentary of a wrestling promotion ever made…Very emotional interviews with some of the remaining stars of WCCW…A tour of The Sportatorium before it was torn down due structural damage…Footage of the greatest moments in the history of WCCW…The movie is directed by Brian Harrison…Music includes The Flaming Lips & Stevie Ray Vaughn…Interviews include: Kevin Adkisson (Kevin Von Erich) and others stars of WCCW
PWI LORDS OF THE RING: 60 Min Video Transfer VG-
The First Ever Wrestling VHS….Hosted by Bill Apter, head writer for all the old wrestling dirt magazines like PWI & Inside Wrestling, and Gordon Solie, the Dean of pro wrestling, this video is just a compilation of some of the greatest hits of wrestling from the 70's and early 80's. Some of it (like the late Junk Yard Dog's match, which wasn't too good, he's had better) is pointless, but there's some fascinating stuff here. They show the original Gorgeous George make his entrance, and they show Ric Flair's first title win (of 15 at the time of this writing). They also show title wins by Harley Race & the late Kerry VonErich. Add to that a pretty good dog collar match between Greg Valentine & Roddy Piper, and you've got a pretty good compilation here.
Wrestling Shoots and Comp. Discs

Best Of Jimmy Snuka: Homemade Compilation 2:15

Arena & TV Matches Spanning Jimmy’s HOF Career… Quality Varies….Mostly G+

Rick Flair: Compilation ‘Japanese Flare’ Mostly Japanese Stuff. 2 Hrs G+/Vg- Vs. David Von Erich (12/25/83 Reunion Arena Dallas, TX)…NWA In Japan Flair Vs Bruiser Brody (Japanese Announcers W/ Huge Pop From Japanese Crowd)…Vs Jumbo _______ (From All Japan W/ Japanese Announcers On Japanese TV)…..Vs. Rick Martel in Tokyo (AWA-NWA Unification Card In Sumo Hall in Tokyo Japan W/ Japanese Announcers)….Vs. Ted Dibiase (Mid South Wrestling ’85 W/ Jim Ross & Joel Watts Commentating)… W/ Manager Hiro Matsuda Vs. Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat (World Title Match, Steamboat Defending Belt in arena match w/ no announcers & one cameral but looks good audio fades @ end of match).. Vs. Billy Taylor (In Flairs First Ever Match. Here he wrestles as a brunette that you wouldn’t recognize!)

Shawn Michaels shoot interview 2001 (2 hours) Vg
Plus classic early matches W/ Interview

Bret Hart Shoot Interview #1
Contains great interview and some cool matches listed here
a) vs Demolition
b) vs Strike Force
####120 Min####

Brett Hart: Shoot Interview #2
Brett in shades. 2 Hour no holds barred look at his career. 120 Minutes. Single Camera Shot. Low Audio Vg-

Brett Hart: Charlotte ’03? (yr in question)
Q&A session with very interested and avid audience. Discusses all kinds of inside stuff with his career and the wrestling business. Very Good! Also includes AWA Superstars introduction with Tony Atlas, Bobby Heenan, Ken Patera, Snuka, Von Rascke and more legends. Disc is 100 min VG+ Picture and low sound

Homemade Compilation featuring the best bleeder in the business plying the trade versus guys like a young Hogan and some of the best Japanese wrestlers of the time. This compilation proves that the Butcher could both work and sell. Quality varies but worth a look

Jim Cornette: Wrestling Secrets Revealed!
Not a shoot, but a ‘how to’ from one of the great minds in the history of the sport. Very Interesting with R rated language. 1:55 VG

Rick Martel: Shoot Interview
Martel (who looks great these days) breaks down his career from Canada to Australia to All parts in between. 100 Min VG

Monsters Of The Mat: Volume 2 60 Min Sergeant Slaughter Hosts VG
Kamala beats Butch Reed….Jim Duggan beats Ted DiBiase in a "Street Fight Match." NWA World Champion Ric Flair beats Terry Taylor.

Tatanka: Shoot Interview
Yes. Tatanka. Yes. Chris Chavis. From near scab NFL career to tribal warrior! 50 Min VG

Honky Tonk Man Shoot Interview:

2 hours and 45 minutes of the Honky Tonk Man breaking it down. Really interesting stuff from the great Wayne Farris. Very funny, Very Cool! 2:45

Shoot Interview plus historic matches. Slight Audio problems throughout. 3:30 pretty cool!
Mr Wonderful Shoot Interview: 3 Hours W/ Match Highlights As Well Vg-

WWF Single Wrestler Compilations
Best Of Macho Man Randy Savage
Features best Savage Matches in Mid/Late 80's WWF...Some Classic footage here!

WWF: Compilation ‘The Genius’ Lanny Paffo 1:58 Vg-/G+
Homemade compilation featuring the best rhymes & matches of ‘The Genius!’

IPW Wrestling: 60 Min Episode Featuring a young Steve Austin

World Class Championship Wrestling ‘Parade Of Champions’ 84 5/6/84 ESPN (80 Min) VG
Chic Donovan vs. Butch Reed, Great Kabuki vs. Kimala, Junkyard Dog vs. Missing Link, NWA American Tag Team Title Match: Iceman Parsons/Buck Zumhoffe vs. Super Destroyers, No Rules Match for the WCCW 6 Man Tag Team Title: Kevin Von Erich/Mike Von Erich/Fritz Von Erich vs. Freebirds (Killer Khan debut), NWA Title Match: Kerry Von Erich vs. Ric Flair, Chris Adams/Sunshine vs. Jimmy Garvin/Precious)…
AWA: ’81 ‘AWA On Donahue’ From 1981. 49 Min Vg-
Adrian Adonis, Greg Gagne, Verne Gagne, Jim Brunzell, Jesse Ventura, Hulk Hogan and Nick Bockwinkle all appear. Of course the issue ~ “Is This Real?” Donahue interviews fans while matches are ongoing.

AWA: ‘The Best Of the 80’s’ Officially Produced
All listed are just brief highlights but of classic title changes and historic happenings - nonetheless, some stuff not seen elsewhere - Bockwinkle vs Verne (Retirement Match) / Hogan vs Bockwinkle (4-18-82) / Martel vs Tsuruta / Hansen vs Martel / Bockwinkle vs Hennig / Lawler vs Hennig / Zbyszko wins Battle royal to claim the AWA championship / Slaughter vs Zbyszko / Patera & Blackwell vs Brunzell & Gagne / Hall & Hennig vs Rose & Sommers (Belts change hands on a count out !?) / Rockers vs Rose & Sommers / Lawler & Dundee vs The Original Midnight Express / Original Midnight Express vs The Rockers / Tanaka & Diamond vs The Rockers / Rheingans & Patera vs Tanaka & Diamond / Enos & Bloom vs Rheingans & Patera

AWA: The Best Of Jesse Ventura: Home Video Hosted By Greg Gagne 55 Min Vg-
Ventura & Adonis vs Brunzell & Gagne (8-30-81) / Ventura & Lanza vs Milliman & Wahoo (1983) / Loads Of Interviews
AWA: Classic Interviews: W/Gene Okerlund From WWF 24/7 50 Min Vg
Interviews from the most colorful personalities from 1973 to 1984. Mad Dog Vachon, Baron Von Raschke, The Crusher, The Iron Sheik, The Road Warriors, Dusty Rhodes, Superstar Billy Graham, Andre The Giant, Hulk Hogan, Jesse Ventura, Bobby Heenan, Stan Hansen, King Kong Bundy and more Ex
AWA TV July/August 1984… 2 DVD’s 5 Hours Total on 2 Dvd’s
‘All Star Wrestling’ Recorded From Winnipeg TV…Vg-
AWA TV Spring 1985 TV Show Stuff + Arena Matches 2 Dvd’s (3:22) G+/Vg-
AWA TV 1985 Arena Matches With Announcers….2 Dvd’s (3:45) Vg-/G+

AWA Wrestle Rock & Battle By The Bay 4/20/86….From ESPN (BBTB) & Home Video (Wrestle Rock) Two Dvd’s (3:45) Vg-

Midnight Rockers vs. Buddy Rose/Doug Somers, Rick Martel vs. Harley Race, Sherri Martel wins a Battle Royal, AWA America's Title Match: Sgt. Slaughter vs. Kamala, AWA Tag Team Title Match: Curt Hennig/Scott Hall vs. Irwin Brothers, Boxer vs. Wrestler Match: Larry Zbyszko vs. Scott LeDoux (Larry Hennig is the referee), AWA Title Match: Nick Bockwinkel vs. Stan Hansen, Cage Match: Greg Gagne/Jimmy Snuka vs. Nord The Barbarian/King Kong Brody, Cage Match: Verne Gagne vs. Sheik Adnan Al-Kassie, Cage Match: Road Warriors vs. Freebirds)….

NWA-AWA: ’85 Battle Of The Belts.
From Ch 33 In Dallas With Solie and Graham on the Mic.
Disc One: VG Quality 70 Min
Rip Oliver & The Grappler Vs. Chavo & Hector Guerrero… Koko Samoa W/ Lady Maxine Vs Hustler Rip Rogers… Jack Hart W/Percy Pringle Vs Kendall Wyndham (Fla Heavyweight Title)… Interview: Harley Race… Billy Jack Haynes Vs Ravishing Rick Rude (Southern Heavyweight Title)
Disc Two: VG Quality 69 Min
Harley Race & Stan Hansen Vs Road Warriors (AWA World Tag Title)… Interview: Ric Flair… Nick Bockwinkle Vs. Frankie Layne… Ric Flair Vs Wahoo McDaniel 2 of 3 Falls (NWA World Title Match)2 Dvd's VG

AWA: 80’s Compilation 1:45 G+/Vg-
Wayne Bloom defeats Stoney Burke….Diamond Dallas Page Introduces Bad Company (Paul Daimond and Sensei Tanaka) Then they wrestle a couple of jobbers…Small Arena of Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson Vs. The British Bulldogs…. Sgt Slaughter Vs Col Debears W/Dallas Page (From ESPN W/ Lee Marshall & Crippler Stevens commenting)..(20 Man Battle Royal W/ J. Garvin..Road Warriors Animal & Hulk…Blackwell…Scott ‘The Hog’ Irwin..G. Gagne…Steve Regal…Larry ‘The Axe’ Hennig’…Crippler Stevens…Jerry Blackwell…Kevin Kelley….Kelly Kiniski…Wild Bill Irwin…Big Scott Hall…Boris Zuckoff…Larry Zybysko)…Scott Hall & Curt Hennig Vs. Irwin Brothers (Tag Team Title Match)…Scott Hall Vs Col. Debeers…Steve Hardy…Mike Rotunda…& Jimmy Snuka Vs Playboy Buddy Rose…Larry Zybysko & Pretty Boy Sommers..(6 Man Tag Match from ESPN)….Sgt Slaughter Vs. Buddha Kahn (in Las Vegas)…Scott Hall & Curt Hennig Cheezy Promo Video…. The Olympians Ken Patera & Ken Riggins Vs Tanaka & Diamond (w/Diamond Dolls)…Interview W/ Page & a divided Tanaka & Tanaka….Scott Hall & Curt Hennig Vs Pretty Boy Sommers and Playboy Buddy Rose (ESPN)….Stan Lane & Steve Kerns Vs Barry Wyndam & Rotundo…

Mid-Atlantic Wrestling

Mid-Atlantic Region 12/30/78 End Of The Year Review: 100 Min WRAL-TV Vg-
- Two complete shows (commercials deleted) Great quality relive the Flair / Steamboat rubbing the face in the concrete followed by Steamboat stripping Flair to his undies a couple weeks later / BlackJack Mulligan vs Crusher Blackwell / Johnny Weaver vs Baron Von Raschke (The Sleeperhold vs The Clawhold) / Tony Atlas does “Tests Of Strength” rivaling Ken Patera and more. Classic interviews with Jimmy Snuka & Paul Orndorff (Tag Team Champions) and Paul Jones.

Mid Atlantic World Wide Wrestling 3/21/1979 (50 Min) G+
Rich Landrum Introduces Matches through cheesy ‘Big Board’…..Ernie Ladd & John Studd team…Steamboat in action…Interview…Snuka & Orndorff (Tag Champs)….Rick Flair squash…Baron Von Rashce….Interview Studd, Ladd & Flair….G+

Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling 3/9/83 From 24/7 Ex

Greg Valentine vs. Jim Burnett Valentine altercation with Roddy Piper & challenges him to a match later in the show …Dick Slater & One Man Gang vs. Ron Rossi & Vinnie Valentino…Mike Rotundo & Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Bill White & Rick Harris…Johnny Weaver & Jim Nelson vs. Chick Donovan & Ben Alexander…Dory Funk Jr. vs. Ken Timbs…Ric Flair vs. Masa Fuchi…Greg Valentine vs. Roddy Piper

Mid Atlantic Wrestling 5/1/1982 ‘Championship Wrestling’
Roddy Piper/Briscoe Angle…Killer Kahn…Arn Anderson….Slaughter Interview…Don Morocco Interview… W/Spots Great Show!!!!52 Min Vg-/G+

Mid Atlantic Wrestling 8/6/83 (50 Min) Good
Ladd Vs Flair…. Interview Flair Talking Over highlights…Several Great Interviews….Piper Vs Saito…Interview G Vallentine…Kabuki In Aciton….Interview Piper (face) & Steamboat ..Good

Mid Atlantic Wrestling 8/13/83 ‘Championship Wrestling’ From TV-8 In Richmond 38 Min G+
Jimmy Valliant’s nonsense….Interview Harley Race….Interview Flair….Tag Team arena highlights w/ Piper & Steamboat….Jake Roberts (w/out snake)….Interview Snake..Briscoes…Rufus Jones sees tag action….Jones Interview W/ Boogie Woogie Man (what an idiot!)….Masked Superstar in action….Incomplete Good

Mid Atlantic Wrestling: August ’84 (2 Shows) From WTVR-TV Richmond (1:50)
Great Angle w/ Wahoo as a Heel and Flair recruiting Mulligan around a campfire W/ Spots…Vg-/G+

Smoky Mountain Wrestling
Smoky Mountain Wrestling: SuperBowl Of Wreslting 8/4/95 (I Was There!) Single Camera Shot! 2 Dvd’s (2:55)
..Brian Armstrong pinned D-Lo Brown (8:00)….The Headbangers beat Flash Flannagan & Chris Michaels when Mosh pinned Michaels (11:40)…USWA Tag Champs PG-13 beat Jackie Fulton & Curtis Thompson when JC Ice pinned Fulton…The Punisher pinned Bob Armstrong (3:40)….Al Snow pinned Marty Jannetty (28:32) to win the MTW Title….NWA World Champ Dan Severn beat Bobby Blaze (4:04) via submission…Terry Gordy & Tommy Rich beat The Mongolian Stomper & Boo Bradley (10:56) when Rich pinned Bradley…Brad Armstrong pinned Billy Jack Haynes (9:32) to win the USWA Title…The Undertaker pinned Unabom (14:46)…The Heavenly Bodies (Pritchard & Del Rey) beat Tracy Smothers & The Dirty White Boy (21:27) to win the SMW Tag Title when Del Rey pinned Anthony…WWF I-C Champ Shawn Michaels pinned Buddy Landel (13:42).
UWF Watts

UWF TV 1985 – 3 Discs Includes some stuff from KHTV 39 in Houston & UWF-TV Syndicated. 6 hours over 3 Dvd’s
Not the best video quality but some great stuff here including the Barbarian teaming with Jake The Snake….Kamala attacks Duggan (arena footage) About 3 times in this compilation, Kamala gets Duggan….Dibiase & Steve Williams Vs Chavo & Hector in Steel Cage in tag action….Alberto Madril Refs and interferes In Match …Cheezy Butch Reed Workout video…..& Tons More!

