Column Written By:The Gonz
This week on the Gonz report February 18th 2002

Well howdy neighbor, this week on the gonz report i will discuss the contents of this past weekend and the one to come , remember this is the column to go to when u have nothing to do this weekend and ur lookin for sumwere to party.

Friday night ( februaury 15 ) - As i arrived in the beautiful westlake i took in a fresh breath of air and approached my buddy jakes house. As i aproached jakes house i thought to myself , this is a perfect time to " enjoy one " and so i pulled out a newport menthol and blazed it up and enjoyed it. I got to jakes and hung out there for a while , got my smoke on.Then that night we all went to the westlake promanade were all the cool people hang out and we made a little movie. I was supposed to meet sum chicks but i got jewed over and they didnt feel like talking.But while at the promanade we got our smoke on and stuff. so it wasnt that bad. Jake had a slomber and we partied.

Saturday Night ( february 16th ) - We all awoke at a decent hour then chilled at jakes all day then went to marks house and hung out there , not really that exciting. We slept over marks that night then ....

Sunday Night ( february 17th ) - we awoke from mark house at a decent hour again and then downed a couple doughnuts and headed down the street to franklins house , as i ring the doorbell numerous times franklins sister colleen with a angry look on her face approaches the door with enraged thoughts of hurting me , she chased me and tryed pulling out my hair and hitting me but me being the gnetleman that i am didnt report it to the police or any parents , and i didnt hit back , im buff. That night we went out on the town with matt beargie and had way too many people in the car , i picked up my freind mary jane at mcdonalds and then headed to the promanade and met sum chicks . This one chick really tickles my fancy , sexy woman.she aware of who she is.

Psycho of the week : Colleen Kutz , needs prozac ( asap )

Thats all folks , until next time.
The Gonz