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Bright Bittersweet 1980 Mercury Capri

This is my Bright Bittersweet 1980 Mercury Capri.

These are the specifications:

Year: 1980

Make: Mercury

Model: Capri

Color: Bright Bittersweet (2G)

Engine Displacement: 2.3L (140 CID)

Head: 8 valve, D-port intake

Transmission: SROD 4 speed standard

Carburetor: 2 barrel Holley/ Weber 5200

Wheels: Five spoke 15"

Rear Differential: 6.75"

It was a stock 1980, nothing special. I bought it in the spring of 2001. Since then I've been repairing and upgrading including new tires, new battery, wheel repair, complete paint job, a clutch, a lower control arm, starter, front and rear brake work, parking brakes, power steering pump, vacuum work, dash pad, center console, air filters, fluid flushes, thermostat, ignition, distributor, electric fuel pump, carburetor, new carpet and seats. The engine died on me in February 2002

so I dumped it at a scrap yard. I bought a new 2.3L and put it together. It has been in and out of the shop for a year and a half. Now it's running strong. The engine is mostly stock except that now it has an electric fuel pump, no emission controls and a D-port intake. The paint job is done, it has pinstripes and I planned to install a three piece rear spoiler. Unfortunately I sold this car in 2004. My next Capri will be an '86 RS Turbo 2.3L, we'll see. If you know anyone selling one email me. Thanks.

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