TV Footage 1986 Volume 1 (1:50) G/G-
(Freebirds sign UWF contract, Chavo Guerrero Sr. vs. Rick Steiner, promos, Skandar Akbar and Kamala burn Jim Duggan's face, Ricky Gibson vs. Kamala, UWF Television Title Match: Koko B. Ware vs. Buzz Sawyer, Perry Jackson vs. Rick Steiner, Ken Massey vs. One Man Gang, Dark Journey promo, Eddie Gilbert/Russians cover Bill Watts with the Russian flag (Watch for a 16 year old Erik Watts), Steve Williams vs. Gustavo Mendoza, Ted Dibiase/Terry Taylor vs. Freebirds, Mike Reed vs. Kamala, Bill Watts at his house, Jeff Gaylord/Perry Jackson/Ken Massey vs. Russians, Freebirds music video, Brett Wayne Sawyer vs. Jack Victory, Jim Duggan promo)….

TV Footage 1986 Volume 2 (1:55) G/G- (tracking issues)
(UWF Television Title Match: Terry Taylor vs. Buzz Sawyer, Steve Williams vs. Shadow, Bill Watts in his office, Perry Jackson/Jeff Gaylord/Brett Wayne Sawyer vs. Kortsia Korchenko/Blade Runners, Ted Dibiase vs. Buzz Sawyer, Jim Ross/UWF trivia contest segment, UWF Tag Team Title Match: Fantastics vs. Sheepherders, UWF Television Title Match: Terry Taylor vs. Buddy Roberts, Missing Link vs. Kamala, Missing Link vs. Gustavo Mendoza, promos, Brett Wayne Sawyer/Ken Massey vs. Kamala/One Man Gang, Koko B. Ware vs. Shadow, Chavo Guerrero Sr. vs. Ken Massey, Steve Williams vs. Terry Gordy, Brett Wayne Sawyer vs. Sting).

TV Footage 1986 Volume 3 (2:00) G/G- (tracking issues)
(Classic promos, Missing Link vs. Kamala, John Tatum/Missy Hyatt by the pool, promos, Fantastics vs. Gustavo Mendoza/Libyan, Ted Dibiase/Jim Duggan/Terry Taylor vs. Freebirds, Chavo Guerrero Sr. vs. Gustavo Mendoza, UWF Tag Team Title Match: Fantastics vs. Jack Victory/John Tatum, UWF Television Title Match: Terry Taylor vs. Buddy Roberts, Jim Duggan vs. One Man Gang, Koko B. Ware vs. Libyan, Gary Young vs. One Man Gang, Dark Journey/Michael Hayes confrontation, Eddie Gilbert promo, Missy Hyatt promo, Brett Wayne Sawyer vs. Eddie Gilbert, Fantastics vs. Joe Malcom/Gustavo Mendoza, Elimination Match: Bill Watts/Jim Duggan/Terry Taylor vs. Freebirds, Jeff Gaylord vs. Joe Malcom, Brett Wayne Sawyer vs. John Tatum, UWF Tag Team Title Match: Fantastics vs. Eddie Gilbert/Sting, Freebirds music video, Ken Massey vs. Rick Steiner, Koko B. Ware vs. Kamala).

UWF Non-Watts
UWF 4 Pack: SportChannel Replays on ESPN Classic on 4 Discs. Several Episodes W/Spots Cut. Features Bruno on Color Commentary & A young Mick Foley. 8 hours Ex

’80 Portland Wrestling 4 Pack: 8 Total Hours of Local Territory. Some Great kayfabe era stuff here that looks good 4 Dvds’s G/G+

Memphis 1982 – ‘Championship Wrestling’ 6 Hours On 3 Dvd’s Good-

Cornette’s wrestling debut is highlighted over these three discs. This is great ole school stuff. Not the best video quality but worth having! Lawler…Kamala….Mantell….Jimmy Hart….Dundee….& All the Madness of early ‘80’s Memphis here!

Continental Championship Wrestling

Continental Championship Wrestling: (NWA Sanctioned) Fall ’86 Disc #1 W/ Gordon Solie Recorded From Knoxville-TV 120 Min W/ Spots VG
Dirty White Boy Squash…Interview Tim Horner W/ Footage Of Roy Lee Welch..Mr. Perfect Jerry Stubbs Vs Frank Lancaster…Exotic Adrienne Street Vs Wendall Wildcat Cooley (W/ Miss Lina Handcuffed to Greg Cooley)….Clips of Fuller & Golden Vs Armstrongs narrated by Fuller (funny)…Interview Fuller, Golden & Dr Tom Pritchard...Bullet Vs Dirty Dutch Mantel..Fuller, Golden & Pritchard attack Tim Horner in dressing room…Dirty White Boy Vs Wildcat Wendell Cooley…Scott Armstrong Vs Jerry Stubbs… Fuller, Golden & Dr Tom Pritchard Vs Intern, Wildfire Tommy Rich & Brad Armstrong (6 Man Tag Steel Cage!)…Interview Stubbs & Mantell….

Continental Championship Wrestling: (NWA Sanctioned) Fall ’86 Disc #4 W/ Gordon Solie Recorded From Knoxville-TV 120 Min W/ Spots VG
Interview Jimmy Golden & Robert Fuller…Frank Lancaster Vs Mystic Kevin Sullivan…Interview Golden & Fuller (Adrienne Street Interrupts)…Womens Match w/ Debbie Combs (Champion)..Int. Combs…Interview Freddie Miller W/ Tim Horner Challenged by Roy Lee Welch…Leroy Martin and Mike Hedlie Vs Bullett Bob Armstrong & Steve Armstrong…Interview W/ The Intern, Brad and Steve Armstrong…Interview Tim Horner…Interview Bullet…Jerry Stubbs Vs Brad Armstrong….Steve Armstrong & The Bullet Vs Golden & Fuller…Maurader Vs Exotic Adrienne Street…The Raider Vs Wildcat Wendell Cooley…Much More…..

I have about 20-25 more Continental Shows Not Listed that I will trade as well. They are from '86 to '89 and recorded off Knoxville TV. Most are VG+/VG-/First Generation Originals from the original VHS Tapes. Let me know if you would like me to dig them up.

ECW One Night Stand: June 12, 2005 2 Dvd’s EX
Lance Storm (w/Dawn Marie) defeated Chris Jericho (7:22) …Super Crazy defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri (w/The Sinister Minister and Mikey Whipwreck) and Little Guido (w/Tracy Smothers, Tony Mamaluke, Big Guido and J.T. Smith) in a Three-Way Dance… Rey Misterio, Jr. defeated Psicosis (6:22)…Sabu (w/Bill Alfonso) defeated Rhyno (6:30) …Chris Benoit defeated Eddie Guerrero(10:37) ….Mike Awesome defeated Masato Tanaka(9:52)…The Dudley Boyz (Buh Buh Ray and D-Von) defeated Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman (10:52)….Following the main event, Steve Austin threw a "beer bash" for the whole locker room, ending with the ECW and WWE wrestlers brawling in the ring…A Really Great Pay Per View!!!! W/ Pre-Show @ the beginning on Disc One

Rare OddBall Wrestling Stuff
1973 Knoxville - John Cazana's promotion and a complete TV show from 1973 !!
Matches are 2 Out Of 3 Falls - Tommy Gilbert vs Sam Bass and then Jerry Lawler (heel) vs Tommy Gilbert. Classic interviews where Ron Wright is suspended and fined $100 ($100 ? And he acts upset!) See Lawler and his tag team partner (Jim White?) hand-pick their next opponents for an upcoming show at the announcer's desk and then look up and say “We'll wrestle anyone, anytime” (**wink**wink**) Commercials are intact and include advertisements for “Gateway Furniture” and for the local trailer park. Amazing that something this old from such a small town/territory even exists though. Picture is only FAIR/FAIR+

Nick Gulas’ Tennessee Wrestling Promotion Volume 1 (1:08) G+/Good

A collection of old school ‘70’s stuff from the Nick Gulas’ Southeast Promotion. Crazy Luke Graham & Luke Fargo Teaming Vs Monroe & Tyler in Birmingham, AL (Monroe gets ripped open)…Tommy Gilbert & Bill Dundee Vs David Shultz & Gorgeous George Jr… & The Mongolian Stomper & Rocky Johnson (W/ Lawler In Corner)….Jackie Fargo & Crazy Luke Graham Vs Rocket Monroe and Randy Tyler From Birmingham…Jackie Fargo & Pepper Gomez Vs The Interns (in Memphis)…Mongolian Stomper Vs Bob Armstrong (Stomper Bleeds like a stuck pig!)…Jimmy Golden & Tojo Yamamoto Vs Bill Dundee & George Barnes (NWA Southern Heavyweight Championship Match In Louisville, KY)….Jerry Lawler W/ Sam Bass in corner Vs Tojo Yamamoto…Terry Gibbs Vs Harley Race (TV Match from All Star Wrestling…Very Cool)…

Don Curtis' Superstars Of Wrestling Volume 2 (Early 70’s)
A collection of bizarre footage from Don Curtis' collection. Most of it is silent hand held shot footage. Some classic stuff though from the Florida and Tennessee territories.
Ronnie Garvin throwing a belt off of a bridge / Brisco vs Song / Colt vs Jones / Brisco vs Rhodes (2-12-74)/ Austin Idol & Kevin Sullivan interview / Les Thatcher interviews the injured Ricky Gibson / Gorgeous George Jr Interview / Abdullah vs Dusty / Jack Brisco vs Woods / Rhodes vs LeDuc (Calhoun Refs) / Paul Ellering workout / Rhodes vs Baba (What's He Doing In Florida?) / Jack Brisco & Pat O' Connor workout together 2:20 G+/Vg-

WWF/Ga Championship Wrestling: 7-14-84 ‘Black Saturday’ WTBS-TV 52 Min Vg-
WWF takes over the Georgia TBS 6:05 pm timeslot. Freddy “Be there” Miller intros the show and then welcomes Vince McMahon. Vince looks totally out of place standing in front of the “Georgia Championship Wrestling” sign. Historic show.

