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Alissa Kwiatkowski

So here you are you sexy beast. I told you I would put you up on my website! I met Alissa three years ago through a friend. Yes, I admit it. I used to have a little crush on her, but not anymore. Sorry baby! Hehe, right. So anyway. One of my fondest memories with Alissa is spanish class in our junior year of high school. We used to laugh at Tan and make fun of him. Oh well, them were the days! Well here is just a special hi for a special friend. Love you bundles of peaches. See you around kiddo.

Information and Stuff

Birthday: May 19, 1983
Sex: Female
Name: Alissa Kathleen Kwiatkowski
Nick-Names: Lissy, Lissypoo, Aliss, Lissa, Lizzy
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Half brown, half blondish
Height: 5'8"
Email Address:
Homepage: Unavailable
Lives in: North Blo. - Buffalo, NY
Shoe Size: 9 ½ baby!
Quote: "Who cares its the fat guy and the other guy."


Favorite Color: Baby blue, Lavendar
Favorite Book: Girl Interrupted, which is the only thing I have read in many years.
Favorite Song: Too many to say
Favorite Singer: Tori Amos, MXPX, Deftones and many more
Favorite Movie: The Wedding Singer, Down to You, and Keeping the Faith
Favorite T.V. Show: The Simpsons of course and Felicity
Favoite Actor/Actress: By far Drew Barrymore and Ben Stiller
Favorite Animal: I love all the animals!
Favorite Stuffed Animal: My little Eyore i got out of a 50 cent machine.
Favorite Food: Sopa all the way...MMM!

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