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Meghan O'Brien

Information and Stuff

Birthday: November 18, 1984
Sex: Last time I checked, Female. But it would be cool to have a penis.
Name: Meghan Elizabeth O'Brien
Nick-Names: Meegs, Megs, Smurfette, Nahgem, Dork, Moogie
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde and Blue
Height: 5'7"
Email Address:
Homepage: Unavailable
Lives in: Cheektowaga, NY
Shoe Size: 8 ½
Quote: "I just creamed my pants" * "Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah " * "You're just jealous, 'cuz I'm a bigger DORK than you are" * "I HATE PEOPLE" * "If I had a PENIS would YOU suck IT?" * "Save a horse...ride a cowboy * "All the good guys are either taken or gay"


Favorite Color: Blue and Orange
Favorite Book: Dr. Seuss Books!
Favorite Song: Life by OLP, Anything by anyone listed below
Favorite Singer: Greenday, Sum 41, Good Charlotte, MXPX, GlassJaw, Blink 182, OLP, Disturbed, Cold, Linkin Park, Tool, Slipknot, U2, Staind, Alien Ant Farm, Sublime, 3 Doors Down, Bouncing Souls, No Doubt

Favorite Movie: American Beauty, Edward Scissorhands, Stand By Me
Favorite T.V. Show: All Cartoons
Favoite Actor/Actress: Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp
Favorite Animal: Goat
Favorite Stuffed Animal: My Popple! and....... My Carebear! (Sleep Bear)
Favorite Food: Chicken Fingers

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