Morton Downey Jr Show: From ‘87 'The wrestling show'
Jim Wilson tries to expose wrestling as “fake” and Thunderbolt Patterson cries racism. The other wrestlers appearing (David Shultz, Larry Sharpe, Lou Albano, Ted Arcidi) try to cover it all up. 48 Min G/G+

WWF: ’91 Donahue Show - Joined about 15 minutes in.
Donahue's guest is Vince McMahon. Superstar Billy Graham, Bruno Sammartino, Barry O, Murray Hodges (fired announcer) all gang up on McMahon. Commercials edited out. Vince would like to have this one back! 37 Min Vg-

Portland Wrestling
Owen Family 60th Anniversary Extravaganza 5/21/85 (120 Min) G+/Vg-
Roddy Piper vs. Buddy Rose, Sgt. Slaughter vs. Kendo Nagasaki, AWA Tag Team Title Match: Road Warriors vs. Curt Hennig/Larry Hennig, AWA Title Match: Rick Martel vs. Mike Miller, NWA Title Match: Billy Jack Haynes vs. Ric Flair. Custom added extras include....... Roddy Piper on a local talk show the day of the event and Buddy Rose/Mega Maharashee on the same show the next day)..120 Min

NWA Rocky Top: July-September ‘05
Three Dvd’s worth of stuff. Approx 6 hours. Ex- Video quality. Featuring Ricky Morton, Tracey Smothers, original Mid Night Express managed by James Gibson. Jimmy & Bobby Golden, Dr. Tom Pritchard and a bunch of up and coming guys. Really funny, old school style wrestling with Pro-American Angles and good ole fashion face versus heal stuff. One episode features Christy Vein getting urine thrown on her after her posse made Melinda Coats little brother eat dog food on camera. There is some seriously funny stuff here and some decent wrestling.
**3 Dvd’s Approx 6 Hours Ex- Quality**

1983 USFL:
3/6/83 New Jersey @ L.A. First Week ABC-TV (Jackson, Swann) 1:55 Vg-/G+
3/6/83 Chicago @ Washington Week One Inaugural game 2:42 Two Dvd’s Fair
3/6/83 Philadelphia @ Denver With Full Intro & Half Time (Flemming/Mix) 2DVD’s 3:25 G/G-
3/13/83 New Jersey @ Philadelphia (First USFL In Philly) WPVI-TV Philly Jackson/Swan 2 Dvd’s G
3/13/83 Chicago @ Arizona ESPN First Ever Sat Night Game! Pre-Satellite Feed 2 Dvds G+
3/20/83 Denver @ Chicago (Snow Game)!!! VG-
4/10/83 Oakland @ Boston (Rain Game) Cuts @ End To Birm @ Chicago ABC Cutaway 2DVD's 2:24 G+
4/24/83 Philadelphia @ Boston (17-21): Condition VG-
5/1/83 USFL Michigan @ Boston Week 9… 2 Dvd’s Best Looking USFL Reg Season Game in existence!! Master one slight channel change cut in first half!! EX+
5/23/83 USFL Birmingham @ Michigan entire first half/some second VG
6/4/83 New Jersey @ Oakland 2:42 ESPN 2 Dvd’s G+
6/25/83 Boston @ Oakland VG-/G
6/26/83 USFL Michigan @ Chicago 1hour 55min from a master VHS Complete Game VG
7/3/83 USFL Oakland @ Chicago Week 18 Final 6 Minutes of action Approx 20Min VG
7/3/83 USFL Arizona @ Michigan Week 18 2 Dvd’s from Master VG 7/9/83 Chicago @ Philadelphia (VG) 2 Dvd’s Playoff Game!!!
7/10/83 Oakland @ Michigan Playoff Conference Final 2Dvd’s G-
7/17/83 Championship Game Michigan vs. Philadelphia (24-22)W/Full Post Game! VG-
1984 USFL:
2/12/84 Pre-Season Michigan @ Oakland (Local San Jose TV Broadcast) Edited Huddles & Spots VG-
3/2/84 New Jersey @ Jacksonville Week 2 2 Dvd’s Edited Spots VG-
3/3/84 Pittsburgh @ Michigan VG-
3/3/84 Pittsburgh @ Michigan 1:47 Edited Spots Original (not from ESPN Classic) ESPN Monday Night Edited Spots VG
3/11/84 Philadelphia @ New Jersey (Missing 1st QTR & Part of 3rd) Wavy Picture WPVI TV Philly 1:20 W/ ’84 Mich @ San Antonio makes DVD 1:58 G
3/24/84 Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh WPVI-TV Philly Harry Donohue 2 Dvd’s VG-
3/24/84 Oakland @ San Antonio KGGP-TV Oakland JIP W/ He’s 1:10 Vg
3/25/84 Chicago @ New Orleans ABC-TV Swann/Jackson 2 Dvd’s Vg-
3/26/84 Panthers @ Houston: Week 5 Sideline Recording No TV Audio but external Audio. Feels like you’re There! 2 DVD's VG
3/26/84 Birmingham @ Tampa Bay: ESPN Original Telecast (Simpson, McGuire Jumpy and Grainy A Great Spirited Game. 2:10 Good
3/31/84 Jacksonville @ Memphis 1:57 G
4/1/84 Tampa Bay @ Philadelphia WPVI-TV Philly Spots Cut 1 Dvd VG-
4/9/84 Los Angeles @ Denver 2 DVD's 2:02 VG-
4/15/84 Arizona @ New Jersey ABC-TV Spots Cut 120 Min G/G+
4/22/ 84 Philadelphia @ San Antonio WPVI-TV Philly Don Tollefson 2 Dvd’s VG-
4/23/84 Tampa Bay @ Michigan ESPN Original Telecast (Simpson, McGuire) With Full Halftime Featuring Tom Mees! 2 Dvd’s Vg-
4/29/84 Washington @ Tampa Bay 1:47 1DVD G/G-
5/13/84 Michigan @ New Orleans ABC-TV 2 Dvd’s Good/Good-
5/13/84 Los Angeles @ Philadelphia Steve Young's First 2 DVD G+/VG-
5/20/84 New Orleans @ Tampa Bay ABC-TV 2 Dvd’s Vg-
5/27/84 Philadelphia @ Michigan ABC TV Shaky Picture W/Original Spots 2 DVD’s Shaky Picture G-
5/27/84 Birmingham @ New Orleans ABC-TV 2 Dvd’s 130 Min G/G-
6/4/84 Pittsburgh @ Philly Week 15 ESPN Original Telecast..Edited Spots 2 Dvd’s VG-
6/4/84 Pittsburgh @ Philly Week 15 ESPN Original Telecast..Edited Spots 1:55 (upgrade) VG-
6/8/84 New Orleans @ New Jersey ABC 3:26 2DVD's G-
6/24/84 New Jersey @ Philadelphia Reg Season Finale 2 DVD VG-
6/25/84 Tampa Bay @ Birmingham (Playoffs) 2:30 VG-
6/30/84 New Jersey @ Philadelphia (Playoffs) 2 DVD’s 3:11 w/ Commercials G/G+
6/30/84 Panthers @ Express (Playoff) 3Ot’s 2DVD’s VG
7/1/84 Tampa Bay @ Birmingham (Playoffs) 2DVD's 2:45 VG-
7/1/84: Divisional Playoff Arizona at Houston ABC-TV 3 Dvd’s G
7/7/84 LA @ AZ Western Conference Final 2:47 ABC Sat Night 2 Dvd’s VG-/G+
7/6/84 Quarterfinal Playoff New Jersey @ Philadelphia On 3 Dvds’s Recent Upgrade W/ Spots 3:20 Vg-
7/8/84 Semifinal Playoff Birmingham @ Philadelphia 2 DVD VG/EX
7/14/84 Championship Game Arizona vs. Philadelphia 2 DVD VG
7/22/84 Post Season Exhibition Game Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia ESPN Telecast VG-
1985 USFL:
2/10/85 Preseason Houston @ Birmingham 2 Dvd’s Ch 20 Vision Houston 2:20 VG-
2/17/85 Pre Season: Tampa Bay vs Baltimore (1st Half Only) 40 Min Shaky Picture G-
‘85 Tampa Bay @ New Jersey ABC-TV Great Game 2 Dvd’s Vg-
85 Portland @ Birmingham ESPN Original 2 Dvd’s Vg-
2/24/85 NJ @ Birmingham 2:37 ABC-TV 2 Dvd’s Good
2/24/85 Hou @ LA 2:42 Silent Coaches Film. Very Cool 2 Dvd’s VG
3/2/85 LA @ Portland ESPN Original Telecast Joined At Kickoff (Simpson, McGuire) Rough Sound (Hissy) 2:02 Good/G-
3/3/85 Houston @ Tampa Bay Week 2 W/Commercials) 2 Dvd’s A-
3/4/85 Memphis @ Jacksonville 2:20 Cool Game. Poor Quality Fair
3/9/85 Baltimore @ Memphis Week 3 Missing First 3 Minutes of Game Edited Spots. Full Halftime G+
3/10/85 Los Angeles @ New Jersey Week 3 2:03 2Dvd’s ABC Sports VG-/G+
3/30/85 New Jersey @ Arizona ESPN Original (Simpson, McGuire) Flutie Plays! Jumpy Picture at times 1:55 Vg-/G+
3/31/85 Baltimore @ Houston Week 6 2:28 2DVD’s VG
4/4/85 Memphis @ Orlando G
4/7/85 Houston @ New Jersey (w Commercials) 2 Dvd’s A/A-
4/8/85 Arizona @ Denver 2:41 W/ Spots ESPN Mon Night Evans Vs Williams. 2Dvd’s VG-
4/12/85 San Antonio @ Jacksonville 2:08 Good
4/13/85 Oakland @ Birm Week 8 ESPN Original Telecast Edited Spots 2 Dvd’s VG
4/14/85 Portland @ New Jersey ABC-TV 2 Dvd’s G/G+
4/15/85 Denver @ Tampa Week 8 2:14 VG-
4/22/85 Oakland Vs San Antionio ESPN Great Game 120 Min G/G+
4/26/85 Memphis @ Denver Week 10 2:41 VG-/G
4/26/85 Memphis @ Denver ESPN Telecast (Marv Levy Color)Slight Audio Hiss 2hr 45 Min VG-/Good
4/28/85 Birmingham @ Jacksonville 1:46 1DVD G-/Fair
4/29/85 Orlando @ New Jersey 3:01 W/ Spots 2DVD’s VG-/G+
5/5/85 New Jersey @ Jacksonville ABC-TV 2 Dvd’s Slight line in middle of screen but huge crowd and great game! 2 Dvd’s G+
5/6/85 Houston @ Portland ESPN Twibell 2 Dvd’s G+
5/11/85 Oakland Vs LA Express ESPN Young Vs Hebert 2 Dvd’s G+/Vg-
5/12/85 New Jersey @ Baltimore (VG) Stars Roll! 2 Dvd’s A/A-
5/12/85 Houston @ Denver Pro Football Passing Record Set 2:42 VG-
5/12/85 Arizona Outlaws @ Oakland Invaders 1 DVD VG-
5/13/85 Houston @Memphis ABC TV W/Spots & Pre & Post Game Interview 2:45 VG
5/14/85 San Antonio @ Orlando 2:02 ESPN Monday Night Edited Spots VG-
5/18/85 Memphis @ Tampa Bay 2:38 Good
5/17/85 Baltimore @ Orlando Thursday Night Game! 2:02 Some Edited Huddles/Some Glitches VG
5/19/85 Week 13 New Jersey at Denver Jip (missing opening kickoff) Looks Great ABC-TV VG-
5/29/85 New Jersey @ Tampa Bay 3:27 2DVD’s VG-/G+
6/2/85 Jacksonville @ Baltimore (12-17)(edited Commercials 135 Min A-
6/2/85 Memphis @ New Jersey From ESPN TV Original Telecast W/out commercials 2 hrs G/G-
6/3/85 Birmingham @ Houston 120 Min ESPN Classic VG+
6/7/85 Orlando @ Memphis 2:36 ESPN 2 Dvd’s VG
6/9/85 Houston @ Denver 2 DVD's 2hr 50Min VG/VG-
6/10/85 Jacksonville @ New Jersey 2:00 H. Walker goes over 2,000 yds G+
6/15/85 New Jersey @ Oakland ESPN Original ( Tim Brando, Paul McGuire) Telecast Spots Cut 2:02 VG-
6/15/85 Denver @ Portland ESPN Telecast Poor Copy
6/16/85 Memphis @ New Jersey From ESPN TV Original Telecast W/out commercials 2 hrs G/G-
6/22/85 Week 18 Arizona Outlaws at Memphis ESPN Simpson/McQuire (jumpy picture) 1:40 G
6/24/85 Oakland @ Houston (Week 18) Final USFL Regular Season Game Hebert Vs Dillon 2 Dvd’s G-
6/29/85 Houston @ Birmingham (Quarterfinals) 2 DVD VG/VG-
6/30/85 Tampa Bay @ Oakland (Quarterfinals) 2 DVD VG/VG-
7/7/85 Oakland @ Memphis USFL Semi-Final 2 Dvd’s G+
7/8/85 Semifinal Playoff Baltimore @ Birmingham 2 Dvd’s A
7/15/85 Championship Game Oakland vs. Baltimore With ESPN Title Game Preview Show featuring Tom Mees VG Condition A-/B+
Classic Drive Thru USFL from ESPN Classic: 45 Min EA.
A+ Quality Combined
3/7/83 Michigan @ Birmingham A/A+
4/10/83 Michigan @ New Jersey A/A+
5/25/85 Memphis @ Portland 60 Min A/A+
4/19/85 New Jersey @ Memphis 60 Min Version A/A+/
4/14/84 Memphis @ LA 60 Min. A/A+

