Jon Benet- The Real Story
Column Written By:Jeremy Walsh

People always come up to me and are like "What the fuck is your obession with a 6 year old that was brutally murdered you sick bastard." First off fuck you. Second it's not an obsession. This particular murder intrigues me. Not to mention the name "Jon Benet Ramsey" is very hilerious. Anways, John and Patsy Ramsey(the parents) did it and they know it. This column will show you why.

death of Jon Benet Ramsey in Boulder, Colorado. Jon Benet Ramsey a 6 year old beauty queen, was brutally murdered. Through strangling and skull fracture, on the night between the 25th and 26th December 1996. Her mother Patsy reported the child missing with a 911 call to police before 6 a.m. on Dec. 26.

The dead body of Jon Benet was finally discovered in the house basement by her father John Bennet Ramsey at 1 p.m.(bullshit, he put her there) A long "ransom note" (3 pages) was found by Patsy on the kitchen steps always in the early morning of Dec. 26.(more bullshit. She didnt "find" this note) The letter was fucking long. Now let me ask you this. You murder someone. Are you going to sit down in the house of someone you murdered and right a 3 page ransom note? Fuck no your not. Also there was a ridiculus money request and a lot of other typically non-kidnapper remarks patently show that the so called "ransom note" was nothing else but a fucking retarded attempt at deflecting investigations.

***The 3 Ransom Notes***

That's basically the story. What I think is that Patsy went fucking insane one night because her daughter wet her bed. Jon Benet's parent's were stuck up rich fuck's, and they wouldnt allow there daughter to wet the bed so patsy crept in jon benet's room late one night, took some type of club or hard object, smashed Jon Benet's head, and strangled her till she was dead. Now you ask, "How do you know she wet the bed?". Because they did testing on the bed sheets and there were recent urine stains found on it. Patsy then realized what she had done and woke her husband John. At this point Patsy was probably going crazy. So John calmed her down and they thought up a sinnister plan to put the blame on some kid nappers. Next morning they call the police, claim someone broke in at night, killed there daughter, and left a ransom note. The handwriting of the so called "kid-napper" and John Ramsey are similar. Here is just one of MANY examples.

So Called "kid-Nappers" hand writing-
John Ramsey's-

Seeing Patsy Ramsey on T.V. numerous time's. She never looks sad. She just looks down. She barely speaks, she just sits there. This just seem's like she's putting on an act.

don't you find it incredibly unlikely for a kidnapper to make plans for a kidnapping on the one day out of the year where kids are most surrounded by people.

On a last note, Duct tape was found on John Benet's face. Let me explain to all of you exactly what it is that makes duct tape unique from all other tapes in the world, and I'm sure that you'll realize that this "non-existent" tape which her parents supposedly found taped onto the face of the little girl, is indeed - questionable beyond anything else in this case . . . . Duct tape has such a thick and sticky coating, that you could almost compare it to the kind of tape that some people use in the summertime in order to capture flies. In other words, it's not only sticky as most other tapes, but it's actually also quite gooey. As a matter of fact, duct tape is so gooey (especially in warm, interior environments), that if you stuck some on yourself, a piece of furniture, or just about anything else - and allowed it to remain there for 12 to 16 hours as was the alleged case with JonBenet, then you'll find that it just can't be removed without leaving residue behind. I mean, highly visible residue