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Becky Kozak

This is my great friend Beckie Kozak. She has been a wonderful and true friend to me throughout all of high school. She was one of the first people who I trusted and told my secrets to. She is one of those people who look like you would walk across the street to stay away from, but she is actually one of the sweetest persons in the world. I love and trust her so much and she is a totally self rightous babe. Rock on forever Beckie and never change. We all love you. Peace and love till the cows come home, lol. See you around.

Information and Stuff

Birthday: March 26, 1983
Sex: Female
Name: Rebecca Lee Kozak
Nick-Names: Beck, Beckalee, Becky Lee, Bicky, Beaky
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Height: 5'6"
Email Address:
Homepage: Beckie's Page
Lives in: Buffalo, NY
Shoe Size: 9
Quote: "I was a long time coming. I'll be a long time going. You've got your whole life to do something, and that's not very long so why don't you give me a call when you decide you are willing to fight, for what you think is real, for what you think is right." - Ad


Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Book: Slapstick, Hocus Pocus, The Good Earth, Ani DiFranco: Righteous Babe, Interview With a Vampire, Grimm's Fairy Tales, and the Feminine Mystique

Favorite Song:
Favorite Singer: Ani DiFranco
Favorite Movie: Clerks
Favorite T.V. Show: Saturday Night Live
Favoite Actor/Actress:
Favorite Animal:
Favorite Stuffed Animal: Mr. Puppy
Favorite Food:

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