ESPN Classic Long Form:
3/7/83 Panthers @ Stallions First Ever ESPN Mon Night USFL Game. Classic Rebroadcast 25th USFL Ann. Spots Cut 92 Min Ex+
5/7/83 Boston @ Los Angeles ESPN Classic 120 Min VG+
6/27/83 Tampa @ Denver 4/19/83 ESPN MNF ESPN Classic 2 Hours (No Crawl) VG+
2/27/84 Chicago @ Michigan ESPN MNF Classic 2Hours (No Crawl!) EX
3/5/84 Gamblers @ Gunslingers 120 Min A/A+
3/3/84 Pittsburgh @ Michigan ESPN Classic 120 Min VG+
3/10/84 Jacksonville @ Tampa Bay ESPN Classic 120 Min VG+
6/9/84 Michigan @ Oakland ESPN Classic 120 Min VG+
7/15/84 Stars Vs Wranglers USFL Title Game /25th USFL Anniv. Spots Cut 100 Min Ex
3/21/85 Orlando @ Jax 120 Min Version A/A+
4/19/85 New Jersey @ Memphis 120 Min Version A/A+/
4/21/84 Arizona @ Houston 120 Min A/A+
4/30/84 Los Angeles @ Houston 120 Min A/A+
5/21/84 Pittsburgh @ New Jersey ESPN MNF Classic 2 Hours (No Crawl) Ex-/VG+
5/26/84 Arizona @ LA ESPN Saturday Night Game ESPN Classic 2 Hours (No Crawl) EX-/VG+
Miscellaneous USFL
Can Put Some Of These On 1 DVD!!!:
‘Here Comes The USFL 1983’ Preview Show W/Tom Mees rebroadcast on ESPNClassic for 25th USFL Anniversary 45 Min Very Cool! Ex
This Is The USFL: ’83 Season (Weeks 4 through 16) 3 Dvd’s VG/G
This is the USFL: 1984 (Weeks #5-8, 10-11, 13-15, 17-18, 19(1st rd. playoffs), 21(Champ.), 22(Yr. in Review)Vg-/G
'83 USFL season highlights: Approx 30 Min Very Cool Halcyon Days A-
Football Funnies: Covers All Three Seasons Halcyon Days 30 Min A/A+
USFL Retrospective…’The Life & Times of The USFL’: Halcyon Days EX….A look back at the league covering 83 to Court Case with NFL Approx 60 Min A
’83 Panther Highlight Film ‘Flying High’ from Halcyon Days 33 min…from master VG+
’84 Panther Highlights ‘Murphey’s Law’ From Halcyon Days 23 Min…From Master VG+
’84 Jacksonville Bulls Highlight Film ‘The Stampede Is On’ 22 Min…VG
‘83-84 USFL Highlights Package: Compilation of USFL stuff from ESPN & Even first awards ceremony! VG
1983 Boston Breakers Highlight Film ‘What A Feeling’ 25 Min G
1984 Houston Gamblers Official Team Highlight Film From Halcyon Days 23 Min VG
Michigan Panthers: Video Clips from 83-84. Brief snippets of most games in two year existance of franchise. 75Min+ VG
This Week In The USFL ’85 Week 2, Week 4, Week 5 From Master W/ Commercials EX
ESPN '85 Championship Game preview show 30 Min W/ Late,Great Tom Mees!
"The Final Season" - An awesome documentary on the 85 Bandits. Directed & Narrated by Burt Reynolds 90 Minutes VG
AFL Stuff
AFL: ‘Rebels With A Cause’ HBO’s Story of AFL History 58 Min W/ Jim McKay Vg
AFL: ‘The Other League’ NFL Films Look at AFL History. Narrated by John Facenda. 57 Min Vg-
NFL Films: Lost Treasures vol. IV the AFL Birth of AFL through the merger. Spots Edited Out 50 Min
’64 Oakland Raiders Season Highlight Film: Narrated By Bob Blum 25 Min In Color & Low Sound (pretty feint) Vg-/G+
’65 Oakland Raiders Season Highlight Film: Narrated By Bob Blum 25 Min In Color (looks great) Vg- ’67 Oakland Raiders Season Highlight Film: Narrated By Bill King 25 Min In Color (Looks and Sounds great) Vg-
’68 Oakland Raiders Season Highlight Film: John Facenda Narrates From ESPN Classic (No Crawl on bottom) In Color 25 Min Vg-
’69 Oakland Raiders Season Highlight Film: John Facenda Narrates From ESPN Classic (No Crawl) In Color 24 Min Vg-
’70 Oakland Raiders Season Highlight Film: John Facenda Narrates In Color & In Stereo ‘The Challenge Of The 70’s 24 Min Vg-
’68 AFL Championship Game Highlights: Oakland @ New York Jets ‘A Stunning Prelude’ Narrated By Pat Summeral Color 24 Min
Super Bowl II (1968) Oakland Vs Green Bay Highlights: ESPN Classic W/Crawl ‘One Moment For The Master’ 23 Min Vg
’69 AFL Championship Game Highlights Raiders Vs Oilers Narrated By Charlie Jones 26 Min Vg
’70 AFL Championship Game Highlight Film: Raiders Vs Chiefs John Facenda narrates ‘The Last Showdown’ 25 Min Vg
'48 NFL Championship Chicago Cardinals @ Philadelphia (0-7) (Narrated b/w film; only 16 minutes long): W/ '48 AAFC Title Game: Browns Vs Bills B/W VG
’49 NFL: Eagles VS Rams B&W No Sound 30Min Clips. Cool G-
'68 Super Bowl I Kansas City vs. Green Bay (Game film with radio audio) 2 Dvd’s 2 hrs Vg
‘70 NY Giants @ Philadelphia MNF Cosell Gets Drunk On Air 2:40 2 Dvd’s Vg-
9/30/74 Dallas @ Philadelphia MNF With Cosell Halftime & Spots 2 Dvd’s VG-
’77 LA Vs Philadelphia Namath Qb’s Rams CBS 2:40 Ghosty Pic Need Upgrade 2 Dvd’s Vg-
10/16/77 St. Louis @ Eagles CBS-TV Bender/Matte W/ Spots 3 Dvd’s
9/18/78 Eagles Vs Tampa Bay Opening Weekend Glieber & Unitas 2 Dvd’s Vg
’78 Philadelphia @ NY-Giants ‘Miracle In Meadowlands’ 2 Dvd’s With Spots VG-/G+
10/8/78 Minnesota Vs Seattle CBS-TV W/Pre Game & Full Halftime 2 Dvd’s Ex-
12/24/78 Philadelphia @ Atlanta CBS W/ Hank Stram 2:30 2 Dvd’s VG- Pic G Audio
79 Philadelphia @ Dallas MNF (31-21): Condition VG
’79 Minnesota Vs Tampa Bay CBS-TV Summeral & Madden 2 Dvd’s G/G+
’79 NFC Playoff Chicago @ Philly 2 Dvd’s 1:39 + 1:23 G+/VG-
12/29/79 Divisional Playoff Game: Eagles @ Bucs W/ pregame and postgame and all the commercials 2 DVD’s VG-
‘80 NY Giants @ Philadelphia MNF 2:30 Phil Simms debut in Philly 2 Dvd’s Vg-
‘80 Dallas @ Philadelphia CBS-TV 2:35 Summeral/Brookshier 2 Dvd’s G+
‘80 Chicago @ Philadelphia CBS Huddle Edits 2 Dvd’s Vg-/G+
’80 NFL: Philly @ San Diego 2 Hours & 34 Min G-/F Really Snowy
’80 NFC Playoff Eagles Vs Vikings. Down 14-0, Eagle sour back. 2:45 2Dvd’s G+
’80 NFC Championship Game Dallas @ Philly 2DVD’s W/ Full Pre-Game W/ Spots Missing Halftime 2:26 VG-/G+
‘81 Philadelphia @ Minnesota 2 Dvd’s CBS-TV Original Picture a little Dark but looks pretty good 2 Dvd’s G+
9/12/82 Redskins (37) at Eagles (34) [OT] CBS-TV 2 Dvd’s VG-/G+
10/17/82 NFL Strike Game East Vs National NFLPA @ Washington W/ Halftime Mel Procter/Alex Hawkins Turner Network TV... Very Cool! 2 Dvd's Vg-
10/7/83 Baltimore @ Philadelphia NBC Original Bob Costas/Bob Trumpy 2 Dvd’s VG-
9/5/83 Cowboys (31) at Redskins (30) MNF Cosell "Little Monkey" Game 2 Dvd’s G
'86 Bears Vs Eagles Buddy’s Return Trip To Chicago OT Game! 2 Dvd’s VG-
’86 Philadelphia @ St. Louis Spots Cut 2 Dvd’s Vg-
’86 Philadelphia Vs St. Louis Spots Cup Jaws Still @ QB 2 Dvd’s Vg-
'87 Philadelphia @ St. Louis Spots Cut 2 Dvd’s G+/Vg-
'86 NFC Championship Game Washington @ Chicago 2:34 CBS TV 2 Dvd’s VG-/G+
‘87 Eagles @ Cowboys Strike Game. Scab Players! Scab Cowboys! Low Sound on Telecast. 2 Dvd’s VG
’87 Dallas @ Philly 2:35 Buddy Runs it up! 2 Dvd’s Ex/VG
'87 Eagles @ St. Louis Cardinals (CBS-TV, Lampley/Ken Stabler) 2 Dvd’s Vg-
9/4/88 Philadelphia @ Tampa Bay (Opening Week) I was there! Spots Cut 2 Dvd’s G+/Vg-
10/10/88: NYG at Philadelphia MNF Randall’s Coming Out Party W/ Banks Play Complete 2:55 2 Dvd’s VG
11/13/88 Philadelphia @ Pittsburgh CBS-TV (Tim Ryan, Dan Jiggets) 2 DVD’s 3:40 W/Postgame VG
11/27/88 Phoenix @ Philadelphia CBS Ryan/Jiggetts 2 Dvd’s VG-
’88 NFC Playoff Philly @ Chicago ‘Fog Bowl’ 2 Dvd’s 2:47 VG
10/29/89 Detroit at Green Bay CBS-TV Majik Man Leads OT Win 2 Dvd’s Vg-
9/17/89 Philadelphia @ Washington CBS Randall Goes Off! Spots Cut 2 Dvd’s VG
10/29/89 Philadelphia @ Denver CBS-TV Spots Cut 2 Dvd’s VG-
‘89 Philadelphia Vs Vikings CBS-TV 2 Dvd’s VG+
’89 Philadelphia @ Dallas Thanksgiving Day Massacre CBS-TV 2 Dvd’s VG
12/10/89 Dallas @ Philadelphia Jimmy Johnson Gets Bombed with Snowballs!!!! CBS-TV 2 Dvd’s
12/18/89 Eagles @ Saints MNF Eagles Lose preparing for another post season dive. 2 Dvd’s Vg-
‘91 Philadelphia @ Houston MNF House Of Pain Game 2 Dvd’s 3:30 Vg-
‘92 Philadelphia @ Giants…Vai Attacks Goal Post! Eagles Roll 2 Dvd’s VG
1/3/93 Eagles @ Saints (NFC Wildcard Game) Randall FINALLY Wins in post-season 2 Dvd’s Vg-
12/30/95 Detroit @ Eagles Wildcard Playoff Eagles hang half a hundred on Lions! 2 Dvd’s Vg
1/19/03 Tampa Bay @ Eagles NFC Championship Game ‘Eagles Choke in Vet Finale’ 2 Dvd’s Vg
1/11/04 Packers @ Eagles Divisional Playoff ‘Fourth & 24 Game!’ 2 Dvd’s Vg
’05 NFC Title Game: Phjladelphia Vs Falcons Great looking Pic/ Audio a little low 2 Dvd’s Ex-
12/25/06 Philadelphia @ Dallas First Generation Spots Cut 2 hrs Ex
’07 Packers @ Titans: Final Pre-Season Game From WATE-TV Knoxville 3Hrs W/Spots Vg+

NFL: Lost Treasures Series
Lost Treasures vol. I the begining '62-'65 Covers Start of NFL Films. Cool Spots Edited 50min
Lost Treasures vol. IV the AFL Birth of AFL through the merger. Spots Edited Out 50 Min
Lost Treasures vol. V the end of an era: End of 60’s…Cool Footage…Spots Edited 50 Min
Lost Treasures vol. VII Pottstown, PA revisited 2 hours…Original Pottstown Firebird Film + Retrospective 1:40
Lost Treasures vol. VIII lost sounds of the '70s Covers 1970 through 1975 Great Footage 50 Min
Lost Treasures Vol IX: The Network Stars Of The 70’s 60Min Vg
Lost Treasures Vol XI: The 1970’s ‘The Me Decade’…60 Min Vg
Lost Treasures vol. XII there used to be a ballpark On Destruction of Memorial Stadium Baltimore & Three Rivers Spots Edited 50 Min
Lost Treasures vol. XIV Birth of the Bucs: Retrospective on First Year Of Buccaneers. Spots Edited 25 Min
Lost Treasures vol. XV LTs of the WFL: Retrospective on Dreadful WFL. Features King Corcoran’s Son. Spots Edited 50 Min
NFL Films Misc:
Philadelphia Eagles: ‘60 Team Highlights (B&W) W/ ’67 Bears Highlights 52 Min Total Vg-
NFL Films: John Facenda Tribute. Great Look at Philly Icon John Facenda who was voice of NFL Films Until ’83 45 Min
2005 Pittsburgh Steelers Complete History NFL Films Documentary. Very Cool.. 3 hours! EX-
NFL Films Presents: ‘Philadelphia, A City On The Brink’ Great look a city of losers. 30Min EX+
'64,'65 & '68 Baltimore Colts: Team Highlight Films. 25 Min Each. Locally Produced EX+

3/25/91 San Antonio @ Orlando From USA Network 1:50 G+
’91 Sacramento @ NY/NJ USA Network Nessler/Esiason 2 Dvd’s W/Spots Vg-/G+
’91 Montreal Vs Birmingham USA Network 2 Dvd’s Vg-/G+

College Football
‘71 Penn St. @ Tennessee W/ Spots Bobby Majors Goes Off with pre game (Missing final 1:31) 180 Min 2 Dvd’s Vg-
‘70 Orange Bowl: Penn State v. Missouri Complete Game (NBC Sports) W/ time Counter On Bottom Whole Game. 2 Dvd’s Vg
‘74 Orange Bowl: Penn State v. LSU Complete (NBC Sports) Counter on Bottom whole game. 2 Dvd’s Vg
'75 Penn St Vs Kentucky From TCS Sports W/ Ray Scott 2 Dvd’s Vg-
'75 Penn St @ Pittsburgh From TCS Sports W/Ray Scott Pre-Satellite Feed 3 Dvd’s Vg-
‘75 Ohio St Vs Penn St Penn State Network Orig. Ray Scott/Jerry Kramer 2 Dvd’s G+/Vg-
10/15/77 Penn St. @ Syracuse Penn State Network R. Scott/ G. Paterno 2 Dvd’s Vg-/G+
11/25/78 Pittsburgh @ Penn St. From Penn St. Network W/ Ray Scott & George Paterno 1:45 Vg-
1/1/79 Sugar Bowl Penn St. vs. Alabama W/Post game No Spots 2 Dvd’s Vg-/G+
'81 Penn St. @ Pittsburgh Marino Gets Hammered! ABC-TV 2:44 2 Dvd’s Vg-
‘81 Gator Bowl UNC vs. Arkansas 3hrs WXYZ-TV Detroit 2DVD’s Bryant Goes for 148! W/Spots VG-
09/11/82 Maryland @ Penn State Boomer Esiason Vs Blackledge PSU Network Savrin/Paterno 2 Dvd’s VG-
’82 Nebraska @ Penn State Week 3 CBS-TV W/Gary Bender & Griese Great Game! 3+hrs W/Spots 2DVD’s
’85 Oklahoma Vs Oklahoma State ‘Ice Bowl’ ESPN Broadcast Simpson & McQuire 2 Dvd’s Vg-/G+
‘88 West Virginia Vs Penn St Mountaineers Roll! 2 Dvd’s G+

