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Bright Bittersweet 1980 Mercury Capri

Welcome to my little corner of the web! I set this page up just so I could display my Bright Bittersweet 1980 Mercury Capri.

Here's the specifications on my car:

Year: 1980

Make: Mercury

Model: Capri

Color: Bright Bittersweet (2G)

Engine Displacement: 2.3L (140 CID)

Head: D Port

Transmission: 4 speed standard

Carburetor: 2 barrel Holley/ Weber 5200

Tires: 13"

Rear Differential: 6.75"

Options: Power Steering

She's a stock '80, nothing special. I bought her in the spring of 2001. Since then I've given it several repairs including new tires, new battery, a new wheel, complete paint job, a clutch, a lower control arm, starter, front and rear brake work, parking brakes, power steering pump, vacuum work, dash pad, center console, an air filter, fluid flush and a couple timing and carburetor adjustments. Her engine died on me in February 2002

but I'm breating life back in to her. I bought a new, complete 2.3L block and D port head. Currently I'm building the engine to my specifications. It's still in the shop, waiting for parts. It should be running in a few weeks but it won't be completed until sometime next year. I was planning on a turbo engine but I'm delaying that plan, if I can get 120HP from this one I won't bother.

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