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The Love of My Life

The only reason I live.
The only reason I eat.
The only reason I try.
The only reason I sleep.
You are the reason I breathe.
You are the reason I smile.
You are the reason I love.
You are the reason I give.
You are my everything.
You are my anything.
I can't live without you.
I can't walk away.

You taught me to smile.
You showed me to love.
You taught me to be happy.
You took me above.
You taught me to party.
You showed me to rave.
You stood by my side.
When times were very gray.
You're the reason I wake up.
You're the reason I make up.
So come and please love me.
Becuase I love you so much.

When we were together....
My life was so great.
Everything we did with eachother,
Made my heart melt like gold.
When we kissed in the darkness,
The sunlight shown through the night.
When we first had our chances,
We took be with eachother.
And when I'm not with you,
A tear comes to my eye.
Becuase sweetie, I miss you.
And I can't go on without you.

And when I remember..
When you held my hand.
Nothing else mattered.
Becuase you were my man.
I made a mistake....
And I pain day by day.
But baby forgive me.
I need it that way..
I cry myself to sleep...
When you are not around.
And when you just leave me.
I wan't to be six feet underground.

I love you with all of my heart and my soul.
Please come back to me ... You're all that I know.
The love that we had for eachother was real.
I would do anything to get it back.... even kill.
You must love me somehow becuase fate has decided.
Those walks in the rain...the reason I moved.
The days in the sunshine...Urban Legends...the couch.
My garage...and my bathtub...the feeling of your touch.
Please Joey....I'm waiting for you to return.
I need you in my life...I need another turn.
Remember the dinners...and the times you made me better.
All I need to feel good...was a kiss from your heart.

I don't have much to offer.
Only the love from my heart.
And my soul and my life.
And everything that I own.
Please, I'm waiting for you.
I need you to be back.
You are my everything.
You are my eternity.
You are my infinity.
You are my unending light.
You are my deciding power.
You are the love of my life.