University Of Tennessee Football:
10/20/51 Tennessee v Alabama (game film) Partial... In Color! Very Sweet! 38min G+
‘66 Gator Bowl Syracuse vs. Tennessee with post game ABC-TV 3+hrs 2 Dvd’s Vg-
‘68 Orange Bowl Tennessee vs. Oklahoma NBC W/Spots W/ pre game (Counter at bottom of screen) 2 Dvd’s VG
‘68 Alabama @ Tennessee(1st, most of 2nd and 4th quarters is ABC footage; part of 2nd and all of 3rd quarter is game film with stadium noise Vg-
12/20/71 Liberty Bowl: Arkansas vs. Tennessee 1st half is silent game film; 2nd half is ABC footage 100 Min VG
11/10/78 Tennessee @ Notre Dame W/ Lindsey Nelson & Paul Hornug Notre Dame Replay/Condensed 45 Min G/G+

11/11/79 Tennessee @ Notre Dame W/ Lindsey Nelson & Paul Hornug Notre Dame Replay/Condensed hour long show G-/Fair
11/11/79 Tennessee Vs Notre Dame (Tennessee Game Film) Silent 47 Min Vg
9/27/80 Tennessee v Auburn Condensed/Syndicated Sunday Show w/ interviews 60 Min G+/Vg-
12/31/82 Tennessee Vs Iowa Peach Bowl 2 Dvd’s G+
12/17/1983 Tennessee Vs Maryland Citrus Bowl Mizzlou TV Sports ‘Reggie’s Last Game’ Corso On Color 120 Min Vg-
10/13/84 Florida v Tennessee John Ward’s Tennessee Replay. Condensed/Syndicated Sunday Show w/ interviews 60 Min Vg-
10/20/84 Alabama v Tennessee Condensed/Syndicated Sunday Show w/ interviews 60 Min G
12/22/84 Sun Bowl Maryland Vs Tennessee Boomer Vs T-Rob Hayden & Bender On Call 2 Dvd’s G+/Vg-
'85 Tennessee vs Auburn ‘Tennessee Waltz’ ABC-TV Jackson/Broyles 2 Dvd’s G+/Vg-
'85 Tennessee @ Alabama Robinson’s Last Game @ UT WTBS Bob Neal W/ Postgame Majors int. 2 Dvd’s Vg-
10/12/85 Tennessee v Florida Condensed/Syndicated Sunday Show w/ interviews 60 Min Vg-
10/26/85 Tennessee Vs. Georgia Tech ESPN Simpson/McGuire 1:55 Vg
11/30/85 Vanderbilt v Tennessee W/ Postgame Celebration WTBS 2 Dvd’s Vg-
10/25/86 Tennessee Vs. Georgia Tech WTBS Proctor & Hornug 2 Dvd’s Vg
9/12/87 Tennessee @ Mississippi St WTBS B. Neal/Foley 2 Dvd’s Vg
’89 Tennessee @ Alabama CBS –TV 2:55 W/ Spots 2 Dvd’s Vg-/G+
’89 Tennessee @ LSU WTBS Bob Neal 2:55 W/ Spots Great Looking Game! 2 Dvd’s VG+/Ex-
’90 Tennessee Vs Colorado Pig Skin Classic NBC-TV 3:30 Criqui & Walsh Awesome Looking! 2 Dvd’s Ex-
'90 Tennessee Vs Florida ESPN Franklin/Gottfried 2 Dvd's Vg-
’90 Tennessee Vs Notre Dame CBS-TV 3:05 W/Spots Awesome Game 2 Dvd’s VG-
11/09/91 Tennessee @ Notre Dame ‘Miracle In South Bend’ (slight snow, but great looking/sounding otherwise) 2 Dvd’s Vg-
College Football Highlight Films:
University Of Tennessee Football Highlights: ’70 & ’71 Narrated By The Great John Ward. 93 Min Ex-
University Of Tennessee Football Highlights: ’72 & ’73 Narrated By The Great John Ward! 87 Min Ex-
Penn State Football: ‘69 Team Highlights 25 Min (In Faded Color) Penn State Football ‘71 Team Highlights 30 Min (Color) Narrated by Chris Shenkel Vg
Penn State Football: ‘72 Team Highlights 30 Min (Color) Shenkel Vg
Penn State Football: ‘73 Team Highlights 30 Min (Color) Shenkel Vg
Tennessee Highlights 1989 ‘Running In Tall Cotton’ Season Retrospective 55 Min VG+
College Hoops
69 NCAA Villanova @ LaSalle Greatest Big 5 Game Ever? Comcast Classics Re-Air B/W 60 Min G/G-
NCAA Tourney 1st Round ’77 Tennessee vs Syracuse Last Ernie & Bernie Show contest. @ LSU Dick Enberg NBC-TV 80 Min G+
’79 SEC Championship Tennessee Vs Kentucky In Birmingham Game Telecast W/Spots 2 Dvd’s Vg-
NCAA Touney Final 4: ’79 Penn vs Mich St. From ESPN Classic 2 hrs Vg-
‘81 NCAA Tournament First Round St. Joseph's Vs. DePaul Original Telecast NBC W/ Spots 100 Min Vg-
'81 Maryland Vs Tennessee Chattanooga Sweet 16 @ Dayton ESPN 80 Min Vg-
3/21/82 Villanova Vs UNC Spots Cut 2nd Round NCAA Tourney Bender/Packer 90 Min G+
1/31/83 Kentucky @ Tennessee Melvin Turpin (UK) 42 pts Vs Dale Ellis (TN): 22 pts Tom Hammond 100Min VG
’83 Villanova Vs Georgetown Pinone-Pickney Vs Ewing! Great Game NASN Replay. No Crawl on bottom. Spots Cut. Palestra! Berman-Raftery 100 Min Vg
3/17/1984 Temple Vs North Carolina NCAA East Regional 2nd Round (Granger Hall In Action) 90 Min Vg-
'85 NCAA Tourney Villanova Vs Dayton (@ Dayton) 48 Min (spots cut) Vg-/G+
'85 Villanova Vs Michigan (Dayton) Sweet 16 Gary Bender 1:36 Vg-/G+
'85 Villanova Vs North Carolina 1:30 Musberger/Packer CBS Regional Final Good
’85 Nat Semi - Memphis St vs Villanova Gary McClain Plays High On Coke! 2 Dvd’s W/Spots
’86 Pre Season NIT: Temple Vs UNLV Owl lose on last second shot…G+
'86 NCAA Tourney St Joes Vs Cleveland State 2nd Round CBS Sports @ Syracuse Maurice Martin 1:28 Vg/Vg-
2/21/88 Temple @ North Carolina NBC-TV Spots Cut Enberg/McGuire (#1 Owls Get Respect In Blowout Win!) 90 Min G+
3/24/91 North Carolina vs Temple Regional Final/ Final 8 CBS-TV 1:50 G+
3/13/92 LSU Vs Tennessee SEC Tourney Shaq ejected for fighting/ Dale Brown Attacks Carlus Groves 2 Hrs Vg
3/11/99 Weber St. North Carolina NCAA 1st Round (Big Show Arseneaux 47 Points) 102 Min Vg-
00 Tennessee Vs South Carolina Fox Sports Net 120Min Vg-
00 Tennessee Vs Auburn (Chris Porter) ESPN 1:50 Missing First 5 Minutes Vg-/G+
00 Tennessee Vs Florida (OT Game) 2:03 Hammond/Dean Jr. Vg-
00 Tennessee @ Kentucky Nessler/Conley ESPN 1:52 Vg-
00 Tennessee Vs Kentucky Conley Hammond Fox Sports Net G+/Vg-
3/24/00 UNC vs Tennessee Sweet Sixteen CBS-TV 100 Min Vg-
3/01 St. Joes Vs Stanford 3/25/04 St. Joseph`s Hawks Vs Wake Forest NCAA Sweet 16 WFMY-TV ‘Take That Packer Game’ 2 Dvd’s

