A Single Betrayal
This column is just a bunch of things that fucking suck. This column is ALWAYS being updated. If you know of something that fucking suck's Mail it to me and i'll add it.

1.) 7th Heaven
2.) When Joey Gladstone from fullhouse say's "Cut it out!"
3.) When you have 1 ciggerette
4.) When you want to make a sandwhich and there is no miracle whip
5.) Whenever sam from "Clarissa Explains it all", Nickoloden's hit 1992 television program, walked up that fucking ladder to get to clarissa's room and that damn song would play EVERY time
6.) When wrestling is cancelled because of "NBA basketball"
7.) When Tony Danza star's in a movie
8.) When franklin walks into jake's house without knocking
9.) When Christopher Loyd makes weird faces in "Angel's In The Outfeild"
10.) Everytime I tell gino I am far in super smash brother's, he is always farther
11.) When you have a fresh box "a" cigz and no lighter
12.) Whenever I hear the voice of Fred Durst
13.) Whenever I see faggot poser's like Tim Gnafuck or whatever wearing skateboarding,Blink 182, and Mudvayne clothing to fit in with his "cool" friends, in which he doesnt skateboard, and think's mudvayne and blink 182 is punk rock
14.) Whenever Nsync come's out with a new chart topping single
15.) When you put a cig in your pocket and it breaks
16.) When I cant think of anything else to add to this list.
17.) When stick stickly would say "Simmer Down", followed by "Anyhoo, stick stickly reporting....."
18.) When people get mad at you they shout out "OHH C'MON BUDDY, BUD, PAL or even BUB
19.) When middle aged guy's in bars are watching football games, and the opposing team run's for a touch down, the whole time this "middle aged guys" are screaming "OOOOH OH OH OH C'MON!! CUMMOOOOOOON!! GODDAMNIT!!"
20.) When van's have a hideous painting of a forest on the side.
21.) Whenever uncle jesse from fullhouse would mess with his "perfect" hair. Man, FUCK his hair.
22.) When parents try to impress other parent's and "show off."
23.) When "cool" kid's dance like all the "cool" kids in american pie.
24.) When redneck's have a guitar and say "That old dirty coward, shot Mr.Howard, Lay Jeessse james in his graaaaveeee."
25.) When kid's call there dad "Old man".
26.) When you spill red kool-aid on a white carpet.
27.) When people go to say a "bad" word, and realize it's "bad" to say it so instead they say things like "HOLY TOLEDO!"
28.) When company's try to incorporate humor into there commercial's, like dell's new hit commercial, and after that faggot kid with the afro make's those stupid expression's to "Steven", "Steven" tell's afro fuck's mom "dells are so good", then "Steven" pulls a smooth one and says "Dude your gettin' a dell."
29.) When redneck's smile.
30.) When reimcock says "Odyssseuuuss, Lady Penelopeeeee, Throw your gum in the garbaaage, Im a fuucking assshooole."
31.) When that pink shirt wearing faggot "Scott Kutz", the airbrush teacher would say things like thing
a.)"From this point on your .......O.........Y.......O(on your own)"
b.) "Ok, lets start the fire's, and kick the tires.
c.) "I dont wanna hear any poppers, or im poppin ya right outta here."
d.) "Save the white!"
e.) "For our next project will be making SPOOK STICKS!"
f.) "Sorry I cant accept this, your writing isnt in SSG"
g.) "Get out of my classroom right now!, I dont care if this is final! Im poppin' you outta here!"
32.) fuckin alarm clocks...
33.) The Tanner Family(especially Danny Tanner)
34.) When Bob Saggot tryed to make funny jokes on "America's Funniest Home Video's", and they WERE NOT funny at all.
35.) When the one black guy in the "Home Town Buffet" commericial goes "Now thats where im goin."
36.) When stupid people that have no business being on the site print out this column and bring it to school which ultimately ends up in #36 being removed from the column
37.) When your listening to a kik ass song and Bonzi (a little purple monkey) starts jawin' away.
38.) the word rad
40.) When little kids are pretending to play games in the arcade, and dont move when you tell them to get the fuck out of the way.
41.) When fat/ugly girls that where skanky clothes and think they are hot shit
42.) When Joe Cesario says hes gunna come back and visit and never does
43.) When creed gets played on the radio
44.) See #36
45.) See #44
46.) When Mike Short's dad would go to wake mike up for summer school and continusly say "Micheal..... Micheal....wake up."
47.) See # 45
48.) See #48
49.) When Gary Coleman smiled
50.) gay assholes in Dairy Mart wont sell you ciggerates
51.)the fact that i had to censor this column
52.)when colleen kutz viciously attacks you(alex g. would know)
53.)The winter