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Kira Kiebzak

I met Kira many years ago when she was just a child. I love Kira very much. She was very dear to me and very sweet. Once she went out with one of my best friends. She is a really cool girl and owns a tractor. Her family owns the bar and restaurant called Kiebzak's in Sloan, NY. That is right outside Buffalo. Well anyway, I love ya kid!

Information and Stuff

Birthday: March 27, 1985
Sex: Female
Name: Kira Marie Kiebzak
Nick-Names: K-dogg (right A?)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Hmm it changes colors...but its brown now
Height: 5'2"
Email Address: WondeR10143@aol
Homepage: Unavailable
Lives in: SLoan, NY
Shoe Size: 7
Quote: - "Don't frown! you never know who's falling in love with your smile!"


Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Book: Death be not Proud
Favorite Song: Piano Man by Billy Joel
Favorite Singer: changes like every month..but Billy Joel is god!
Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing
Favorite T.V. Show: Dawson's Creek
Favoite Actor/Actress: Ben Affleck, Julia Roberts
Favorite Animal: COW
Favorite Stuffed Animal: stuffed cow
Favorite Food: Hmm...anything italian

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