12/15/05 Tennessee @ Texas Missing Final Two Minutes..Vols win by 30. Ex-
1/28/06 Tennessee Vs Florida Missing 1st 5 min…..Fans Storm Court! Ex+
2/06 Tennessee @ Kentucky 1:25 Spots Edited Vg+
’07 Kentucky @ Tennessee ‘Bernie’s Back’ Vg+
3/17/07 NCAA Tourney: Tennessee Vs Virginia 1:40 Vg+
3/2/08 Tennessee @ Memphis '#1 Vs #2' Spots Cut Master Ex+
College Misc:
Perfect Upset: The 1985 NCAA National Championship (HBO Sports) Retrospective On Nova Title Win 60 Min EX
The Palestra: ‘Cathedral Of Basketball’ From ESPN Classic Hosted Unfortunately by Suzy Kolber. Retrospective W/Spots Cut 58 Min Ex
International Basketball
1984 USA Team vs NBA Team (MJ Plays for USA) CBS-TV Bender/Packer 1:45 Vg-
’68 Regular Season: Chicago vs Toronto CBS TV In Color 2nd Period and 12 min of 3rd VG-/G+
10/28/67 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. California Seals 1st & 3rd Period From Leafs TV Replay in B&W 60 Min VG-
12/2/67 Toronto Maple Leafs vs. California Seals Bill Hewitt & Brian McFarland 2nd & 3rd Period 60 Min B&W Vg-
11/15/69 Flyers @ Toronto Clarke as a rookie B&W From Leafs TV 2 hours G/G-
2/7/70 Toronto Vs California Golden Seals Complete Game From Leafs TV B&W 90 Min Vg-
1975 Sabres vs Flyers Stanley Cup Game 3 Fog Game Recap Classic Sports 30 Min VG
’71 Tor Vs NYR Playoff Game #2 B&W G+
’72 Summit Series: USA VS USSR 8 DVD’s Each Game on One DVD VG
’74 Quarterfinal Game 4 Atlanta Vs Philly OT Finish Complete Original Spots Cup Gene Hart/Don Earl TV-29 in Phila 92 Min VG-/G+
4/25/74 Semifinals Philadelphia Flyers New York Rangers, Game 3 WPHL-TV 17 Hart/Earl 2 Dvd’s G+
‘74 SF NY-Rangers @ Philadelphia Game 7 NBC Original W/Spots 2 DVD’s G
5/7/74 Stanley Cup Finals Game 1 Philadelphia Flyers @ Boston Bruins Game 2 WPHL-TV Complete Game 3 Dvd’s G+/VG-
5/9/74 Philadelphia Flyers @ Boston Bruins Stanley Cup Finals Game 2 WPHL-TV 2 Dvd’s Vg-/G+
5/9/74 Flyers @ Boston Finals Game #3 Flyers Local Feed Rebroadcast On NHL Network Spots Cut 100Min Vg
’74 Stanley Cup Final Flyers @ Bruins Game 2 CBC Classic Canada 120Min VG-
5/14/74 Stanley Cup Final, Game 4 Boston Vs Philadelphia 2 Dvd’s W/Post Vg-
'74 Stanley Cup Final Boston @ Philadelphia Game 6 edited ESPN Classic (no crawl) 120min VG
4/1/75 Boston @ Minnesota Incomplete 52 Min G
‘75 QF Philadelphia @ Toronto Game Game 4 Spots Cut Maple Leafs TV Replay 1:52 VG
4/19/75 Flyers Vs Toronto Quarterfinal Game #4 NHL Network Rebroadcast. 100Min Ex
‘75 Philadelphia @ NY Islanders Game 3 WPHL-TV 17 Spots Cut 2hrs Vg-
‘75 Philadelphia @ NY-Islanders Game 4 Sports Channel NY Replay 2 DVD’s W/ OT VG
'75 Philadelphia @ NY Islanders Game 6 NBC-TV JIP W/Spots 2 Dvd’s Vg-/G+
'75 Final: Buffalo vs Philadelphia Game 6 Flyers Clinch from Classic Sports Net VG-
5/27/75 Flyers @ Buffalo Game #6 Gene Hart & Don Earle on Call from NHL Network Spots Cut 100Min Vg
12/31/75 Soviet Red Army @ Montreal Super Series ’76 Game 3 2 Dvd’s Vg-
’75 NHL Canucks @ Canadiens Regular Season Great Canuck Uni’s 1:20 VG-
’75 NHL Semi-Final Sabres @ Canadiens Game 2 (1:57) VG-
’75 NHL Semi-Final Canadiens @ Sabres Game 3 OT Thriller! Missing part of first period 1:57 G+
’76 Quarterfinal: Philadelphia @ Toronto Game 3 Police Get Called In! 2hrs 40min VG-
’76 NHL Stanley Cup Final: Flyers @ Canadiens Game 1 VG-
’76 NHL Stanley Cup Final: Flyers @ Canadiens Game 2 VG-
’76 NHL Stanley Cup Final: Flyers @ Canadiens Game 3 VG-
’76 NHL Stanley Cup Final: Flyers @ Canadiens Game 4 VG-
5/16/76 Flyers Vs Montreal Finals Game #4 CBC Telecast Replay on NHL Network Spots Cup 90 Min VG
'76 Philadelphia vs Central Red Army Edited From NBC Sports Gene Hart & Marv Albert On Call 1:58 VG-
'76 Canada Cup Canada vs USSR Semi Final ‘Coupe De Canada’ From CTV 1:58 VG/VG+
1/4/76 Buffalo vs Soviet Wings 2 Dvd’s Vg-
’77 NHL Quarterfinals Canadiens @ Maple Leafs Game 4 (Part of Game) VG
10/23/77 Los Angeles @ Montreal Regular Season VG + Early 70’s Brawl When Habs go into stands @ Boston VG-
’78 Mont vs New York Rangers: MSG TV. Regular Season. 160min VG-
’78 Playoff Game #4 Montreal @ Detroit Habs Seek & Destroy & Sweep in Four VG
’78 Playoff: Chicago @ Mont. 1:35 Tony Espo Gets a win VG
‘78 Colorado Rockies @ Philadelphia Preliminary, Game 1 ESPN Classic 2 Hrs Vg-
‘78 Philadelphia @ Boston Semi Finals, Game 2 WPHL-TV 17 Hart/Taylor 2 Dvd’s Vg-
’78 Stanley Cup Final: Boston @ Montreal Jerry Cheevers Pitches 3-0 Shutout VG
’78 Chicago Vs Montreal Reg Season Espo In Goal! TV-44 Sports Chi. 2 hrs VG-
11/16/78 Chicago @ Philadelphia (Edited Between Whistles) Complete Game 1:05 G
3/11/79 Los Angeles VS Philadelphia Regular Season Period One Coaches Film + Gene Hart Under It. W/Paul Holmgren Fight montage. G
’79 Flyers @ Canadiens 2 Cd’s 2:40 Min W/Spots Hockey Night in Canada G+/VG-
’79 Flyers vs Canucks NHL Playoff Opening Round Game 3 Flyers Win 7-1 from NHL Network VG
’80 Flyers @ Washington From HTS 2 hours Vg-
‘80 Buffalo Vs Soviet Red Army W/ Pre Game 3:40 Sabres Roll! 2 Dvd’s
‘80 Minnesota @ Philadelphia Semi-Final #5 Hockey Night Telecast Original2 DVD’s VG
5/13/80 Flyers Vs Islanders Finals Game #1 CBC Rebroadcast From NHL Network Spots Cut 1:36 Ex-/VG+
3/12/83 Flyers @ Bruins Ridiculous Long Pants on Flyers. Gorrence Looks like Brutus Beefcake. 1:42 Vg-
10/8/83 Philadelphia @ Montreal Regular Season Hockey Night In Canada 2 hrs G-/F
’84 Playoff: Boston @ Mont. Game #3 VG
’85 Flyers Vs La Kings ‘The Fight Game!’ 2 Dvd’s G+
’85 Opening Round: Game #1 Philly Vs Ny.Rangers Complete Broadcast W/Intermissions. From PRISM Sports. Spots Cut. OT Game 2 DVD’s VG
'86 Playoff: NYR @ Mont. Game #2 With Spots and updates in between periods 2 Dvd’s VG
’86 Playoff: Rangers Vs Mont Game #4 ESPN Original W/Some Commercials 2 Dvd’s VG
’86 Playoff: Mont Vs Rangers Game #6 ESPN Original W/Some Commercials OT Game VG-
’86 Playoff: Conf. Final Hartford @ Mont. Game #6 ESPN 2hrs Missing final 20 Secs Whalers Win VG
’86 Playoff: Conf Final Hartford @ Mont Game #7 ESPN Edited breaks 1hr 40Min VG
’87 Playoff: Quebec @ Mont Game #7 1:30 G+
’87 Semifinal Game #6 Montréal Vs Philly Complete Broadcast Pre-Game Fights 2 Dvd’s W/Pre Game Brawl and end of Cd 2 ESPN and Ch 57 Philly 146 Min Ex
’87 NHL Final, Game 6 Oilers @ Flyers (5/27/87) 129 min. Rebroadcast from CSN VG
’87 Canada Cup! USSR VS Canada (Game 3) 9/14/87 Two Dvd’s 3+hrs From Master VG+
12/8/87 Flyers Vs Boston Prism-TV Great fights and Goalie Ron Hextall scores! Hart/Taylor 2 Dvd’s Vg-
’89 Playoff: Conf Final: Mont @ Flyers Game #3 Habs win 5-1. Full Game 2hr 1Min VG
’89 Playoff: Conf Final: Mont @ Flyers Game #4 Flyers Win 2Hrs VG
’89 Playoff: Conf Final: Mont @ Flyers Game #6 Mont Clinches & Hextall Freaks! VG
NHL Shorts & Shows:
Detroit Red Wings: Stanley Cup Films 1952, 53 & 55 NHL Network ‘Gordie Howe’s 80th Birthday’ 25 Min Ea Vg-
‘Old Time Hockey’ MSG Classics Ranger Clips/Features From ‘50’s-60’s-70’s 45 Min. w/ World Team Tennis & San Francisco Don’s Retrospective on 51 Football Team 120Min
’68-70 Minnesota North Star Game Clips 60 Min
1968-74 Bobby Orr Great Plays and Goals (Various Clips) 2 hrs G
‘70s California Golden Seals Film: Behind the Scenes in ’72 Season Really Cool 45 Min G+
‘70-71 Buffalo Sabres: preview/review ‘Sabres Ready’ & 1970-71 year in review ‘Touche’ 55 Min G/G-
‘71-72 Buffalo Sabres: year in review ‘Touche 2’ & ‘72-73 year in review ‘Sabres on the Warpath’ 60 Min G+
‘73-74 Buffalo Sabres: year in review ‘Goal Diggers’ & ‘74-75 year in review ‘The Cup’ G+/G
‘74-75 Buffalo Sabres: ‘Sounds Of The Sabres’ 54 Min Audio Cd A
1975 Stanley Cup Playoff Film ‘Silver Fantasy’30 Min (ESPN Classic) Vg
’76 Stanley Cup Film: Flyers Vs Montreal From Classic Sports (not ESPN) 25 Min VG
‘75-76 Buffalo Sabres: year in review ‘The Crucibal’ 42 Min G+
’73-74 Minnesota North Star Team Film 25 Min
'74 SC finals highlights Philadelphia - Boston 30min From Classic VG
’74-75 Minnesota North Star Team Film 25 Min
’69-80 Boston Bruins Fight Tape: Classic Stuff Here! Terry O’Reilly’s Greatest Hits! G/G+
'74-84 Flyers Hockey Fights 1:50 All Fighting 1DVD VG-/G+
’76 Cleveland Barons Vs Canadiens (Mark Ackerman Short Film) 10 Minutes Very Cool VG
’76 Blackhawks Vs Red Wings (Mark Ackerman Short Film) 10 Minutes Very Cool VG
’80 NHL All Star Game: From Joe Louis Arena 2 Dvd’s G+
'80 SC finals highlights Philadelphia VS NY Islanders 30min VG
Philadelphia Flyers: 'Classic Series' ’87 Vs Oilers + ’00 Vs Penguins NHL Network Spots Cut 45 Min Each Ex
La Kings: 25th Anniversary Highlight Film From ’91 G+/Vg-
40th Anniversary London Knights OHL Hockey (Ontario Hockey League) ‘Green & Gold 40 Years Of London Knights Hockey’ 45 Min VG+
Don Cherry’s Rock-Em-Sock-Em Hockey

International Hockey
12/20/72 Toronto Marlboros Vs Moscow @ Toronto 60Min English CBC VG
’77 Canada Vs Czechoslovakia Jr World Cup. 17 Year Old Wayne Gretzky With 6 Points Complete 2 Dvd’s Vg-
2/7/80 USSR @ Erie Blades WQLN-TV Erie Pre-Olympic Exhibition W/Disclaimer from Station GM on airing game involving Soviets. Historic 2 Dvd’s VG
WHA Shorts & Shows:
’73 New England Whalers: A Salute to The Champions : 23 minutes VG-
WHA: Birth of A League: : 13 minutes Centers Around Bobby Hull Signing VG-
WHA: Hockey vs Hokkey 1974 Summit Series: WHA vs Russia : 47 min Very Cool VG
San Diego Mariners : Newsclips, goals, fights etc. 50 minutes G+/VG-
Minnesota Fighting Saints 73-74 Team Preview 30 Minutes
WHA 25th Anniversary Retrospective 20Min
Cincinnatti Stingers Clips 15 Minutes
’78 Aerodynamics: Houston Aeros Team Highlight Film 45 Minutes VG
’78 & 79 Houston Aeros Short Film Compilation (Mark Ackerman Film Shorts) 55Min VG
WHA Games
‘76 Winnipeg Jets vs Soviet Union One period 20 Min G
‘77 WHA All-Star Game 100 Min G+
‘77 Avco Cup Final Winnipeg @ Quebec Game 7 CBC Original VG
‘78 New England @ Houston 1:50 VG-
‘78 Playoffs Quebec @ Houston Game #5 1:58 VG
’79 Final: Oilers VS Jets (May 20, 1979) 139 min. Avco Cup Final Game 6 (Final WHA Game) Color not the best. VG-
Olympic Hockey
2-12-80 USA 2 vs Sweden 2 highlights mainly highlights Baker scores with :27 left for the tie 18 Min VG
2-14-80 USA 7 vs Czechlosavakia 3 includes Herb Brooks interview after game 70 Min VG
2-16-80 USA 5 vs Norway 1 missing 1st period includes Eruzione interview after game 40 Min
2-18-80 USA 7 vs Romania 2 some footage from periods 1 and 2 and half of the 3rd Period 30 Min
2-20-80 USA 4 vs West Germany 2 some footage from periods 1 and 2 and all of the 3rd Period 60 Min
2-22-80 USA 4 vs USSR 3 "miracle on ice 2" followed by NY news footage Medal Round Game ORIGINAL TELECAST 70Min + Bonus Footage 30Min
2-24-80 USA 4 vs Finland Gold Medal Game. Original Telecast! W/All Spots and Between Periods & Retro on ’60 Team & Podium Medal Ceremony 120Min
7/17/74 Jacksonville @ Chicago WGN TV Final 6 Minutes of Play 18 Min VG-/G+
WFL: ’74 Birmingham Ams (Coaches Film) Features several teams. Silent Film. Excellent Quality! 44Min. VG+
‘69 Philadelphia @ Chicago NBC Game Of The Week Gowdy/Kubek W/ post game (B/W) 2 Dvd’s G
10/12/76 NLCS Philadelphia Phillies Cincinnati Reds Game 3 (Reds Sweep) 2 Dvd’s Good
10/07/1977 Los Angeles Dodgers @ Philadelphia Phillies NLCS Game 3 (Phillies Blow 4 Run Lead in 9th) WPHL-TV Kalas/Ashburn 2:05 Vg-
10/08/1977 Los Angeles Dodgers @ Philadelphia Phillies NLCS Game 4 (Rain Game) ABC-TV Fair
5/17/79 Philadelphia @ Chicago 23-22 Game. Complete with Pre-Game from WGN Approx 3:30 VG
10/4/80 Philadelphia Phillies @ Montreal Expos (Phillies Clinch!) WPHL-TV 17 Kalas/Ashburn Complete Game 4 Dvd’s
10/11/80 NLCS: Game 5: Phillies @ Houston Original Network Brdcst W/ Spots 3:20 VG
10/18/80 Phiadelphia @ Kansas City World Series, Game 3 ESPN Classic 2 Hrs VG+
10/21/80 World Series Game 6 Royals (1) at Phillies (4) Original Telecast 2 Dvd’s G+
Philadelphia Phillies: ‘93 NLCS Game 6 1993 Phils v. Braves 3:20 Phils Clinch! 2 Dvd’s G+/VG-
Misc Philadelphia Phillies Stuff
Phillies Baseball Films & Videos:
1950 World Series Official Film: MLB Video Philadelphia Phillies New York Yankees Lew Fonseca Narrates 30 Min B&W VG
1980 World Series Official Film: MLB Video Philadelphia Phillies Kansas City Royals Vin Scully Narrates 35 Min VG
10/22/80 Phillies World Series Victory Parade KYW-TV 3 Actual Telecast Co-Anchored by Maury Povich. 120 Min. VG
1983 World Series Official Film: MLB Video Philadelphia Phillies Baltimore Orioles Mel Allen Narrates 37 Min Vg
Philadelphia Phillies: ’93 Team Video ‘High Hopes’ 90 Min VG+/Ex-
Philadelphia Phillies: ’04 Veterans Stadium Closing Ceremonies Last Half Inning of final game at Vet plus closing ceremony featuring former greats. 120 Min Vg
Philadelphia Phillies: ‘100 Years Of Phillies Baseball’ From 1986. A Team History 100 Min Ex-
2004 Field Of Memories History of Veterans Stadium Studio Release 60 Min Retrospective on The Phillies In the Vet! VG+/EX-

