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So what is this wonder we call


Yep! Thats my Joey! Isn't he cuttttte! LOL. Well anyway, I met Joe over the summer of 2000 and it's been a great time knowing him since then. We do everything together. He is like the little puppy I always wanted, except that he isn't a puppy at all. Actually he is very strong and dominating, wow! Hehe. He is so cool. If everybody had a Joey then the world would be a better place, ya know? Well here are some statatistics about the one and only Joey.

Birthday: June 21, 1986
Sex: Male
Name: Joey Ski Ramos
Nick-Names: Cuban Joe, Raver Joe, Kandie Joe
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Bright Red
Height: Almost 6 stinky feet
Email Address:
Lives in: Lovejoy ~~ Buffalo, NY
Shoe Size: 12 ½
Quote: "Raving is not a crime!!!"

Now on to the Favorites

Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Book:
Favorite Song: Like a Prayer
Favorite Singer: Madonna, Cyndi Lauper
Favorite Movie: Romey and Michelle's High School Reunion
Favorite T.V. Show: Blue's Clues, Care Bears, All the 80s cartoons
Favoite Actor/Actress:
Favorite Animal: A Joey (that's a baby kangaroo), a Panda
Favorite Stuffed Animal: A popple!!
Favorite Food: BBQ Chiken Finger Sub, no tomato or oil

Here is Me and Joey. We were just hanging out one night and decided to take lots of fun pictures. Some of these may never be added due to personal content. Just kidding hehe. Anyway, this picture reminds me of looking into Joey's eyes. Doesn't it make you feel like he is staring? And if it does, is it really that bad?? Well anyway, I just wanted to add myself to my Joey's page so there, blah! Well Joey, you know I love you to death and to life. MUAH and hugs sweetie pie! Love ya!

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