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Bubble's Island

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You step off the ship you came on and onto the soft cream colored sand of Bubbles' Island. You're not really sure why you're here, but you are so ya might as well have a look around and relax a little! Almost directly in front of you is a redheaded girl and a yellow pony. They are both wearing tropical shirts and straw hats and drinking bright blue Devil Liquid. The pony turns to you as you approach but the girl is obvious asleep, her hat over her face. "Lost?" the pony asks. "I'm Bubbles! This is my island! She named it after me, cuz I was the first pony she bought online. Hehe Plus she likes me best," she giggled with a wink. "Oh, thats Empress Yuna by the way," she said pointing at the girl. "She rules this island and the next, Thpoons. Thats where all her anime friends live! They come and help us build and protect us when need be." She turns and points with one hoof, balancing her drink with the other. "Thats Thpoons right there, its a fun place and some ponies live there, mostly Yuna's customs though." She hops down on her chair and streches. She looks up at you snd sips her drink before saying, "You can get to Thpoons by that small strip of sand there." She pointed. "If you go over there, Brainstorm and YoungShinigami can show ya around, but if ya wanna tour my island I'll be glad to!" She shook some sand off of herself and adjusted her hat. "So where ya wanna go?"

Bubbles' Island


Find out what pony you are! Decides what pony you should be thru a buncha questions! yay!

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