Baseball History Films
Washington Senators: ‘The Last Out’ Eulogy of Griffith Stadium 45 Min B&W With Jim Simpson VG
Baltimore Orioles: ‘The Last Season 05’ The Life and Demolition of Baltimore Memorial Stadium 73 Min Vg+
Chicago White Sox: ‘The Wrecking of Old Comiskey’ Poetry and Video 40 Min Vg
Detroit Tigers: ‘Michigan and Trumball’ On the wrecking of Tiger Stadium 71 Min VG+
Misc Baseball Stuff
All Star Game: 7/13/1976 (Philadelphia) Fydrych Pitches! ABC-TV Compete W/Introductions 2 Dvd’s G/G+
Philadelphia A's 1901 – 1954 90 Min Bill Campbell Narrates (2001 Release) Vg
‘Baseball in the 70`s’ MLB Video: (ESPN Classic) Mel Allen Narrates 60 Min
National Lacrosse League:
‘74 NLL Title Philadelphia Wings @ Rochester Griffins Championship Game WPHL TV-17 Gene Hart on Call 1:48 VG-
1975 National Lacrosse League: Philadelphia Wings NLL Documentary From NFL Films John Facenda Narrates 30 Min VG-/G+
'76 Min Series Playoff: Buffalo @ Phi From NBA Network Spots Cut 1:40 Missing very end VG-
'77 Final Game #2: Portland @ Philla From NBA Network. 76ers take 2-0 lead. Spots Cut 1:37 VG-
12/25/78 Sixers @ Knicks NBA-TV ‘Hardwood Classics’ W/McAdoo Home Feature..Comical. Spots Cut 100 Min Ex-
12/25/79 Sixers @ Washington NBA-TV ‘Hardwood Classics’ W/Pre-Game Featuring Dawkins Poem. 100 Min Ex
2/21/80 Philadelphia @ San Diego Clippers Dr.J vs Walton 2:15 Houghes TV Network Thursday Night B-Ball 2 Dvd’s Vg-
5/23/82 Philadelphia @ Boston Eastern Conf. Final Game 7 (76ers DVD Set) CBS-TV Feed 1:50 VG
4/12/83 Sixers @ Celtics WBZ-TV W/ Spots 2 Dvd’s Vg-
12/25/84 Nets Vs Knicks W/Pre Game MSG Cable Replay on NBA-TV Bernard King Gets 60 W/ Jim Karvellas Calling It! Spots Cut 100Min Ex
Great Knicks Comebacks 60's-80's stuff & Doc J’s Final Game @ MSG '87 1:50. Doc’s last cuts @ End. Ex+
'76 ST. Louis @ Kentucky Regular Season (NBA-TV) Features Young Bob Costas 2 Hrs Vg
5/13/76 ABA Title Game: ‘A Night To Remember’ From NBA-TV ‘Hardwood Classics’ W/ Dr J & Brian Taylor running commentary. Very Cool 76 Min Ex
’76 ABA Final Denver @ Nets Game 6 (NBA-TV Replay) 2 Dvd’s Vg-
NASL: Actual Game Telecasts
'73 NASL championship: Philadelphia Atoms at Dallas Tornado WPHL TV-17 Gene Hart On Call 1:36 VG
'74 NASL championship: Miami Toros at L.A. Aztecs CBS Sports Spots Cut 1:50 VG-/G+
‘75 Dallas @ New York CBS Sports Pre-Satellite Feed (Pele's first game) 110min VG
’75 Soccer Bowl Tampa Bay Vs Portland in Palo Alto Calif (CBS Sports) Part of First Half. Approx 30 Min VG
5/2/76 Chicago @ NY Cosmos HBO TV 2 Dvd’s 127min Pele Scores 2Dvd’s VG
6/9/76 Cosmos @ Minnesota Huge House For Pele 84 Min Carvellas & David VG-
’76 Seattle Sounders vs. St. Louis Stars Seattle TV Broadcast 1:50 VG-
'76 Tampa Bay Rowdies @ New York Cosmos (5-4 game) missing first 30 seconds 90min EX
76 Tampa Vs Toronto 70 Min + Tampa Vs Miami 40 Min + Brazil Vs Team America 35 Min Vg-/G+
’77 L.A. Aztecs vs. Dallas Tornado ‘On’ Pay TV LA W/Pre & Halftime Some Spots 120 Min VG
‘77 New York Cosmos Vs Chicago Sting 100min (no sound 1st 20 min) WTTW-TV Chi Vg-/G+
’77 NY Cosmos at Tampa Bay Rowdies (Franz Beckenbauer's debut for the Cosmos!) TVS Sports John Miller/Walt Chyzowych 1:48 VG
8/13/77 Quarterfinal New York Cosmos @ Ft Lauderdale Srikers quarterfinal (1st half, OT + SO only) 80min VG
8/21/77 Semifinal Game #1 NY @ Rochester BW & Color From TVS Television Jon Miller on Call VG
‘77 Soccer Bowl New York Seattle 95 Min Pele’s Final NASL From Portland Jon Miller on Call! VG
10/01/77 Santos Vs. New York Cosmos Pele’s Last Game ABC TV Jim McKay 80 Min G
4/2/78 Strikers @ NY Cosmos Opening Day Game W/Full Halftime From South Florida TV R. Twibel 120 Min Vg
5/12/78 Rochester @ Cosmos 1:50 Vg-
6/10/78 Oakland @ Ft Lauderdale 100Min G+/VG-
4/9/78 Detroit Express @ Ft Lauderdale Strikers 120min TVS Game of Week 2nd Round Playoffs VG
'78 Rochester @ San Diego From Rochester TV Complete Game W/Spots 2 Dvd’s W/ Bonus Stuff Vg-
‘78 Washington Diplomats VS Ft Lauderdale Strikers 120 Min TVS-TV John Miller Vg-/G+
7/23/78 New York Cosmos @ Seattle Sounders TVS-TV Jon Miller 1:55 Vg-
'78 Soccer Bowl: Rowdies Vs Cosmos TVS Syndicated Jon Miller on Call 2:01 W/Spots VG-
‘78 New York Cosmos Vs Argentina Maradona @ 17 years of age. 45/60min VG-
‘78 New York Cosmos Vs Boca Juniors 100min Spanish @ Giants Stadium Vg-/G+
9/12/78 NY Cosmos at Bayern Munich 1-7 (from PBS tv: Soccer Made in Germany) W/ ’78 Hamburg @ Cologne 45 Min VG
7/18/79 Cosmos @ Ft Lauderdale From Channel 10 Pre-Satellite Feed 1:54 VG-
8/1/79 Atlanta @ New England 100Min WTBS Broadcast G
8/01/79 New York Cosmos @ Los Angeles 61 Min (Condensed) WOR-TV 9 G
8/5/79 Rochester vs New York Cosmos 100 Min Vg-
8/8/79 Detroit Express @ Minnesota Kicks 100Min @ Met Staduim VG-
8/11/79 Seattle vs Vancouver 60 Min KCTS-TV edited Ex
'79 Rochester @ Vancouver Complete Game W/Spots 2 Dvd’s Vg-
9/1/79 Semi-Final: Games 2 & 3 Vancouver White Caps @ Cosmos + Mini Game 2 DVD’s VG-
8/8/79 Soccer Bowl: Tampa Bay vs Vancouver ABC TV 100 Min G+
8/19/80 Atlanta Chiefs @ Los Angeles Aztecs 100min VG
6/1/80 New York Cosmos @ Washington Diplomats Huge Crowd! Two Dvd’s w/OT & Shootout! 120min+ VG
6/8/80 Atlanta Chiefs @ New York Cosmos WTBS-TV Bob Neal 1:58 Vg-
6/25/80 Edmonton @ Fort Lauderdale 100 Min VG-/G+
5/8/80 Toronto vs Cosmos 103 Min WOR-TV 9 VG-
4/26/80 Tulsa vs New York Cosmos @ Skelley Stadium Tulsa wins! 120Min G/G-
9/9/80 Dallas vs Cosmos: Conf. Semi-Final Playoff WOR-TV 9 From Texas Stadium Cavellas & Mallon 90Min VG
9/20/80 Soccer Bowl: NY Vs Ft. Lauderdale ABC TV RFK Stadium 1:47 VG-
’80 San Diego @ Cosmos USA Network Telecast Missing first couple of Min but no goals. 104 Min Vg-
‘80 Cosmos Vs Roma @ Giants Stadium Pre Satellite Feed USA Network 2hrs
4/18/81 Montréal Vs Toronto Missing first 20 min of the game 1st Game in Mont.85min VG
5/1/81 New York Cosmos @ Atlanta Chiefs 102 Min WOR-TV 9 G
8/9/81 Cosmos @ Edmonton 110 Min (Recent Upgrade) VG
'81 Montreal Manic @ Los Angeles Aztecs In French 100min VG
'81 Washington Diplomats @ California Surf 100min VG
8/1/81 Vancouver Whitecaps @ Montreal Manic ESPN Original 100min VG
8/12/81 Washington @ Cosmos 1:55 Vg-
8/12/81 Quarterfinal Montréal Vs. Chicago Game #1 In English 100 Min VG-
9/26/81 Soccer Bowl Chicago Sting vs New York Cosmos ABC Sports from Toronto 2 Dvd’s VG
‘81 New York Cosmos @ Colo Colo Chilean TV Vg-
‘81 New York Cosmos @ America of Mexico 92min Spanish G+
‘81 New York Cosmos Vs. Sao Paulo 100 min Spanish G-
5/22/82 Montréal vs San Diego From ESPN 90 Minutes Fr/Gd
6/15/82 Fort Lauderdale @ Montreal 100 Min Missing Last 5 Min. VG-/G
7/28/82 New York Cosmos Vs. San Jose Earthquakes 90min USA Network 95 Min G+
8/1/82 New York VS Montréal Manic get screwed In French 85 Min VG
’82 Quarterfinal Game #1 Ft Lauderdale @ Montreal USA Network Spencer Ross & Warner Roth on call 3-2 Mont Win VG
6/8/83: Toronto Vs. Montréal Bettega vs Larios 100 Min G+/G
’83 Cosmos @ Tampa Bay Rowdies WOR-TV 9 Jim Karvallas 120 Min Vg-
7/12/83 Ft Lauderdale @ Montreal In French 1:37 VG
'83 Montreal vs Seattle Playoffs In French 100Min VG
‘83 Quarter No 2 Montréal Vs. New York OT/SO In French 2 DVD’s Very Long Game!! VG+
'83 Soccer Bowl Tulsa Roughnecks Vs Toronto Blizzard 100min EX
9/7/83 Montreal Vs New York Quarterfinal Game 2 OT/SO Complete In French With review of game in French 2 Dvd’s VG
1983 NASL Friendly: Montréal Vs. Nottingham Forrest OT French 120 Min Good
’83 NASL Friendly: Hamburg SV @ NY Cosmos 47 Min ESPN TV Commercials Cut VG+
5/25/84: New York Vs. Barcelona 100 Min Maradona! SportsChannel VG
8/12/84: New York Vs Juventus (Platini, Rossi & Boniek all play) 106 Min Gd/VG
7/84 New York Vs World All Stars SportsChannel W/ Bob Ley & Seamus Mallong 110 Min VG-
10/3/84 Soccerbowl 84: Chicago Sting at Toronto Blizzard Game Two Final NASL outdoor game…W/Postgame 120 Min
NASL: Team Films/Highlights
’71 League Hi-Light Film 30 Min Looks Great! VG
’73 Philadelphia Atoms Team Highlight Film. Narrated by John Facenda 47 Min VG-/G+
’73 Season Highlights 20Min VG
’75-’76 Dallas Tornado Highlights 29Min
'75-76 Chicago Sting Hi-Lite Films 27 Min VG-
’76 Soccer Bowl Film 30Min
'77 New York Cosmos Highlight Film 30min VG
'78 New York Cosmos Highlight Film 30min VG
’78 Minnesota Kicks Team Film 25 Min
’79 Washington Dips Season Film 25Min
’79 Tampa Bay: ‘Carrot Gets Rowdy’ 40Min
'79 New York Cosmos Highlight Film 30min VG
'80 New York Cosmos Highlight Film 30min VG
'82 New York Cosmos Highlight Film 30min VG
'77-'81 NY Cosmos: ‘NASL’s Greatest Cosmos Goals: Highlight/Retrospective hosted by Jim Karvellas from WOR-TV 51Min
’79 NASL Preview: From ABC Sports Narrated by Jim McKay. ‘More Than A Kick In The Grass’. 45 Min VG-
‘79-83 Vancouver Whitecaps Team Highlight Films 1 Hour 45 Min Quality varies between VG- & G+
’78 Toronto Blizzard Team Film 19 Min G+
’80 NASL Preview: ‘A New Decade’ From ABC Sports Narrated by Jim McKay 45 Min VG-
’80 Blizzard Team Film 23 Min VG-
’80-’82 Tampa Bay Rowdies: Compilation of Clips and Stories from local TV news. Very Cool! Approx 2hrs VG-
’81 Chicago Sting Documentary from ’91 SportsChannel Chicago 27 Min VG
'81 NASL Weekly: From ESPN Hosted By Bob Ley. Weekly digest show with highlights from late in '81 30 Min VG-
'82 Seattle Sounders: Team Preview ‘Soccer Sounders Style’ Local TV Short 4 Min VG
’06 Documentary: 'Once In A Lifetime' On New York Cosmos From ESPN 2 W/ Crawl @ Bottom of Screen 100 Min Vg-
NASL Indoor: Game Telecasts
3/7/81 Edmonton Drillers at Chicago Sting (NASL Finals Game 2) USA Network W/out spots G/G+
12/23/81 New York Cosmos @ Montreal Manic w/Georgio, Alberto, Davis & Messing! 100min VG
‘81 Jacksonville at Toronto From ESPN 1:37 (Mallon) G/G+
‘82 New York at Tulsa Overtime Game (missing 2nd period) WOR-TV 9 (Karvellas, Mallon) 1:30 G
3/82 Indoor Playoffs Montréal Vs Tampa Bay OT Game Missing end of game. From ESPN 65 Min G+
03/04/82 Tampa Bay at San Diego Championship Finals Game 1 ESPN 1:56 G
2/04/84 Chicago at Golden Bay (missing first quarter) WPRW TV Aurora Ill. F
4/11/84 San Diego at New York Championship Finals Game 3 Last NASL Indoor Game 1:55 G+/VG-
6/8/06 Galaxy Vs Chivas USA ESPN2 ‘US Cup Classic’ 120Min EX+
7/22/06 Columbus Vs Chivas USA 100 Min ESPN Ex
7/26/06 FC Everton Vs Columbus Friendly ESPN W/ Wynalda 2hrs EX
MISL Team Films/Highlights:
Cincinatti Kids – ‘The New Kids in Town’ 1978-79 (20Min) VG-/G+
Cleveland Force – ‘The Force is With Us’ 1980-81 From Ch 3 in Clev (58 Min) VG-
MISL - Turn it On 1985-86 Retrospective From Halcyon Days Production 12 Min G+
