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Emmanuel Schmidbauer

Yo. This is Emmanuel also known as E becuase it is much shorter, easier to spell, and easier to pronounce. E is a weird kid. He has been a cool kid since I met him last year. We've had some good times at graveyards, Walmart and lasertron. I just wanted to give a hey ho hey ho to my buddy E. Hiya doing kid and we're all proud of you. Oh yeah, don't forget to look at E's clone, LOL!

Information and Stuff

Birthday: June 3, 1983
Sex: Male
Name: Emmanuel Joseph Schmidbauer
Nick-Names: E-dawg, Captain Crunch, E-Money
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: About 5'10"
Email Address:
Homepage: Jack Piano
Lives in: The ghetto -- Buffalo, NY
Shoe Size: 10
Quote: "Yo."


Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Book:
Favorite Song: Echoes
Favorite Singer: Roger Waters
Favorite Movie:
Favorite T.V. Show: Seinfeld
Favoite Actor/Actress:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Stuffed Animal:
Favorite Food: Good Food

E's Clone

I was recently looking through some action figures and I found one which looked astonishingly like my friend Emmanuel. See what you think...

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