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Club Shop

  Item Price
  Signed photo of player
  Signed team photo
  Signed team football
  Muddy underwear items (with authenification certificate)
  Date with a player(Negotiable rates, could be free - well if its Mark Harrison anyway)
  Signed photo of player
  Season ticket 2001-2002, as every game is likely to be all ticket (sarcasim is wonderful)
  Feast your eyes on this selection of souvenir T-shirts! Perfect for that nite out, guaranteed to pull wearing one of these baby's!
from £9.99
  "I've was there when Aliaster Andrews was lobbed whilst standing on his line"
  "Dave Churchley queered me up"
  "Paul B started on me!"
  "I shagged Fenwick's mum first!"
  Other quality indorsed items
  Fred Evans book of managing a successful football team
£0.99 (only 5,000 copies left)
  Paul Belcher's football boots (left one as good as new)
  One of Budges dress's
  Graeme Clark autobiography - "Being a woman stuck in a mans body"
  Paul Belcher book "anger managment"
  *NEW* Paul Belcher's book on Woodwork
  Mark Harrison Collection
The Mark Harrison doll - will run all day but to no-where inparticular.
Mark Harrison doll accessories - oversize legs, supportive team mates.
Mark Harrison Video Collection
101 Great misses
101 slices, scuffs, fluffs and skiers.
101 Hit corner flags
101 Nasty mingers
The goal collection (betamax only, approx runnning time 1min 30secs).
reserve now
Please make cheques payable to "It Just Like Watching Brazil FC". All prices include postage and packaging.

All orders to It Just Like Watching Brazil FC, C/O Paul Belcher, department of chemistry, bedson building, university of newcastle upon tyne. NE6 5SQ.

I.J.L.W. Brazil