MISL - Alive and Kicking 1986-87 Hosted By John Paul Delacamera From ESPN 26 Min VG-
Pittsburgh Spirit: The Spirit Is Back ’85-86 Local TV Special on Struggling Franchise 25 Min VG-
Cleveland Force - Chasing a Dream 1983-84 25 Min VG-
Dallas Sidekicks : ‘Never Say Die’ – ’86-87 The Championship Season Team Produced 63Min VG
St. Louis Steamers - You'll Like What You See Approx 8 Min VG/G+
Sockers Music Video: ‘One For The Thumb’ 6 Min From ’92 VG
Sockers Clips: ’91-92 Season Review 24 Min VG
Kansas City Comets – ‘The First Ten Years’ (20 Min) VG
Pittsburgh Spirit – ‘Relive the Spirit’ 1984-85 KTKA TV (23 Min) VG-
San Diego Sockers – ‘The Great Indoors’ 1982-83 (20 Min) VG-
Wichita Wings - The First Thirteen Years (30 Min) VG
MISL: Game Telecasts
12/27/78 Philadelphia Fever at Cincinnati Kids (only 12 minutes) + Bonus stuff including Buff @ Chi (silent) NY @ Buff (WUTV TV), Mem @ NY ’81, Phi @ NY (Ch 17 Philly) 78 Phi @ NY Title Game. VG/G+
03/23/79 Philadelphia at New York MISL Inagural Title Game VG
12/22/79 Cleveland Force at Philadelphia Fever From PRISM Sports G+/VG-
12/19/79 Philadelphia Fever at St. Louis Steamers (Pecher and Smith get ejected) OT. End Cuts after goal VG-
1/4/80 Philadelphia at New York (Segota Gets 6!) Ch-17 Philly (Kalas) Jumpy Picture G+
1/19/80 Philadelphia at Houston Ch 17 Philly Harry Kalas on Call 120Min VG-/G+
1/27/80 Philadelphia Fever at Detroit Lightning Ch 17 Harry Kalas on Call! G/F
2/10/80 Philadelphia Fever at Buffalo Stallions WPHL TV In Philly 1:50 Missing last 4 Minutes G
2/24/80 Philadelphia Fever at Wichita Wings Jim Karvellas W/ Kyle Rote Jr. Vg-/G+
'79-80 Regular Season: Detroit Lightning vs New York Arrows 120min Original Broadcast From Cobo Hall In Detroit
3/23/80 Championship Game: New York Arrows Vs Houston Summit @ Uniondale NY Complete W/Celebration EX
11/22/80 St. Louis at Denver Picture In & Out 1:55 G-/F
12/26/80 Hartford at San Francisco (3rd & 4th quarters only) 55 Min VG-
11/13/81 Philadelphia Fever at Baltimore Blast (Sellout Crowd) G+/G
12/04/81 New York at Phoenix 15-10 (highest scoring MISL game ever) SportsChannel 2 Hours G
’82 MISL Buffalo @ New York Arrows WUT-TV 22 Great looking! W/Spots 120 Min Vg
5/01/82 Wichita at Memphis 6-3 Quarterfinal Game #2 1:48 G+
5/26/82 St. Louis at New York 6-8 finals game 5 (Arrows Take 4th Straight) KDNL St. Louis (Joel Myers) 95 Min VG-
4/26/83 St. Louis at Wichita Quarterfinal Game 3 (Pecher scuffles with fan and is ejected, Roentved scores a header from 70 feet) Bob Carpenter 120Min G
12/22/84 New York Cosmos at Los Angeles Sportchannel NY (Trautwig, Mallon) 100 Min VG-/G+
1/25/85 New York Cosmos at Minnesota (picture is very jumpy 1st 20 Min) Sports Channel NY 138 Min 2Dvd’s
3/16/85 Pittsburgh at Chicago CAC Sports Pitt. JP Dellacamera on Color. 100 Min G+
4/14/85 San Diego at Las Vegas TV-51 KSDI TV Randy Hahn on Call Season Finale 1:55 G+
12/11/85 Pittsburgh at Minnesota CAC Sports Pittsburgh John Sanders & JP Dellacamera 1:55 VG-
5/23/86 San Diego at Minnesota Championship Finals game 6 2 Hrs G+
11/14/86 New York Express at Los Angeles 1st Express Game Prime Ticket TV (Myers) 120Min G
12/26/86 Baltimore at Chicago @ Horizon (Clear Boards!) ESPN JP Dellacamera VG-/G+
‘86 Cleveland Force Vs Baltimore Blast 140min From ESPN 2 Dvd’s G+/G
1/9/87 St. Louis at Chicago (@ Rosemont Horizon) KDNL-TV (Delacamera) 85 Min + Steamers News Clips (10 Min) VG-
1/21/87 Kansas City at Chicago KC TV-5 John Fortune 108 Min VG-
6/20/87 Dallas at Tacoma MISL Finals Game 7 In Overtime! 2:37 Prime Ticket Sports W/Post Game VG-
5/30/89 San Diego Sockers ar Baltimore Blast Game 2 Champ Series (I was there) G+
1/30/90 Australia Select Team at Kansas City (only 19 minutes..filmed from crowd..Darren "Doc" Summers in goal during second half) VG-
5/29/90 San Diego at Baltimore 4-7 championship finals game 1 Fox 43 in Balt. W/Spots 2 Dvd’s (2:34) VG
5/12/92 Dallas at San Diego 2-8 championship finals game 6 Last MISL Game 2:35 VG
3/26/05 Philly Vs Cleveland Force. Raw Satellite Feed. No Commercials. Banter between analysts. 2:02. Is missing last 3 min of game. Philly has big lead by then. Master Generation EX+
4/16/05 Philly VS KC Comets. Raw Satellite Feed. No Commercials. Has all the banter between analysts during breaks. Cool. Ot Philly Loss 2:03 VG+/EX-
11/16/04 Philly Vs Baltimore Blast. Coaches Film. Single shot from camera at midfield. Acquired from staff member. Vocal is hooked to arena pa. Like being at game minus crowd noise. Complete Game 2:17
'05 MISL Championship Series Game One Cleveland vs Milwaukee Master from Satellite. Missing first half. Entire 2nd + OT EX+
'05 MISL Championship Series Game Two Cleveland Vs Milwaukee First Generation. Missing OT VG
2/11/06 MISL ALL-STAR GAME from Milwaukee; Mexican Futbol Rapido Team All-Stars at MISL All-Stars 2Dvd's VG
2/20/06 Philadelphia at California From Comcast Sports Net Sacramento Complete Broadcast W/ Pre & Post 1:45 Ex-
’06 Championship Game: St. Louis Vs. Baltimore ESPN2 (Dave O’Brien) Ex+
’07 MISL Championship Game: Kixx @ Detroit Versus 2 Dvd’s Ex
10/08/94 Las Vegas Dustdevils at Dallas Sidekicks 9-8 championship finals game 3 Deciding Game 123Min G-
Premier Soccer Alliance
11/8/98 Sacramento at Dallas 2-6 PSA Championship Game (No Announcers) House feed w/ awful music throughout & PA announcer, Sidekicks highlight reel at end 1:53 G+
’02 Brazil Vs Italy Egyptian Tournament Final (Fox Sportsworld) 80 Min VG-
World Cup Soccer
’58 Final Brazil vs Sweden 100 Min G
’70 World Cup Final: Italy Vs Brazil Pele’s Last Ring 95 Min Vg-
’70 World Cup Semi Final: Italy Vs W. Germany W/ Insane O.T. 2 Dvd’s Vg- ’74 Final Yougoslavia vs West Germany No Announcers. Great Natural Sound. Like Being there! 100Min EX
’74 World Cup Semi-Final Holland Vs Argentina No Announcers 95 Min Vg-/G+
’78 World Cup Final: Argentina Vs Holland W/OT 2 Dvd’s VG+
'82 Final Italy Vs West Germany 90min Rossi Rules!!! VG
'86 Quarterfinal Argentina Vs England Hand of God Game! 93 Min English VG
'86 Final: Argentina Vs W. Germany From NBC TV (Jones, Davis, Gardner) 2:40 VG-
7/8/90 W. Germany Vs Argentina In English From TNT (Neal, Luckhurst) 110 Min
'94 Opening Round: Romania Vs USA @ Pasadena, CA ABC-TV Twibell & Mallon 100 Min G+
'94 Opening Round: Italy Vs Mexico 1 Dvd Vg-
’94 Knockout Round 7/9/94 Brazil vs. Netherlands/Holland in Dallas ESPN (Trautwig, Mallon) 102 Min VG-
'98 Official Film ‘Le Coupe De La Glorie’ In English 100 Min Ex
6/5/02 1st round: USA vs. Portugal USA Shocks The World! ESPN (Edwards & Kehoe) 120 Min VG
’02 USA-Mexico Sweet 16 From My Master 2 hrs VG+
World Cup '06 USA Send-Off Series
5/23/06 USA Vs Morocco in Nashville ESPN I was there! Terrible Effort From USA Complete Game 110 min VG+
5/26/06 USA Vs Venezuela in Cleveland ESPN2 Complete Game 110 Min VG+
5/28/06 USA Vs Latvia in East Hartford, Ct. ESPN2 Complete Game 110 Min VG+
World Cup '06 First Round
Misc World Cup ’06 ‘Dv’s Mix Tape’ All the goals from World Cup` ’06 compiled by Doug Voiles 2 hours Ex-/VG+
6/9/06 Germany Vs Costa Rica W/Pre & Post 2 hrs 40 Min Ex-
6/9/06 Ecuador Vs Poland Complete Game 2 Hrs Ex
6/10/06 Argentina Vs Ivory Coast 2 hrs Ex
6/10/06 England Vs Paraguay In English ABC & Spanish Univision Ex
6/11/06 Portugal Vs Angola 2 Hrs Ex
6/11/06 Holland Vs Serbia-Mont. 2 Hrs Ex
6/11/06 Mexico Vs Iran Spanish Pre-Game English Game + Post Missed 2nd goal 2.5 Hrs Ex
6/12/06 Japan Vs Australia Pre & Post Univision 3 Goals from Socceroos in Final 5 Min! Ex
6/12/06 US Vs Czech Republic Beginning Of End Of Arena ESPN Pre & Post Viva Wynalda! EX
6/12/06 Italy Vs Ghana W/Spanish Pre-Game 2.5 Hours Ex
6/13/06 S. Korea Vs Tunisia 2 Hours Ex
6/13/06 France Vs Switzerland W/ Pre & Post Ex
6/13/06 Brazil Vs Croatia Spanish/English 2 Hrs Ex
6/14/06 Spain Vs Ukraine ESPN 2 Ex
6/14/06 Ecuador Vs Costa Rica ESPN 2 Ex
6/14/06 Saudi Arabia Vs Tunisia 2 hrs Ex
6/15/06 Germany Vs Poland 2 Hrs Ex
6/15/06 England Vs Trinidad & Tobego 2 hrs Ex
6//15/06 Sweden Vs Paraguay 2 Hrs Ex
6/16/06 Argentina Vs Serbia Montenegro Some In Spanish Ex
6/16/06 Holland Vs Ivory Coast 2 Hrs Ex
6/16/06 Mexico Vs Angola 2 Hrs Ex
6/17/06 Portugal Vs Iran ESPN2 Ex
6/17/06 Ghana Vs Czech Republic Black Stars Roll! 2 Hrs Ex
6/17/06 USA Vs Italy W/Pre & Post (Giorgio Bueno!) ABC Sports 2.5 Hrs Ex
6/18/06 Japan Vs Croatia ABC Sports Scoreless Draw 2 Hrs Ex
6/18/06 Togo Vs Switzerland ABC Sports 2 Hrs Ex
6/19/06 Ukraine Vs Saudi Arabia ESPN2 2 Hrs Ex
6/19/06 Spain Vs Tunisia ESPN2 Complete 2 Hrs Ex
6/19/06 Germany Vs Ecuador ESPN Missing First 3 Min. Ex
6/20/06 England Vs Sweden ESPN2 Complete Ex
6/20/06 Mexico Vs Portugal ESPN2 Complete Ex
6/21/06 Argentina Vs Holland Brutal Scoreless Draw ESPN Ex
6/22/06 USA Vs Ghana ESPN TV Thanks Bruce! Good Knowing ya W/Pre & Post Tell ‘em EW EX
6/22/06 Australia Vs Croatia ESPN2 Ozzie’s Advance with Tie Complete Ex
6/23/06 Spain Vs Saudi Arabia ESPN2 Complete Ex
6/23/06 Switzerland Vs South Korea ESPN2 Missing Second Goal (thunderstorm outage) Ex
World Cup '06 Round Of 16
6/24/06 Germany Vs Sweden W/Pre & Post ABC-TV Ex
6/24/06 Argentina Vs Mexico W/Pre Game From Univision (Spanish) Game in English Complete 2.4 hrs OT EX
6/24/06 Italy Vs Ukraine Italians Roll to Shutout! 1:55 ESPN JPD & Balboa VG
World Cup '06 Round Of 8
6/25/06 England Vs Portugal ESPN 1:50 VG
6/25/06 France Vs Brazil ESPN W/Halftime 2hrs VG
World Cup '06 Semi-Final
7/5/06 France Vs Portugal ESPN 2:02 VG
7/4/06 Italy Vs Germany 2:47 OT W/Postgame VG
World Cup '06 Consolation
7/8/06 Germany Vs Portugal 2 Hrs VG-
World Cup '06 Final
7/9/06 Italy Vs France 3:20 OT/SO VG-
International Soccer & Exhibitions
’93 US Cup USA Vs England Sportchannel USA 84 Min
Confederations Cup ’05 Argentina vs. Mexico In Spanish From Univision 110 min VG-
Euro 2000 Highlight Film. In French 93 Min VG+/EX
8/6/06 Barcelona Vs Chivas (Mexico) @ Palo Alto, CA 120 Min Fox Soccer Channel Ex-
8/6/06 Barcelona Vs America (Mexico) @ Houston, TX 120 Min Fox Soccer Channel Ex-
8/12/06 Real Madrid Vs Real Salt Lake 2 Hrs Fox Soccer Channel Ex
8/12/06 F.C. Barcelona Vs New York RB 120 Min Fox Soccer Channel Ex

Sports Disasters Marathon: Spills, Crashes and Fights from various sports 3.5 hours 2 Dvd’s from A&E-TV EX
‘Old Time Hockey’ MSG Classics Ranger Clips/Features From ‘50’s-60’s-70’s 45 Min. w/ World Team Tennis (20 Min)& San Francisco Don’s Retrospective on 51 Football Team (30 Min) 120 Min Total

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