.::Just Stick In::.
A Time Once Upon there was a dirty man named Elrod. Elrod wasnt your normal 6 year old. Elrod was a 6 year old transexual with both a penis, and a vagina. He enjoyed sticking 12 inch item's in his vagina. Elrod's friend Frencewah walks in.

"What's going on?" Frencewah exclaimed. "Just stickin' 12 inch dildo's in my ass. Wanna lick it?" said Elrod. "Heck Yeah" said frencewah. The two then proceeded to have ill mannered butt sex. Elrod was screaming very loud when Burt Reynolds walked in the room. "Hey Burt" said the two 6 year old transexual's. "Just about to shove a rhino into my asshole." A rhino wearing a pink bikini then walked in and crawled up Burt's anus. Burt then left. "Let's go out and dance the night away" said Frencewah. Elrod said "ok" They then put there very smelly g-string's on there faces and walked around town with their packages hanging out. "What's that?" Frencewah said in a deep voice. Elrod said "Im not sure. Want to have sex with it?" Frencewah said "Uhhhhh... we got some steam to blow. Let's do it." then a man with a violin walked out from the street's and played some porno music. The two 6 year old transexua; had sex with whatever they saw in the puddle of shit. Then they put the shit in their mouths and walked to the club. The music was blasting and the wine was flowing. Simon Camdon and the guy's all walked up to Elrod and Frencewah. "Want your ass licked for a dollar?" said Simon. "Uhhhh no. Were not sicko's you freak." said Elrod. "Want to go fuck that dead dog in the road?" said Frencewah. "ahhh, why not?" Elrod said. Simon and the guy's looked at eachother in a confused state. While having sex with the dead dog in the street, Kermit the frog walked up to the boy's and said "If the pizza went to bolivia where did my grandma go?" and he walked away. The two boy's finished the dog up and went to Daffy Dan's. They walk in. "What are you doin dan?" said the boys. "Uhhh nothing children. DONT WALK OVER HERE!" Daffy Dan threw a magazine and a tub of vasoline. Dan walked over to the boy's with his pant's pulled up, but his underwear was down. "Why is your underwear down?" said Frencewah. "I forget" said dan. The boy's also noticed a white sticky substance all over Daffy Dan's face. "What is that dan?" Dan said "I sucked my mom's dick and she busted all over my face. She got all this poop all over my finger's because I figured her butt." "Ohhh. Where is your mom." said Elrod. dan exclaimed "She's over there eating a bowl of chille." Sitting in a chair was a dead corpse. A second later the bowl of chille spilt on the carpet. "Ahhhh ma!" said dan. "Hey do you guys want anything to drink?" shouted dan. "Uhhh....yeah what do you got?" said frencewah. "Umm.... I got some doosh from my cat, and some Pepsi." said dan. "Ewwwwwwww that's sick why do you have that in your refriderator. Throw that away." said the boy's. dan followed by saying "So I take it you want the doosh?" "Yeah what did you think we were calling sick?" the boys said. "Yeah I guess your right" dan explained. After drinking the doosh from the cat the three went in Dan's room were he repeadly raped there asshole and they liked it. "Let's go" said frencewah"

The boy's left for Kensington's house. Kensington was a homosexual janitor that raped young childeren(preferably boys) but little girls would do. Kensington was frencewah and Elrod's pimp. When they walked in Kensington was in an uproar screaming and throwing thing's at the boys. "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY MONEY WHORE!" shouted kensington in a drunken rage. "We....we, dont have it" said Elrod. "What the fuck did you just say!" screamed Kensington. "We dont have your money." said the boys. Kensington followed with "That's it... you little fucker's know what happen's when I dont get my money. YOU LITTLE FUCKER'S KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENS! Now your just gonna have to pay the consequences. Drop your pant's." "NO! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" screamed the boys. Kensington chained the boy's to a wall with no clothing. Kensington says "Your two are going to like this." Kensington reaches his hand in a tank full of famished african death pirana's. Kensington then put the a pirana close to Frencewah's dick. He went closer, and closer to finally to the point where the pirana was biting Frencewah's dick. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" screamed Frencewah. Frencewah was screaming in bloody murder. Kensington was laughing. Kensington came towards Elrod, and Elrod kicked him in the balls. Both of Kensington's testicles fell out of his short's attached to purple veins. Blood and Semen was spewing from Kensington's ball sack. Elrod then escaped from the chains and picked up the ball's. Kensington said "no..NO! PLEASE." Elrod then starting eating Kensington's balls. After enjoying this gourme't meal, he flossed his teeth with Kensington's purple veins that were attached to Kensingtons testicles. "Thank's" said Elrod as Kensington lye on the floor shaking. Elrod ran out of the house and went to the police station. He told them what had happened and gave him a double barrel sawed off shotgun. Before giving him the gun they took turn's fucking his mouth. Elrod went back to the house. Kensington was laying on the floor shaking. Kensington looked up for only a moment to see the shotgun pointed at his head, followed by a click, and for a 1,000 of a second hearing the sound of the bullet plunching to his skull. A shotgun shell fell to the floor, and Elrod stood there stunned. He feel to the floor, and started crawling to his friend. He cryed his name. Frencewah didnt reply. He now had his arm's around Frencewah and was crying. "wwwhhhhyyy! Why god?! Why!" He cry'd holding Frencewah's in his arms. Tony Danza walked in the door, and gave an astonished look to Elrod. He then went in a room and came out with a dildo "Im just here to get my dildo." and he walked out. A month later Frencewah was buried. Now before Elrod had sex with his rotting corpse many times. ELrod was no long a transvesdyke, but a Necrophiliac. His life was better now. By day a normal kid.....by night....a dead corpse driving sex fanatic.....