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Liz Ostrowski

I met Lizzy at a dance at St. Mary's High School I believe. It was such a crappy dance. I was there with somebody who was ashamed of me, :(. Well anyway, I met Liz and Kim, and they cheered me right up. Liz has been such a cool kid since I met her and I hope she never changes. Liz is wonderful. Liz. Anyway, I just hope to see her in the future all successful and stuff. Well muah I love you Liz!

Information and Stuff

Birthday: January 19, 1985
Sex: Female
Name: Elizabeth Ann Ostrowski
Nick-Names: Dizzi, Liz, Rainbow, Toxin
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Natural- Brown, Now- Red
Height: 5'5"
Email Address:
Homepage: Unavailable
Lives in: Elma, NY
Shoe Size: 9
Quote: "If u want a rainbow u have to put up with the rain."


Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Book: Hmm...It, by Stephen King
Favorite Song: Alanis Morisette - Head Over Feet
Favorite Singer: Jonathon Davis or Geddy Lee - I duno if thats how u spell it!
Favorite Movie: Tremors
Favorite T.V. Show: The Simpsons
Favoite Actor/Actress:
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Stuffed Animal: My scooby doo from Dave.
Favorite Food: Pizza all the way

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