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Valerie Kornowski

Hey VAL! You better carmelize that you know what! Hehehe. I just wanted to say muah and I love you. I met Valerie through my good friend Beckie Kozak and have been super cool with her since. One time we tried to start a band but that didn't work. So now Val and I are going to come out with a C.D. with hit singles such as Just Like That and Carmalize That SH*T. Well see you on the flip side homey geee slice! MUAH BYE BYE!

Information and Stuff

Birthday: June 16, 1983
Sex: Female
Name: Valerie Nicole Kornowski
Nick-Names: Val, Aloe, Vinny, Vaginal Val
Eye Color: Greenish-Blue (kinda sorta)
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'5"
Email Address:
Homepage: Val's Rap Page
Lives in: Buffalo, NY
Shoe Size: About 8 ½
Quote: "Carmelize that poop!" (Derogatory term for poop)


Favorite Color: Red for now
Favorite Book: I know it's not exactly a "challenging" book to read, but "The Perks of being a Wallflower" was a good book...i forget who wrote it, i read it probably a year or two ago..

Favorite Song: Anything Ani..but "Firedoor" is so pretty =)
Favorite Singer: Ani DiFranco
Favorite Movie: I totally dug "American Beauty"
Favorite T.V. Show: Anything depicting sexual activity
Favoite Actor/Actress: I'm indifferent.. I'll watch anyone and anything on T.V.
Favorite Animal: Not too sure.. but on the senior trip, I rode a horse named "Hot Pants"
Favorite Stuffed Animal: I sleep with a stuffed brown bear
Favorite Food: Anything microwavable.. ooh.. and chocolate chunk cookies at Spot Coffee!!

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