Column Written By:Jeremy Walsh
As some of you may know westlake is full of what's called "Suburban Shit Talker's." You may ask "What is a Suburban Shit Talker?" They are assholes(usually jocks) that think their bad asses and they always have to start shit with anyone that looks smaller than them. These worthless cumstain's have to impress their "cool" girlfriends and when they see someone walking down the street they speed up and act as if their going to hit you. They wont hit you because they are fucking pussies like that but have to impress people. Then when you shout out a comment such as "FUCK YOU MOTHER FUCKER" they have to stop there breaks really fast, which I guess is supposed to scare you, then go in reverse really fast. Then a blonde haired faggot walks out and is like "whats your problem. Wanna fight. Wanna fight man. I'll destroy you." It's times like that, that make me wish I had an axe in my pocket so I could decapatate mother fuckers like this and then take a piss on their mutilated body and say "FUCK YOU." If these faggots know the've picked a fight that is to big for a one on one fight, another faggot has to get out of the car and say "im just watching", when really he knows his gay friend wont win the fight so he has to attack the kid his friend is about to fight. Then they say more shit and drive away. If I were the president I would have a holocaust of faggots like this and make hitler look like a fucking boyscout.

Now that i've stated that, it's onto the next thing that pisses me off. I walk into a bar entitled "Picasso's." This is were I usually buy my ciggerette's because they have a ciggerette machine and dont ask for an ID. Anyways, I walk in doing my daily routine and some senile drunk fucker has the balls to start some shit me with. What's funny is the cocksucker didnt even work at the place. He was trying to impress that smelly old ugly cunt next to him he calls his girlfriend. Then this fucker tell's a bartender and the bartender didnt give a fuck. So I put in my 3.75, bought my Newport's, said shit to the guy and walked out.

To the final thing of the week that has pissed me off. In school your not aloud to wear chains for whatever reason. So I put on a long shirt so you couldn't see the chain. I'm fucking pissed off already as it is and the bell for third period to end rings. I begin walking out of class, and this fucking asshole teacher comes up to me and his like "Give me your chain." He must have heard it because you couldn't see it. Now before I go any further, this asshole has tryed to get me in trouble on numerous occasions, and I have no clue why. We'll he can go fuck him self. Anyways back to the story. I say in a civilized manner "Could I just put in my book bag." and the asshole gets up on in my face and says "No. And i'm like "I dont want to give it to you." So the dick try's to say "So your saying no to me...that's insubortination. You will be suspened for that." So I take off my chain, and I go to put it in his hand and throw it on the floor and walk away. I think he was yelling at me to pick it up but I kept walking. Fuck him.